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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Zakaria is giving a good fight, expect more dirt to be revealed

YOURSAY | ‘Is someone protecting FGV’s previous CEO and scapegoating Zakaria?’
Vijay47: I have to admire suspended Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd CEO Zakaria Arshad's tough response upon being asked to resign over accusations of wrongdoing in payments to a company that FGV had done business with.
His stand is that he has not done anything wrong and will not allow himself to suffer the indignity of being investigated.
Zakaria said that the payment process related to the alleged wrongdoing was approved and implemented by the previous chief executive.
This raises another elephant in the room - what is being done about the other person who was the CEO when the relevant incidents were going on? Zakaria is saying, "You want a fight? Bring it on, bro!"
Anonymous 5: Good stand by Zakaria. So, someone is protecting the previous CEO and making Zakaria the fall guy.
Give a good fight and leak the details to whistleblower site Sarawak Report or PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli.
Anonymous #37634848: Zakaria's tenure saw a profit of RM2.5 million against a previous loss of RM81 million, and revenue grew by 15 percent. Why then is he being asked to resign?
This indicates some earlier monkey business which the FGV chairperson Isa Abdul Samad seems to be trying to cover up. Isa should be suspended first.
It is likely that Zakaria has brought up previous hanky-panky business which implies the chairperson and board were less than effective.
Give it a good fight Zakaria, and expose the craters in the previous management and board.
Anonymous 278451459939581: Zakaria, you did the wrong thing by bringing FGV back to profitability in a matter of months.
Such ‘disgraceful’ behaviour is not allowed in Malaysian culture. I am surprised you have not been arrested for anti-national activities.
Fateh: Making high profits or performing well for the company is not important. It is mindless blind loyalty that is of utmost importance in ‘Bolehland’.
Doc: Nothing new here. Scandals come and go at FGV and Felda. No one will be investigated, fingers will be pointed at the opposition for stirring up trouble, losses will be written off, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Bank Negara, etc, will not investigate and eventually, the scandal will be swept under the huge carpet of FGV scandals.
FGV shareholders will be given a steady dose of lies and they will be placated with the explanation from the FGV management. And FGV shares will continue to steadily dive. Life goes on at FGV till the next scandal comes along.
Anonymous 278451459939581:  Zakaria said he had tried to stop hundreds of millions in investments by FGV's board which he described as "ridiculous".
He is a rare one. He sounds like he is competent, honest, and interested in the plight of Felda; not a good formula for survival but good on you for exposing the scandals.
Appum: When the FGV chairperson and board appointed Zakaria as CEO, little did they realise that this man has a conscience.
1Msian: It looks like the politician-cum-FGV-chairperson is looking for a scapegoat to cover up his alleged abuse of power. How devious!
Alunan Ombak: Isa, you have displayed a guilty mind.
There is nothing wrong with a reporter asking you to respond to an article by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who alleged that you wanted Zakaria removed in an attempt to cover up alleged corrupt practices in FGV.
You are bullying the reporter. Sue if you dare. It is the reporter's job to ask questions. That question must have hit a raw nerve.
Anonymous #19098644: Instead of answering a straightforward question from a journalist, Isa is trying to threaten the press.
What does that tell you about him, and do you think he is trying to cover up and evade the issue of abuse of power?
Anonymous 2393771451372105: Not being able to respond rationally to a question put to them by journalists seems to be a trait exhibited not just by Isa, but many Umno ministers as well.
And these are the people who helm the country and some major corporations. How they get into these high positions is a wonder. How pathetic.
Just Truth Seeker: Yes, this is the mindset of typical Umno politicians.
Threaten, bully, and slap everyone when an explanation and clarification is being sought, even if it is the enquirer's job to find answers to report and inform the public. They have no duty or sense of accountability and transparency.
Anonymous #28648954: Isa, I think a simple answer like “No, those allegations are false" would have sufficed.
Anonymous 1034721438846003: The reporter is seeking clarification, not implying that Isa is guilty of corruption. The answer to the reporter’s question is either “yes” or “no”.

Abasir: Isa sounds like another Umno candidate for prime minister. He has the requisite history in money politics, character and temperament.- Mkini

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