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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Intriguing Comments : The Truth Is Out There !

All sorts of people read my blog. Thank you. Some of you who comment can divulge more but for reasons best know to you, you do not say everything. I received these two comments in my earlier posts:

1. Dont be too trusting of Singapore.They have learnt from Israel how to collect some useful 'kompromat' stuff. 

Singapore hides the cctv shot of the Diamond Exhibition to squeeze the balls of the Chosen One. 

2.  Not only "eric tan" my dear screech...dig deeper, away from singapore... 

Comment No. 1 above is referring to  a Diamond Exhibition. Hippo had a diamond buyer in Singapore (an Indian woman) who picked out ice-cube sized baubles for her. Is this what is meant by  the cctv shot of the Diamond Exhibition   ? Or is it referring to another event entirely, for example where that other woman (now dead) was present?

Comment No 2 suggests that the "Eric Tan fake identity" trick may have been duplicated and used elsewhere too. Possibly in the US or the UK or Switzerland (where these crooks stashed away the stolen money).

Maybe there is a "Jayalalitha Malaysia" holding bank accounts in the UAE, Dubai, Switzerland or somewhere. You will never know.

Others have to go and dig these things deeper.  Or the commentors can divulge more info.

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