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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Instead of congratulating Umno, MACC should nab MO1

YOURSAY | ‘This congratulatory statement by MACC was most unwise and uncalled for.’
Anonymous #19098644: No federal institution like the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should be seen to be aligning with any political party by sending congratulations on the party's anniversary.
It should never be involved, or be perceived to be involved and supportive of, any political party whatsoever. This statement by MACC was most unwise and uncalled for.
Ipoh Pp: Quote: "Umno leaders, the commission urged, must ensure they execute their duties with integrity and stay away from graft and abuse of power."
Why did they issue such a statement? Is this really necessary? Anyway, this statement is like water on a duck's back for Umno.
Vote BN Out: Umno is seen by many as the most corrupt party in the country. Why does MACC need to congratulate this party?
It should go after its corrupt public officers, especially the figure known as Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).
Wira: Indeed, a government body has no business congratulating any political party, particularly a ruling party. This is sickening.
GMK Very Funny: Isn’t MACC funded by taxpayers' money? So why are they being so busybody to get involved in a political party's business?
Perak Boleh: Yes, MACC should not “urge” Umno, but take immediate action and investigate all the Umno leaders who have accumulated unusual wealth.
Discovery: This has to be the biggest joke of the year. Telling the most corrupt party with their MO1, who has been confirmed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) as the person who had allegedly received US$681 million ‘American pies’ into his personal account, to fight graft.
By the way, MACC, when are you going to catch these corrupt politicians? Waiting for the coming durian season to finish first before you act?
Don't take too long, because if these corrupt politicians assume power again, they might turn the tables on you.
Annonymous: MACC, why have you never congratulated and praised DAP, and patriots like Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua and Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, for fighting corruption and exposing countless evidence of corruption?
Particularly, the most hideous and biggest corruption scandal in the world with debts of close to US$50 billion - all lost or stolen, but with no one charged in Malaysia?
This despite severe and successful action taken by Singapore's authorities against the suspects involved in cases linked to the 1MDB scandal?
Why congratulate a party which is responsible for all these alleged crimes committed against the country and rakyat?
Why is it that Singapore can charge and jail the criminals involved, but MACC fails to do justice in the alleged crime, which was committed right at your doorstep?
Anonymous_1388029052: Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang has been fighting graft for half a century. Why doesn't MACC congratulate him?
Likewise, people like Rafizi and Pua are working tirelessly exposing graft, and in the process, put their lives at risk.
Don't they also deserve a congratulatory message from the anti-graft body?
Clever Voter: There is no shortage of self-congratulatory statements which do not make sense to many, especially those who have seen the country's losing battle against the twin problems of corruption and bribery.
Public mismanagement of precious resources has been on the increase, led by members mostly from the establishment, including political parties. It's highly hypocritical of the establishment to preach to the society about its virtues when it is not in the position to do so.
The expected fanfare is nothing more than to distract and disguise the truth. We live in the information age, and assuming society is deaf and dumb is a grave error of judgement.
The public can tell the difference. But those in authority don't care, do they?
Headhunter: Umno without corruption is not Umno, and would cease to exist. They are synonymous with it, like two peas in a pod.
Anonymous 1595491436431853: Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, are you giving all this advice to yourself?
Just look into the mirror, you will see the man who is driven by his own agenda, and disappointing the rakyat who had expected him to do something right.
Ib: Yes, look in the mirror and ask yourself: have you done what is right for the nation? Or only for yourself? Why is an Umno veteran who claims to fight for the people willing to side with the corrupt and the greedy?
Truthseeker: I'm flabbergasted with the word that Ku Li used - "struggle". Aren't Umno and the Malays in total control of the government? Who is oppressing them?
It is the minorities that have to really "struggle" to make a decent living.
Ipoh Pp: What's the point of singing the same tune over and over, Ku Li? Take action, as you are one of the senior members of Umno. If you have so much of advice, then 'walk the talk' and leave. Set the example.
Your carrying on in the mud and slime is not helping. At least former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad left when he saw the wrongs. We all wonder, why you are still hanging on?

Just a Malaysian: Talking about these problems does not absolve you from the blame. I admire Mahathir and his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim for really doing something for change.
One has gone to jail. One, at 91 years of age, goes to ceramah every day. -Mkini

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