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Sunday, November 20, 2016


Tun Mahathir’s daughter took a shot at the mercenary Red Shirts whom she accused of being paid by the government to rear the ugly head of racism.
(Video minute 10:00 onwards)
Marina Mahathir: “The Red Shirts would not have come out if they weren’t paid to.”
(minute 14:17 onwards)
Marina Mahathir: “Well, he [Najib] is just in denial, really, but we all know that he’s living in fear because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have bothered to arrest Maria Chin yesterday and charge her under Sosma…”

Will Najib do anything to remedy his past mistakes?

A bad decision by Najib Razak to appoint Marina to the NUCC.
(minute 24:00 onwards)
Marina: “I think it shows that that type of use of racist slogans and all that is not really working that much because we know it’s all done in order to keep someone in power, someone we don’t like in power.”
On the other hand, Marina claims that her dad is “inspiring a lot of people”.
Actually we don’t like you at all

J-Star is a Nest of Evangelistas

A really bad, bad, bad decision by Najib to listen to the Wormtongue J-Star and its Evangelista-in-Chief — the Star Group CEO Wong Chun Wai.
Yup, sometimes the PM can be clueless alright, as with his appointment of Marina and his creation of TalentCorp to bring back Dapsters to Malaysia.
Actually our media is pro-DAP but you’re the last to know

Gunting Dalam Lipatan, snip-snip-snip

The Al-Jazeera Inside Story special report asks, “How will Malaysia deal with rising public anger?”
According to Al-Jazeera, something has got to give against the present backdrop of rising race and religious tensions and escalating public anger.
MCA is a problem and no part of the solution since the party refuses to rein in its media empire – one that also provides Marina a prominent platform through her Starcolumn – which is sympathetic to the evangelista agenda.
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear

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