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Monday, November 21, 2016

Maria Chin Abdullah Is In Solitary Confinement In A Cell Smaller Than Twitter's Cojones

My apologies folks I was unable to update my Blog over the weekend. 

I received this sms yesterday from our G25 friends:

It gets worse:   Maria sedang ditahan secara berseorangan (solitari confinement) di dalam sebuah sel 15x8 tanpa tingkap, dengan dua bub lampu yang dibuka 24 jam. Tiada katil atau bantal. Hanya lantai simen dan sekeping kayu.


It says that Maria Chin is being kept in solitary confinement in a small cell, without windows with a cement floor to sleep on. 

I would like to ask the Police to either verify or deny this. But the other point is the Police (who are supposed to be gagah perkasa and all that) have arrested a defenceless woman and locked her up inside a windowless cell under a law that was crafted to catch terrorists ?

Terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf who kidnapped Sarawakian seamen off Sabah and were paid RM10 million ransom (despite RM12 million being collected) where the Minister of Home Affairs made a public statement that became quite embarrasing.

The Abu Sayyaf have not been caught. 

Instead we have our gagah perkasa Police arresting a woman who has done nothing even remotely "terrorist".   I want to ask the Police : do you really feel that you have done a great job? 

Or are you just 'saya yang ikut perintah' ? Nasib awak lah.

By the way, can the Police explain something. 

Ok lah you 'ikut perintah' and you have arrested a woman, Maria Chin Abdullah. 

Polis yang gagah perkasa sudah 'ikut perintah' pi tangkap seorang pompuan, seorang wanita dengan berat badan mungkin 50 kilo sahaja.

But the Bersih 5 is over. Despite a crowd in excess of 200,000 people it was an extremely peaceful assembly. 

 The KLCC crowd alone was near 50,000

Just look at that crowd.  That is the will of the people.

Then predictably, the kampong boys in TV Tiga Suku put a spin on Bersih 5. This is the spin from TV Tiga Suku :

Obviously this was for their friends in Kuala Kangsar and Pekan.

But if it was an attempt at overthrowing the corrupted gomen, then why didnt the Police fire even one can of tear gas on Saturday ?   

Because it was peaceful bodoh. There was absolutely zero attempt at overthrowing the corrupt gomen.

If it was an attempt at overthrowing the corrupted gomen, then why didnt the Police shoot even one water cannon at anyone on Saturday? 

Because there was no need to bodoh. It was a peaceful assembly of peaceful people.

The whole event was peaceful.  And here is the worst outcome of Bersih 5  - the moron is still in office.  No one has overthrown the moron yet.

So how do you justify arresting Maria Chin Abdullah under the SOSMA under the excuse that she was planning to overthrow the gomen?   The facts and the logic do not add up.

So can you please release Maria Chin Abdullah.

I want to give some tips for a healthy life to whoever feels it is useful. 

You cannot deny the crowd on Saturday.  The crowd was huge.  For the first time our kampong around Bangsar was full of yellow T shirts.  We were at Bala's in Lucky Garden, Bangsar for tea on Saturday evening and there were plenty yellow shirt folks walking back in the rain. 

The smses and wattsapps also kept flying with pictures and videos of the crowds at KLCC, in town and around Bangsar.

And get this - this time the crowd was achieved WITHOUT the presence of Pas. This is significant - please note this.   

What does this mean? It means that your time and your days are definitely numbered.  So those of you who think you are invincible,  let me assure you - you are not.

You will never know from which direction the retribution will come and strike you. Tick tock, tick tock. Better watch out.

"Can those who scheme evil schemes guarantee that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them, or that the retribution will not come to them when they least expect it?" 16:45

"Maka adakah orang-orang yang merancang dan melakukan kejahatan itu merasa aman daripada ditimbuskan oleh Allah akan mereka ke dalam bumi, atau mereka didatangi azab dari arah yang mereka tidak menyedarinya?" 16:45

So what does this mean? It means Moron cannot protect you or help you. Thats what it means bodoh.

Now look at the jamban guys in the video here. The jamban guys are fighting that they have not been paid their "duit cuci jamban"  :

I really pity these fellows. 
Do they look like they even have regular jobs?  
Do they look like they can be good husbands or fathers to a better generation of human beings? 

I dont think so. But these are the so called 'pejuang' now.

In the 1940s, 50s, 70s, 80s the pejuang Melayu and pejuang negara were people of the calibre of Dato Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dr Mahathir, Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Zaaba and others. 

Educated people, who had high values, people with integrity and who could be trusted as leaders of the people and of the nation. Those were the pejuang bangsa dan pejuang negara. They were and still are the 'Wira Negara'.

But today, these really stupid people have hoisted pejuang who have been labelled 'jamban' by other groups of  Malays themselves. Orang Melayu sendiri panggil dia 'jamban'. 

And this fellow is supposed to be their pejuang now. 

Ya Allah ! !  Kiamat lah dunia Melayu.

No one, absolutely no one called Tunku Abdul Rahman, Dr Mahathir, Tun Razak or Tun Dr Ismail by such names.

Kalau depa panggil dia moron, bodoh, stupid, idiot pun takpa.  Itu biasalah. Tapi panggil dia "jamban" !!

Anyway here is another video that should be even more frightening. Listen to Obama at minute 1:20. Listen carefully.

This is Obama giving his speech at APEC 2016 in Peru. At minute 1:20 Obama mentions leaders 'who siphon off development funds into Swiss bank accounts because they are corrupted'.

Do you know who exactly Obama was referring to? 
Yes we do.
Obama was referring to that Moron No 1 guy in this picture below here. 
Do you need help to identify who is the moron?

This picture is from Suara Rakyat.

No one wants to even stand near this fellow. 
The world leaders are busy talking to each other except to this one guy. 
He has become an outcast.  An international par_ah.  

Sikit pun tak malu.  
Pemimpin satu gerombolan yang langsung tak tahu malu.  

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