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Sunday, November 20, 2016

We're are fed up with MO1 and keptocracy, not Bersih

YOURSAY | 'Considering the strong arm tactics employed by him to suppress Bersih 5 rally the response is considered a roaring success.'
Anonymous_1421806811: This great spin master and grandmaster of money laundering is more stupid than we think. What is extremely clear is Malaysians of all walks of life are fed up with the red shirts whose dismal attendance speaks volumes.
On the other hand, Bersih, despite all kinds of threat, had an impressive show of force. Keep spinning. It is the only thing you are good at.
Trueglitter: Najib Razak, no amounts of self-assurances or lop-sided rhetoric will ever be able to conceal the advancing tides of fear and despair now gripping your soul when the momentous ramifications created by the recent Bersih 5 rally had caused monumental impact and awareness to voters who will eventually be emerging in droves during the GE14 to trounce the Umno-led BN government that will deservedly seal your own fate.
The loud cries of the downtrodden have been heard, wide and far, and they will harness their determination and staunch resolve at the realisation that being united in their collective endeavours, it will merely be a matter of time when you will be implicated for the true identity of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) with direct involvements in the MDB scandals.
Contrary to your utterly biased perceptions on the economy, it is small wonder that your blatant corruptions with your cronies and unconcealed abuse of power have pauperised the people and brought the nation to its knees.
Aries46: Najib seem to be in la-la-land. The only people fed up with Bersih are those that stole from 1MDB and are desperately abusing their position to stonewall evidence of the mega heist, silence the people and cling on to power.
Najib has forfeited his right to speak of the "rule of law" as he himself stands accused of abusing the country's laws over the 1MDB scam. If as he claims the economy is doing well and we are financially sound why is our currency taking such beatings to lose its value by the day so much so a ringgit can't even buy us teh tarik?
Why the need to burden the people with the dreaded GST that has driven up cost of essentials by a whopping 30 percent? Why the need to withdraw subsidies and reduce allocation to vital entities like education and health that burdens the poor? Why has inflation driven cost of living to unprecedented levels during his premiership?
Considering the strong arm tactics employed by him to suppress Bersih 5 rally the response is considered a roaring success.
Oxymoronic Tendencies: Malaysian's aren't fed up with Bersih and the push for clean and fair elections, but they are most certainly fed up with Najib.
Fed up with his kleptocracy. Fed up with his theft of our money. Fed up with his blatant harassment of politicians. Fed up with his abuse of power. Fed up with his corruption of government institutions. Fed up his manipulation of the judicial system. Yes. Very, very, very fed up with his destruction of our democracy.
The sooner he calls GE14, the sooner we can get rid of him and put him where he belongs!
The Mask: Mr PM, which part of the Bersih's 5 demands call for the toppling of the government? You can read, can't you?
Anonymous 1689721435778173: I beg to differ. People are fed up with you and your false promises, your thieving and efforts in suppressing the truth by classifying the auditor-general's report on 1MDB under OSA despite asking people earlier to wait for the report, disrupting the previous PAC investigation and disbanding your high powered group comprising the previous AG, IGP and Bank Negara governor.
This show that you are a person of no integrity. If you are so thick skinned we Malaysians are not. We are ashamed to have you as a Prime Minister of our country.
You should step down and allow investigations on 1MDB to be completed by people of integrity as opposed to puppets appointed by you bent on covering up for you.
You are wrong. It is YOU we people of Malaysia are fed up of. Forty thousand people showed that on our behalf yesterday despite threats from your gang of thugs, the red shirts and your IGP not to mention threats issued to students and civil servants. The fact that 40,000 dared to show up means a lot to us.
Don’t Just Talk: You are deadly wrong MO1. Malaysians are not fed up with Bersih but fed up with your corrupted leadership.
Can you name a leader of a country who has the audacity to receive US$681 million in his personal bank account except our PM Najib Razak. Have you no shame whatsoever?
Our Ringgit has depreciated to RM4.40 to US$1.00 under your corrupted leadership. Just find the dignity to step down, is that asking too much from you?
Derock: I believe in Bersih's cause and so do millions of the citizens. I am never fed up with Bersih.
The only people fed up with Bersih are yourself, Najib, and your cronies. I am fed up with you. Bersih's agenda is all about getting you to step down, not topple the government. Therefore, stop trying to fool us.

You claimed Malaysians uphold the rule of law. But, what did you do about that idiot Jamal, the thug? Did you uphold the rule of law? Did Jamal uphold the rule of law? You gave Jamal a free ticket to do as he likes. - Mkini

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