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Friday, December 16, 2016


FD Iskandar slandered Tunku Aziz and Tunku Aziz called FD a liar. So now FD has to either apologise or sue Tunku Aziz. What has FD got to say about that? Did FD lie or did Tunku Aziz lie? One way FD can defend himself is produce the evidence to show he is telling the truth. If not then Tunku Aziz is right, which is FD lied.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
FD Iskandar
FD Iskandar needs professional help as soon as possible
In a previous article titled ‘FD Iskandar: delusional and pathological liar’ we wrote about how Fateh Iskandar Mohamed Mansor a.k.a. FD Iskandar, the Media Prima Chairman, likes to make-believe he is speaking to the Prime Minister offering advice on how the country should be run. FD has become the joke around town with his constant name-dropping the telling every man and his dog about how he has breakfast and/or supper with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak every day.
Journalists from the foreign media relate how FD informs them he is a very close confidante of the Prime Minister and how Najib depends on him for advice on how to manage the country and run it effectively. The impression he tries to give is that without him the country would be in trouble because Najib on his own would not know what to do.
This makes FD a very delusional person and a pathological liar. He goes around pushing his weight and during the recent Umno annual assembly he even demanded a VVIP parking space ‘befitting his status’. Little does he know that people are sniggering behind his back, or maybe he is too delusional to care about it.
This is what we would probably call ‘Little Napoleons’, a term made popular by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Little Napoleons are actually quite a nuisance because they always try to act like Big Napoleons and tend to push their weight around so that they can feel big and important. This is actually a sign of an inferiority complex and they make up for this by play-acting and bullying.
FD has accused Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim of undermining his relationship with the staff of Media Prima and the subsidiaries under it. Actually that is impossible to do. How can you undermine a relationship that does not exist? It is like accusing someone of destroying your reputation when you do not have any reputation to begin with.
If FD is of the opinion that Tunku Aziz has harmed or injured him in any way then there is only one way to settle this. FD must sue Tunku Aziz. There are no two ways about it. Sue Tunku Aziz and tell the court that Tunku Aziz has harmed your non-existent relationship with your staff. If not then FD has to instead do what Tunku Aziz has demanded: which is to apologise for the allegation he made against Tunku Aziz.
That is how simple the matter is. Either sue Tunku Aziz or apologise to Tunku Aziz. If not then FD would just confirm what people think of him: that he is a court jester. FD is known as a fraud. Worse still, he is known as someone who lives in a dream world, pretending he is perpetually on the phone with the Prime Minister and meeting the Prime Minister first thing in the morning and last thing at night to help him run the country.
This chap FD needs psychiatric help as soon as possible.
Tunku Aziz will take no shit from a lunatic
FD also needs to publish TV3’s ratings for the last 12 months or so to show that the ratings suffered a drop during the time Tunku Aziz was featured on TV. FD also needs to publish the dates of those 12 days that Tunku Aziz was featured on TV3 because Tunku Aziz denies that and says it was only three days and not 12.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So this can be easily solved with FD simply showing us the evidence. It is no use to keep shouting and screaming without backing what you say with evidence. If not then anyone can make a claim if there is no need for evidence to back up your claim.
What Tunku Aziz said was:
The first was his utterly absurd, malicious and false claim that I had made 12 appearances in a row in the months of October and November on TV3. It might have been cheaper by the dozen, but, in truth, I made only 3. The second, even more amazing and preposterous, is the reckless assertion that my appearances, in this instance, on 3 occasions, had caused the TV3 audience rating to drop to such dangerously low levels that he had to run crying to the prime minister that it all had to do with me.
That is the main issue so can FD address that issue instead of taking us on a wild goose chase? Sue or apologise and if he does not dare do either then just shut his trap instead of opening it and prove what people already know about him.

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