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Friday, April 14, 2017

French Presidential Elections : Marine Le Pen Pledges to Expel Foreigners Posing Security Threat

The French elections are around the corner. The first round is on April 23, 2017. The leading candidate is Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right wing Nationalist Party. 

Marine Le Pen to deport 10,000 Islamist fundamentalists day after she is elected

leader of National Front party said rival Francois Fillon done nothing about this
another contender Emmanuel Macron not saying anything about issue
  • 10,000  Islamist fundamentalists [in France] with 'Fiche S' status
  • day after I am elected, I will expel  'Fiche S' foreigners from our country 
  • "I will strip nationality of those with dual citizenship" Le Pen 
Fiche S  "wanted list" used by French security, those who pose threat to state
France in state of emergency since terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015

first round of presidential election on April 23
run-off between top two contenders is May 7

Le Pen Vows to Make 'Every Second' of Her Presidency Useful for France

Le Pen announced 10 steps in her first two months in office
  • measures to verify democracy 
  • respond to pressing problems in economy, social sphere, security 
  • vowed to withdraw from Schengen zone 
  • reinstate border controls
  • deport all foreigners on radicals watch list
  • revoke French citizenship of dual national citizens 
  • Le Pen also promised to lower income taxes
  • reduce minimum retirement age from 62 to 60
  • hold referendums on reducing deputies and senators

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