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Saturday, May 13, 2017


WITHOUT pulling any punches, Dr Mahathir Mohamad today blasted those spoiling for three-cornered fights in GE14, labelling them as supporters of Prime Minister Najib Razak and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).
He said the opposition had a better chance of winning in straight fights, noting that any other party contesting against BN and the opposition parties risked splitting the vote in favour of the ruling coalition at the 14th general election.
“This move is a betrayal to efforts to bring down Najib and stop the damage to the country. Najib will continue with an administration that many know will bankrupt the country and put it under foreign power,” Dr Mahathir posted in his popular blog, chedet.cc, today.
The former prime minister said the next general election will be the most important in the nation’s history.
“Our focus should be to bring down the Najib regime. Everyone knows that the regime under his leadership has destroyed the country,” said Dr Mahathir.
Dr Mahathir, who led the country from 1981-2003, said Najib has turned a democracy into a kleptocracy where criminals have robbed the nation’s coffers.
“This is a government that does not adhere to laws, rules with an iron fist, turns its back on justice and doesn’t respect the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judiciary.
“All three branches are now control by Najib who is the prime minister and the maker of laws,” wrote the 92-year-old.
Dr Mahathir also accused Najib of ending Malaysia’s non-aligned stance by forging military ties with China.
From an economic standpoint, Malaysia has suffered from the corruption, rising government administration expenses, bloated civil service and a budget that only serves to make the prime minister more popular, he said.
“The debt is so high now that the government can’t afford to repay its loans,” he added.
Dr Mahathir said that the escalating cost of living caused by the goods and services tax and the ringgit’s drastic decline have made life harder for Malaysians. This has also caused many university graduates to remain unemployed.
The Parti Bersatu Pribumi Malaysia chairman also questioned the quality of foreign investments the prime minister has attracted.
“Today, foreign investment is limited to selling land to foreign developers to build cities with foreign contractors using foreign workers and foreign materials.”
All the political, economic and social problems are caused by Najib’s management and policies, he added.
“The only way out is to replace Najib’s government with a new one.”
“People ask if a new government can administer Malaysia better than Najib. My answer to that is: surely, no government can be as bad or scandalous as Najib’s government.”
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