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Friday, November 18, 2016

Bersih 5 Rally - 2

Bersih 5 rally

200 reds show up against Bersih
9.15am: Masjid Jamek - A crowd of some 200 red-shirts briefly face off with another crowd of some 300 Bersih supporters opposite Swiss Hotel near the LRT, as they make their way to Padang Merbok.
Cheering "Hidup Merah!," the crowd walks pass the Bandaraya LRT here.
The Bersih purple security team upon spotting the red-shirts, forms a human barricade to prevent their advance.
The red-shirts are now walking towards Sogo shopping mall, and stops at the Bandaraya LRT

No reds spotted in Bangsar
9am: Bangsar - Observing the area from Jalan Bukit Pantai to Dataran Maybank since 8am till now, Malaysiakini sees no reds supporters.
Most of the roads leading to Bangsar have been closed since 7am.
Meanwhile Penang DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow reports on Facebook buses they have hired to ferry supporters from the north have backed out for fear or reprisal.
"All five buses chartered by Penang DAP have been cancelled due to last minute intimidation.
"Bus operators do not dare to take the risk of having their permits revoked.
"But still, Penang folk are on their way, by car, air and rail," writes Chow.
Bangsar LRT stays open
8.50am: Bangsar LRT station - LRT services here are going on as usual without any disturbances.
This is despite Pakatan Harapan chief secretary Saifuddin Abdullah tweeting that the station has been closed and advising Bersih participants to get off at nearby stations.
Checks by Malaysiakini however find that passengers are still disembarking at the Bangsar LRT station.
A Prasarana staff tells Malaysiakini that service at the station will not be halted.
"Service will only be stopped if things get out of hand," he says.
Hardships drive Johoreans to join rally
8.45am: Masjid Negara - Two elderly gentlemen are among the 100 Bersih supporters at the national mosque.
65-year-old Tajudin Mohamed and Jamaluddin Harun, 57, are both Amanah members from Johor, although they say they have come in their own personal capacity.
They tell Malaysiakini they were motivated by the suffering of the people, especially the young, due to rising costs of living.
"Things are so difficult. As a Muslim, sometimes I can't even fully focus while praying," Tajuddin says.
Jamaluddin says they arrived here in the wee hours of the morning aboard a bus filled with other Bersih supporters from various parties.

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