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Monday, May 15, 2017

Perkasa urges PAS to leave Selangor exco

Malay rights NGO Perkasa today urged Selangor executive council (exco) members from PAS to stop being "cowards" and vacate their posts.
Its president Ibrahim Ali said PAS no longer has ties with the PKR-led state government after the party cut ties with PKR.
"On principle, the three exco members must resign. My view as a politician is that they have to resign because there is no link between PAS and Pakatan Harapan, and they cannot divert the issue by claiming they are there on the people's mandate.
"Yes, people give them mandates when they contested on Pakatan (Rakyat) tickets but when they become part of administration, it has nothing to do with the mandate obtained at election. It's up to the menteri besar to choose the state exco.
"So if they don't resign then that is cowardice and we can infer that they have material interests and are reluctant to give up their posts," he said at a press conference at his office in Kuala Lumpur.
PAS' syura council on May 11 decided the party will cut ties with PKR, after delegates' unanimously passed a resolution to do so at the annual general assembly last month. 
PAS vice-president and Selangor exco member Iskandar Samad said Menteri Besar Azmin Ali has not instructed the PAS members to leave.

Selangor PAS chief Sallehen Mukhyi, who is also on the state exco, said the reps will stay in government to keep DAP in check
The Selangor exco is made up of four DAP members, three PAS members and five PKR members. MB Azmin is PKR deputy president. 
Moreover, if PAS withdraws its support, Azmin's administration will command only 29 of the 56 legislative assembly seats - the minimum requirement for a simple majority. - Mkini

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