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Monday, May 15, 2017

UM rejects student's appeal over 1MDB placard verdict

Universiti Malaya has rejected the appeal of one of the four students fined for holding protest placards at a 1MDB townhall on campus last year.
According to the University of Malaya Association of New Youth (Umany), the university said Tan Jia You's appeal was rejected because he did not submit his petition within 14 days of the first proceedings.
However, Umany said consultations with law lecturers found that Tan did not submit his petition too late.
"In other words, the reason provided by the university is obviously not valid...We have every reason to believe that the university management intends to obliterate the student’s right to appeal.
"Umany will submit another letter to the university management to protest against the decision," it said in a statement.
Tan, who is Umany deputy president, was issued a stern warning and fined RM150 after he was found guilty on April 7.
Others found guilty includes Lau Li Yang, who was fined RM600 while Ho Chi Yang and Chua Hun Ti were fined RM300 respective. Their appeal proceedings is scheduled for tomorrow.
"In this final round of proceedings, the university must clear (four students') name as this is the least HEP can do to respect the freedom of expression!" it said.

The four had held up placards reading “Students want answers”, “1MDB don’t spin”, “1MDB – We want answers”, and "1MDB - Return the people’s money" on the night of Oct 11 last year.
The students were quickly set upon by several men who tore the placards away from them, and they received an immediate rebuke from the event’s host, Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, it was learnt.
During the town hall event, Arul Kanda had explained the 1MDB scandal to students, claiming among others that Deloitte Malaysia had quit as the firm's auditor because it could not complete the 2015 audit.- Mkini

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