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Saturday, May 13, 2017

What The Retards Do Behind Your Back - Religious teacher molests six boys


Hi folks.  I am starting a new "column".  Its called "What The Retards Do Behind Your Back".  Its an old idea.  

In the 1990s a UK friend  based in Glasgow, Scotland and some of us here collaborated on a magazine called 'Signs'.  'Signs' would mean 'Ayat' in Arabic.  It was a magazine about the Quran. I once spent about 10 days in Scotland helping put together an issue of the magazine. 

The Signs magazine was sent out by mailing list to a long list of people. One of the recipients was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed our Prime Minister at that time.  One day in 1996 we were pleasantly surprised when after Dr Mahathir delivered his famous speech at Oxford University 

'Islam, the misunderstood religion : speech by the Prime Minister the honourable Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom on 16 April 1996'

the Malaysian High Commission in London sent us an original copy of Dr Mahathir's speech on the official letterhead of the Government of Malaysia. Of course the speech became the cover of our very next issue.  Obviously Dr Mahathir had been reading our magazine. 

I digress. One day we planned a column called 'What the mullahs have been doing while you were not looking'.  It was supposed to cover the sexual indiscretions of the mullah community all over the world. At first we thought that there would not be enough material to sustain a whole column. 

To my friends' surprise (absolutely NOT to mine) we found too much material. In fact it was downright embarrassing. But now after the passage of over 20 years nothing is too embarrassing anymore with the mullahs. Nothing is sacred. The word decency has just disappeared.

So to be brief, here is a relaunch of 'What the retards do behind your back'.  This is the first instalment. Rest assured there will be more.  These are all based on actual news reports.

KL : Police arrested teacher of religious primary school 
molested six male pupils since 2014
male teacher, 29 
parents lodged police reports 
victims between 11 - 12, ashamed to inform anyone 
afraid of the teacher
police recorded statements from six pupils
parents lodge report after school failed to take action 
teacher remanded until Monday (May 15) 
case classified under Section 354/377D of Penal Code 
criminal force with intent to outrage a person’s modesty

My comments :  Note this "parents lodge report after school failed to take action"  

This is the typical behaviour of all these religious establishments. When one of their own have been caught with their pants down, they just cover it up. Do you recall Mat Spenda and the PAS?  No action was taken against him. That is quite normal behaviour for them. They will say this is just another conspiracy against them.

Anyway to conclude here is a picture of me with Tun Dr Mahathir taken just 10 days ago.  I have aged since 1996. Dr Mahathir has aged a lot less.


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