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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Show IC when buying prepaid SIM cards, says deputy minister

Action to be taken against phone companies if their agents sell SIM cards without making a copy of the buyer's IC.
CYBERJAYA: Mobile phone companies have been reminded that buyers of prepaid SIM cards must be asked to show their identity cards.
The deputy communications minister, Jailani Johari, said action would be taken against companies which allowed their agents to sell prepaid SIM cards without asking to see an identity card.
As phone companies were licensed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission they must comply with the terms and specified procedures. A copy of the purchaser’s identity card must be obtained before a transaction was carried out.
“If a dealer or agent of a telco is found to sell the prepaid card without the purchaser furnishing his or her identity card, action would certainly be taken, not against the agent but the telco concerned,” he said when commenting on the allegation that there were syndicates operating the business to make ‘easy money’ or profits not earned.
Jailani said all phone companies had been reminded on the matter and the effects of allowing their agents to breach the terms or procedures.
However, no action had been taken so far for such offences. Any company breaching the condition would be levied a compound fine from RM10,000 up to a million ringgit.

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