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Sunday, May 14, 2017

'Johor Umno's plea to Shahrir signals distress'

Johor Umno's plea for Shahrir Abdul Samad to reconsider retirement plans showed that the party lacks eligible candidates, said Johor PKR leader Hassan Karim.
"Umno appears to be lacking candidates with calibre, while Shahrir has repeatedly said he would not seek re-election in the coming general election.
"It is now clear that they are worried... now that the public sentiment is swinging towards Pakatan Harapan in Johor. Don't they have other candidates for Johor Baru?" said Hassan in a statement today.
Shahrir, 67, has served multiple terms as Johor Baru MP since 1978. He took a break in the 90s but returned to active politics in 2004.
He was formerly a cabinet minister, backbenchers club leader, Public Accounts Committee leader and is presently chairperson of the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda).
Recently, Shahrir reiterated that he will not reconsider his decision to sit out of the upcoming election and would pass the baton to someone younger. He said five names had already made the shortlist.

Meanwhile, Hassan said at least 30 percent of Johor PKR's candidates will be "youths", while noting that most voters this time round will be below the age of 40.
"What is important for PKR in the coming election is to ensure we field candidates without any baggages and would prioritise the public.
"On the other hand, Johor Umno doesn't seem to be consistent with the 'transformation' process advocated by the Umno president," said Hassan.- Mkini

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