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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dangerous Developments For Mindanao, Sabah Better Be On Alert

Here is the gist folks. Nature abhors a vacuum. If a vaccum is created, then something else will rush in to fill up the vacuum.
Since President Rodrigo Duterte became President of the Philippines in June 2016, that has effectively been the end of Malaysia's  failed bungling in the Mindanao peace process that has not solved anything over the past 20 years or so.  Malaysia has really bungled the peace process, not just in Mindanao but also in South Thailand and now in far away Yemen. Bungle, bungle and more bungle.

Anyway, now the warring parties in Mindanao (I am referring the Bangsa Moro people) feel even more abandoned. They were hoping for Malaysia to do some good. But we have failed them. And now Duterte has also kicked Malaysia out of the process.

So a new player has entered the fray. Jeng .  . jeng . . .jeng  it is Saudi Arabia. 

Yup the Wahhabis are ramping up their influence buying in Mindanao. The Wahabi / Salafi project is really kicking off in our part of the world.  And the Malay Muslim people are sleeping  .  .  .  sleeping  . .    . sleeping.  

And once again some factions are being coopted whereas other factions are being left out. When that happens there is always trouble. 

Here is the news :   

MILF, MNLF Rendezvous In Jeddah

May 8, 2017 Editorial Desk

issue of disunity main point  against Bangsamoro people 

struggle to unite the Moro not easy 

ISIS-inspired youths in Lanao
Abu Sayyaf heavily infiltrated by military agents
BIFF/BIFM splintered into various small factions
no agenda, except revive the Islamic caliphate 

there is no absolute unity 
groups who never want to unite

May 8, leaders of MILF, MNLF meeting in Jeddah
under auspices of (OIC) 
to consolidate Bangsamoro Coordination Forum (BCF)
(My comments: There is a "Koordinasi" set up in South Thailand, Salafi style)
various Moro organizations (subject to prerequisites) are members

come up with common stand on various issues 
“harmonizing” Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB)
and GRP-MNLF Final Agreement of September 1996 

(My comments : Wont happen. 1996 was 21 years ago brother !)

Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) 
crafting new Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)

(My comments : The BBL wont happen. The Philippines has voted it down)

rendezvous in Jeddah brings together senior leaders of MILF and MNLF
MILF : Murad Ebrahim leading MILF five-man team
MNLF : (Jikiri’s faction) Yusof Jikiri, Hatimil Hassan, Muslimin Sema, Abdul Sahrin

not good news - MNLF leader Nur Misuari not in meeting
not good for unity of  Bangsamoro people. 

no representative coming from his faction
the least that is expected of his group

My comments :  So the Saudis are now getting involved in the peace process in Mindanao? 

My prediction is the 'peace' will go to 'pieces'.
The Saudis will export more of the Salafi / Wahabi ideology. 
Folks, there will be more violence in Mindanao. Mark my words.

But before that - not all the factions are even represented. 

First of all Nur Muhammad Misuari is NOT attending.  

The last time this brother was left out of  the Moro peace talks, the Abu Sayaf attacked Lahad Datu. Have you all forgotten? 

It was the Abu Sayyaf and Nur Misuari showing off that they were still relevant to any peace process in Mindanao. They were not to be left out.

This picture above shows "the final, final and most final" peace accord signed in Manila in 2014. Chief Thief  was there. 

In that "final, final and most final" peace accord in 2014, only the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) which was represented by the same MILF leader Murad Ebrahim signed the accord with the Philippine government.

The MNLF or Moro National Liberation Front (led by Nur Misuari) did not sign.

This time around ANOTHER FACTION of the MNLF  (called the Jikiri Faction led by Yusuf Jikiri) is being represented in Jeddah.   

So it is going to be Murad Ibrahim and Yusuf Jikiri partying in Jeddah.

Rest assured that both Murad Ibrahim and Yusuf Jikiri will be returning home with loads of cash. That is how the Saudis work.   Or at least they will get a Rolex watch.  I think Nur Misuari will not be getting any cash. Or Rolex watch.

The Abu Sayyaf and Nur Misuari will once again have to show off that they are still relevant to the peace process in Mindanao. They are not to be left out.  

So be on guard for abductions, fireworks, piracy, attacks etc in the area of the Sulu. 

ESSCOM has to be on the lookout.  

President Duterte may also have more arms, weapons and explosives to deal with in Mindanao.

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