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Friday, May 12, 2017


‘Superman’ Hew is the Chinese version of Bin Laden. And Hew is touted as much a hero as Bin Laden was. There are millions of Malaysians like Hew, all products of Chinese schools and the Chinese education system. And the Chinese education system breeds hate and racism and is the snake-pit where DAP garners its support from, which is no coincidence why 90% of Chinese voters support DAP.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
To breed extremists you need to start from primary school. You need to catch them young, before they reach an impressionable age. From there you mould them into the form and shape you want them to be. As they say, there are no bad students. There are only bad teachers. So what these kids turn into would depend on how their teachers moulded and indoctrinated them. As the saying goes: fruits from a poisonous tree are poisonous.
This was what they did to the children of the Afghan refugees back in 1979 when Russia first invaded Afghanistan. In fact, most of the children of these refugees were born in Pakistan and not in Afghanistan. But they were educated in sekolah pondok or madrasah in Pakistan to become what they eventually became, those who today we call Taliban.
And this is what Malaysian Chinese who are products of Chinese schools and Chinese education have become: Chinese Taliban. These Chinese Taliban are arrogant, rude, disrespectful, quarrelsome, antagonistic, short on integrity and dignity, and lack moral values and principles.
And this can basically be summed up as due to the DAP menace to Chinese schools.
The government’s attempt to reform Chinese schools and the Chinese education system met with a mutiny because DAP needed to defend their hate-politics and racism agenda
Malaysians who are old enough can probably remember what happened exactly 30 years ago back in 1987. In 1987, the government tried to reform Chinese schools by appointing more ‘modern’ or non-Chinese-educated teachers to head Chinese schools. Immediately the Chinese mutinied. They did not want ‘bananas’ to head Chinese schools. They wanted hard-core Chinese-educated educationists, many who could hardly speak English and/or Bahasa Malaysia.
A race riot was almost triggered because of this and the government had to round up more than 100 people, many of them DAP and other opposition leaders, to prevent May 13 Version 2.0 from exploding. After that the government left the Chinese schools alone and did not try to interfere and that was when DAP stepped in and took over.
DAP knew that if they could control Chinese schools and Chinese education, in time, say one generation later, the products of these Chinese schools would have been moulded into the form and shape of what DAP wanted them to become. One generation is 25 years and DAP started their infiltration of Chinese schools 30 years ago. Hence that one generation is already here.
Chinese schools and the Chinese education system is the breeding ground for hate and racism
And this change became very apparent and very prominent since 2007. By 2008, those indoctrinated over 20 years or so came of voting age and their fury was demonstrated in the 2008 general election, what is now known as the ‘Chinese Tsunami’. DAP’s 30-year investment in Chinese schools and Chinese education paid off. There was now a large pool of anti-Malay, anti-Umno, anti-Barisan Nasional and anti-Islam voters who are as extreme as the Taliban that Pakistan groomed and sent back to Afghanistan to fight the Russians.
The problem Malaysia is now facing is the same problem Afghanistan faced with the Taliban. You do not indoctrinate an entire generation of children to hate the government and not suffer the consequences. Everything has consequences and the consequences of DAP’s hate-politics and racism education is that it is pushing Malaysia to the brink of a civil war, just like what happened in Afghanistan.
If the government had succeeded in reforming Chinese schools and the Chinese education system in 1987 then probably what we are seeing today may never have happened. However, to avoid a race riot, the government backed off. And, when the government backed off, DAP stepped in and introduced their own brand of ‘reforms’.
The 1987 Chinese school crisis and DAP’s infiltration of the Chinese schools bore fruit 20 years later when Malaysia experienced the ‘Chinese Tsunami’
DAP’s ‘transformation’ of Chinese schools and the Chinese education system is to think along racial lines. DAP then presents itself as the platform for Chinese rights and justice for Chinese and a party that fights against persecution of Chinese. The impression they give is that Chinese in Malaysia are suffering the same fate as the Jews used to suffer back in Nazi Germany.
They played with the minds of the Chinese and kept reminding the Chinese that 90% of the personal income tax is paid by Chinese. Yet this money is used to build mosques and to give Malays and Bumiputeras freebies. The Chinese work very hard and pay all the taxes but the Malays and Bumiputeras are given a free ride and pay nothing. And now we have the GST, which is a consumption tax. So the Chinese end up paying more since the Chinese have more money and can afford to spend more than the Malays.
The Chinese have been taught that this is all about ‘them and us’. It is Chinese versus non-Chinese. Malaysian Chinese are suffering the same fate as the Jews of Nazi Germany. So the Chinese need to unite and fight back before they get exterminated like the Jews of Nazi Germany were.
It is a gross exaggeration of events. In spite of the NEP, which the Chinese say is discriminatory towards the Chinese, Chinese wealth has increased from 30% to 70% while the Malay wealth increased from just 1% to 3%. And the Chinese proudly declare that they are paying 90% of the personal income tax while the Malays pay very little. How can Chinese pay 90% of the income tax if they are losing economic ground like they claim?
In spite of these indisputable statistics, the Chinese still believe they are facing discrimination and injustice at the hands of what they call a ‘Malay Government’. They cannot comprehend that the opposite is true. And this is because from age five they are indoctrinated in Chinese schools and by the Chinese education system into believing this. They are a product of a politically-motivated education system, which uses hate and racism as its doctrine.
People like Bin Laden are not born, they are bred
The rot, DAP is fond of saying, starts from the head. And this is precisely where the rot of the Chinese schools and Chinese education starts from, the head. Many of the heads of these Chinese schools cannot even speak proper Bahasa Malaysia or English. To them only the Chinese language matters while Bahasa Malaysia is a primitive language that does not even possess its own words and almost all Bahasa Malaysia words, save for maybe ten words or so, are borrowed from other languages.
Chinese are also taught that if they had not come to Malaya in the mid-1800s then the country would be totally undeveloped and the Malays would still be living in trees. Malaysia is what it is today because of the Chinese and the towns and cities would not exist if not because of the Chinese. The Malays owe the Chinese big-time but the Malays have forgotten that the Chinese made it possible for them to come down from their trees and live in proper houses.
Somehow the Chinese believe all this mainly because this is what they learnt in their Chinese schools. The Chinese are taught their version of history, which is mainly propaganda and a distorted form of history meant to breed hate. It is to teach the Chinese that it was they who developed Malaya and without them there would be no Malaysia. But then the Malays are stealing everything that the Chinese built because the Malays are too stupid and too lazy to succeed unless they resort to stealing what belongs to others.
The result of this is it has bred a corrupt community that does not understand things such as moral values, integrity, dignity and principles. They can spit one day and the next day lick back their own spit. This is being openly demonstrated over the last few decades. After spitting Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah they lick him back in 1990. After spitting Anwar Ibrahim they lick him back in 1999. After spitting Mahathir they lick him back in 2015. After spitting PAS in 1990 they lick back PAS in 1999. After spitting PAS in 2001 they lick back PAS in 2008. After spitting PAS in 2015 they still allow PAS to be part of the Selangor State Government.
If Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, for some strange reason, were to leave Umno and then turn against his old party, they would lick back Najib after spitting him all these years.
‘Superman’ Hew is the Chinese version of Bin Laden: crude, rude, arrogant, disrespectful, immoral, without dignity and integrity, antagonistic, and racist to the core 
There is no clearer demonstration than this of a community that has no moral values, integrity, dignity and principles. And Lim Kit Siang knows this. He knows that the Chinese over the last generation or so have been groomed in this manner and that DAP can exploit these ‘New Chinese’ or Cina Baru (remember Mahathir’s ‘Melayu Baru’ or Malays who should not be scared of being kurang ajar?).
Kit Siang understands the Chinese value system and the Chinese way of thinking and he knows he can get away with many things because of it. For example, he sits down with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and does a deal with the old man. The Malays view this as very weird considering what Kit Siang has been saying about Mahathir for 35 years. To the Chinese, however, this is a brilliant move.
‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau then tells the Chinese that Kit Siang is using Mahathir. DAP must use the Malays to screw the Malays, screams Hew. To the Malays, this shows that the Chinese lack moral values, integrity, dignity and principles. To the Chinese, Kit Siang is a genius while Hew is a Chinese hero who they must carry on their shoulders and parade through the Chinese towns and villages.
It is a very different set of values. And the Chinese do not see their values as actually being lack of values. To them, this is ‘Chinese values’, not lack of values. And this is because this is what the Chinese schools and Chinese education system has taught them. Hence a pariah like Superman Hew will be considered a hero to the Chinese. Yet the world does not understand why people like Bin Laden is considered a hero instead of a pariah to some. It is all because of the education system that taught these people to think like that. Superman Hew is the Chinese version of Bin Laden mainly because the Chinese schools and the Chinese education system use the same hate and racism as its doctrine.

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