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Friday, November 18, 2016

Jamal got his just deserts, but why isn’t he arrested?

YOURSAY | ‘In this country you get arrested for tweets, and not for being a thug or insulting and pushing the police.’
Alunan Ombak: The scuffle was started by rabble-rouser Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yusof and his gang. Not surprisingly, the police acted in self- defence, to ward off his aggressive advances. As a result, Jamal received a hard blow and a bloody nose as his karmic retribution.
But now he blames PKR MP Zuraida Kamaruddin and her men. Jamal is stooping very low.
Roar For Truth: The inspector-general of police (IGP) seems very tolerant of Jamal's antics but his boys on the ground decided to teach Jamal some manners. Well done to the officer who gave him the bloody nose.
Ferdtan: We all hear him loud and clear in the video saying that police had beaten him up. Now he is changing his story to blame PKR people as he would not want to embarrass the head of police.
It is obvious that even the rank and file police in plain clothes are fed-up with his thuggish behavior. IGP, what say you? Will you apologise to Jamal for not taking care of his safety?
Katusha: Jamal is acting like a cry-baby complaining about his bloody nose to his over-pampering mummy when he was supposed to be invincible. Look how he twists and turns and blames the yellow-shirts when it was clear that he got the boot of one the police personnel with whom he was tussling. Invincible indeed!
Suck-ars-stick: In this country you get arrested for tweets and not for being a gangster or insulting and pushing the police.
Suresh Kumar: First he screamed “polis tumbuk saya” then he changed his tune and said “orang Zuraida tumbuk saya”. The man beside him said “istihar perang” (declare war). What other evidence does our IGP need to arrest this trouble maker?
Hplooi: So apparently “yellow vest” is Bersih? So the high-visibility jackets are now Bersih. At least former premier Abdullah Badawi (Pak Lah) put the thugs in place and prevented them from mounting a coup d'etat (in Selangor). But in the case of the thief he is deliberately allowing the thugs to run rampant and have been trying to declare emergency since the Low Yat incident.
Jbsuara: Jamal has been shown all along to have violent tendencies and is a hooligan. It is unfortunate that he is deeply deluded and thinks that he can do what he likes and can change Bersih's course with his childish violent methods!
Bersih's principles and movement have arisen from a shared inspiration among citizens of all races for institutional change to abolished high level corruption, entrenched cronyism and abuse of power.
Bersih is here and everywhere in the heart all upright citizens of Malaysia!
Negarawan: It is quite obvious that even the police officers on duty could not stand Jamal’s behaviour. Jamal was lucky that he only received a punch because he deserves much more than that.
There are more than ample video recordings for the PDRM to prosecute Jamal for disturbing the peace, causing hurt and threatening the lives of others. Why hasn't the IGP issued an order to arrest Jamal, instead of continuously subjecting his officers to the harassment and danger of dealing with the red hooligans?
Does the IGP care for his own men and public safety, or is he encouraging hooliganism? Jamal brings shame and disrepute to the title "datuk seri" and the royals should consider withdrawing it.
ABC123: The glaring question in everyone's minds is why has this thug not been arrested when so many others have been arrested for far lesser things?
The fact that he is allowed to roam wild and act with impunity only proves what everyone suspects: that he is being sanctioned, sponsored, and protected by the powers that be.

Anonymous #28648954: So Jamal, let me get this right. You're saying that one of Zuraida's “pretty boys” gave you a bloody nose? And what happened to all your silat warriors? Why didn't they defend you?- Mkini

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