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Friday, May 12, 2017

Mahathir is only Pakatan leader who can bag rural voters

YOURSAY | ‘In the absence of Anwar, the choice of Mahathir would not be out of place.’
OMG: I think that former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has hit the jackpot on this.
No buts. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has to be Pakatan Harapan's choice for PM if they are to have the slightest chance of winning the Malay votes in Felda and the civil service, which are essential to winning at least (50% + 1 votes) or 112 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, an absolute majority.
The next question is: who is to be the Pakatan deputy PM? It has to be someone forceful, with excellent Islamic credentials and someone who appeals to a broad spectrum of Malaysians.
PKR leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is not suitable. Having to break the glass ceiling as well is too much. We saw how PAS ignored her when the issue of Selangor MB arose in 2013. Too many think like that. So, it has to be a man.
A non-Malay is also a non-starter. Even having one as Deputy PM II is confusing to the Malay-Muslim rakyat today.
The only one who has the street credentials and track record, and has wide appeal among non-Malays too, is Khalid Samad. He has the maturity and can learn the ropes from Mahathir.
Mahsuri: I suspect most people are still pinning their (unrealistic) hopes on those still in jail (Anwar Ibrahim) or those who are about to be imprisoned (Rafizi Ramli).
Rightfully or wrongfully, wake up and smell the latte! Unless by some miracle our newly-crowned Agong decides to pardon Anwar, he is not part of the GE14 equation.
The sooner the opposition supporters get over this, the better we can all move forward towards victory in GE14. Rafizi can always be the PM candidate in future GEs. As Zaid has rightfully pointed out, real change cannot materialise in just five years, even if/when Pakatan takes GE14.
True: The topmost priority the country needs is to dismantle the corrupted BN government and remove PM Najib Razak.
If Mahathir can do the job, why not give him the chance? I am all for this idea.
Ipoh Pp: Mahathir is the perfect choice. No one has the experience and farsightedness to lead the nation. He may have had his faults, but who does not?
Mahathir has lived and breathed Malaysia. His love for this nation is like no others. He will not be out and about at 92 and still fighting for a better leader if not for his concern and care for the nation.
His pain can be seen. He will be the only one who can bring in the rural Malay vote. Let’s make a small sacrifice and give him the chance to lead again.
GE14 Voter: In the absence of Anwar, and because of the lack of a strong PM candidate among the component Pakatan parties, the choice of Mahathir would not be out of place.
However, it should be quietly agreed that as soon as it is legally and constitutionally possible, Anwar should take over.
In the meanwhile, apart from Anwar, a few strong and acceptable candidates, irrespective of from which component parties, should be identified and groomed to take over from Mahathir in case of unforeseen circumstances.
SusahKes: I believe it all boils down to a question of idealism versus ground-zero reality. Some Malaysiakini contributors opine that one could neither trust Mahathir nor must fail to hold him accountable for his past misdeeds.
But Zaid is right on one thing; it would take more than one election for proper democracy, good governance and political maturity to be restored.
Even if that one election boots Umno out of power, there is still a long way to go. But confining Umno to the realm of has-been would certainly be the place to start.
Zaid’s idea has some merit, if only because Mahathir might just have enough sway to convince the otherwise loyally-stubborn and secure vote banks of Umno.
KCW: Yes, Mahathir is the most strategic choice.
But if Mahathir is chosen as Pakatan's candidate for PM, then he has to take a pledge to abolish all the undemocratic and anti-human rights laws and a total clean-up of the Election Commission to ensure that our electoral system is clean.
All Bersih's demand must be fulfilled. Mahathir should never be given blank cheque.
He has to agree at the minimum to this two demands: first, the abolition of all anti-human rights and undemocratic laws and second, a total clean-up of our electoral system to ensure our elections will be clean, democratic and just.
Anonymous 539281478077880: Zaid, you have a point here by proposing Mahathir as the next PM if Pakatan takes over.
Mahathir could helm the post temporarily as his vast experience, old and new, would save our country from doom. Not only that, the newly formed coalition is not matured enough to take over the premiership at present.
Once Mahathir comes in, he can groom the next person in line with the approval of the coalition. But if there were to be objections on who is to be the PM, then we may see cracks in the coalition.
Clever Voter: Mahathir is tried and tested but he brings with him legacies which may not be welcomed, especially among the urban folks. The battle for votes will be in semi-urban and rural constituencies.
Anwar is an alternative but he too is an uncertainty. While we could do with an Emmanuel Macron or a young Barack Obama, the landscape is totally different here.
Mahathir is a household name acceptable to all, but he must avoid mistakes of the past where many of his decisions were awful.
Watch Out: Zaid’s article makes sense. PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, please sacrifice for the nation and declare that you have no interest in becoming PM.

Let Mahathir be the warrior that he is at 92 and still going strong. He is the only one they are scared to lay their hands on.- Mkini

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