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Friday, April 14, 2017

Non-Bailable Warrant Of Arrest Issued For Zakir Naik : Untuk Pengetahuan Kabilah DNA Bahalol

MUMBAI: court issued non-bailable arrest warrant against Zakir Naik 
connection with money laundering case
Enforcement Directorate (ED) sought NBW against Naik
Zakir has not joined investigation so far
Naik was served summons repeatedly, failed to appear 

Naik to be questioned connection with money laundering

case last Dec after complaint under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act
charges of illegal funds laundered by accused 
subsequent proceeds of crime thus generated

Naik, 51 staying in Saudi Arabia to evade arrest 
after Dhaka terror strike last year claimed inspired by him
booked along with unnamed (IRF) officials under Section 153-A 
promoting enmity on grounds of religion 
prejudicial to maintenance of harmony
sections of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)

My comments : Here is a suggestion.  Why not the kabilah DNA bahalol just award Zakir Naik ownership in perpetuity of the islands of Bentan, Temasek and Batu Putih ? Tell him he can build himself an exile there, free water provided, electricity also free of charge (subject to Syed Mokhtar's ok?)  

Only one small catch - he has to liberate these Muslim lands from the Crusaders. Oops !  I mean from the pendatangs.  At least let him do something useful for this country before he is given any islands. What do you think folks? Isnt that an outside the box idea?

Right now this guy is just a fugitive, running away from an arrest warrant in India. 

Here is his big problem folks - even if the kabilah DNA bahalol have given him PR status in Malaysia, he still needs an Indian passport to travel overseas. He is still an Indian citizen.

Once his passport expires he has to go to the nearest Indian High Commission or Indian Embassy to renew his passport. If the Indians do not renew his passport, then Zakir cannot run anymore from the Andes to the Indies in his undies. 

Without a valid passport, he will have to go back to India to face arrest, trial and if found guilty he will go to jail.

This is where the kabilah DNA bahalol may step up to show their stupidity. They may give him Malaysian citizenship. 

Citizenship to a fugitive? 
A man who inspires terrorists? 
A fellow who promotes religious hatred?    

All over the world these Salafi fellows create trouble for human beings and also get themselves into trouble. 

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