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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Two gang robbers shot dead in police raid

Another man and a woman believed to have links with the gang also caught in separate raids.
MIRI: Two gang members were shot dead by the police in an 1am raid at an abandoned house in Luak Bay here, early today.
The pair, in their 30s, had rushed at the police, carrying parangs and firing several shots with a homemade rifle, police said.
They were believed to be members of ‘Geng Bakam’ suspected to be linked to 16 robbery cases since last year.
Sarawak CID chief Dev Kumar said the men could not be immediately identified as no personal documents were found. “However, we believe that they are foreign nationals,” he told a press conference today.
Police recovered stolen items found at the house.
Dev said another man aged 55 years, and a 25-year-old woman, believed to have links with the same group, were nabbed at a workers’ quarters by a forest near Taman Jelita Miri, yesterday.
He described the group as very dangerous as they carried out armed robberies and had injured victims previously.
“The latest case committed by the group was at 3.10am yesterday when three masked men armed with parang broke into a house of a family of five in Taman Fabulous, Jalan Armenia Miri,” he said.
He added that one of the suspects had held a parang at the wife’s neck before escaping with a television set, mobile phones, wrist watches and cash, worth around RM23,000 in total.

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