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Friday, November 18, 2016

1MDB politicised? Then just reveal all info, Najib

YOURSAY | ‘Start with declassifying the 1MDB audit report.’
Mamadias: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, please enlighten us with the real issues at 1MDB, starting with declassifying the 1MDB audit report from the Official Secrets Act (OSA).
When a corporate issue involving taxpayers’ money is classified as OSA after losing billions of ringgit, this shows the authorities are afraid of the truth.
Oscar Kilo: Najib blames Malaysians for "feeding foreign authorities with at times, false or incomplete information". But when the Swiss authorities asked for mutual legal assistance, he rejected them.
Why didn't you feed the Swiss authorities with true and complete information?
1MDB cannot be considered a mere "domestic political matter" when it has allegedly violated international anti-money laundering laws.
Kim Quek: Najib, you talked as if you are innocent of the 1MDB mega crimes.
But in truth, as autocratic controller of 1MDB, you are primarily responsible for the alleged embezzlement that have resulted in our sovereign wealth fund incurring a debt of over RM50 billion for which there is hardly any assets to offset it other than the pricey lands given to it by the government virtually for free.
Among these alleged thefts was the infamous RM2.6 billion (besides other sums) that had landed in your AmBank account.
Meticulous and intractable evidence of these transnational crimes galore, and is the subject of prosecution or criminal investigation in many countries, save in home ground Malaysia, where similar investigation has been ruthlessly clamped down, not to mention any prosecution.
The fact that Malaysian authorities have remained impotent to act speaks volumes of the wretched rule of law and the virtual non-existence of democratic rule in this country.
Najib, if you can’t do justice to the people, at least have the decency not to rub our wounds further by continuing to trumpet your laughable defence that the entire hue and cry, at home and abroad, has been nothing but a political conspiracy to topple you.
Anonymous Hotplate: Najib, if you think the opposition is feeding false or incomplete information, why not you, as a good and sincere PM of Malaysia, tell the truth and give very clear and complete information of how RM2.6 billion ended up in your bank account and where the balance of the money went and how come so much of debts was incurred by 1MDB.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Najib, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) could not have invented the story out of thin air - that you had actually received US$681 million from 1MDB and not from an Arab.
No sane person would dare accuse a person of embezzling such a huge amount of money. What more if he is PM.
Malaysians did not politicise the issue. All they want is the truth from you, your stepson and tycoon Jho Low. Ironically, all three of you are meek and silent when confronted with questions on 1MDB.
Hopeful but Prepared: The sad thing is that he is not speaking to the urban readers, he is speaking to people in the rural parts of Malaysia who do not have enough information to see the flaws in his argument and question them.
For those of us who read Malaysiakini, we have access to sufficient information to suss out the inconsistencies and sheer idiocy of his statement, but what if we did not?
Inworldnotof: How glib the tongue that speaks from a dead conscience. Woe betide Malaysia to have such a person at the helm. Pretending to be good when all is foul as hell as Malaysians face global shame, and struggle to cope with a falling ringgit and rising costs for everything.
While his ilk gloats, bullies, polishes, sneers at us; and his kin jet-sets and shops like there is no tomorrow.
Goldee: No one will get angry with the police force. Treat the citizens well and protect them from the red-shirt thugs, and stop these thugs from hurting peace-loving citizens who are only exercising their democratic rights.
They are fighting against corruption, for free and fair elections and for justice. This is the right of every citizen. Is it too much to ask for?
Anonymous_4031c: Thus far Bersih's demos on the street have been peaceful. The red-shirts’ strategy is to intimidate and sow the seed of fear so that Bersih will not succeed in gathering in large numbers.
There is no need for them to be there on Nov 19 to claim the streets of Kuala Lumpur on the same date but their motives are plain to see.
MA: Dear IGP, the rakyat have seen videos of the red-shirted hooligans led by Jamal causing so much ruckus and making a mockery of the police. Your poor boys seem to be unable to do much at the onslaught of the red-shirted barbarians.
All this drama is sending a message to the rakyat that the police are not under control. So your concern should be how your police force, ordinary humans that they are, will keep in check their anger and embarrassment if provoked by the red-shirts.
Wira: The problem will be easily solved if the police only deal with the red-shirts and get them to have their rally another day.

After all, the yellow shirts planned theirs and informed the police according to the Peaceful Assembly Act while the red-shirts are trouble makers who only follow wherever the yellow shirts go.- Mkini

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