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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Between ‘kleptocrat’ and ‘unstable party’, the choice isn’t hard

YOURSAY | ‘Harapan may have three captains, but they are hunting only one prey - the kleptocrat’
Malaysian Lover: I think “unstable” is not the issue here. It can be made stable. But you can’t change the kleptocrat. We want to change this kleptocratic government.
We the rakyat have suffered enough. We Malaysians are not stupid. Don’t ever think “cash is king” will work again.
Hang Babeuf: Perhaps the “unstable party” has three captains, but they really need only one policy or one campaign platform - that the new government would be “free and independent”. It would no longer be an Umno/BN “permanent government” that simply never wants to “let go”.
This would be enough for the people to vote for them. The rest can be sorted out after the true state of the nation’s finances is opened to scrutiny.
Anonymous 2413381470634342: BN may have experience in governance, but they have also become bolder in mismanaging the people’s money. They planned 1MDB. In our country, we can’t catch Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), but there are investigations on 1MDB’s money-laundering activities the world over and some have been put behind bars.
In Malaysia, they are celebrating because authorities seem to have no knowledge or understanding on what constitutes money laundering.
Gerard Lourdesamy: The “unstable political party” is a better bet than a “kleptocratic party” with a tak malu leader whose name has been tarnished all over the world. Looting the country of billions and amassing wealth for wife and children, including expensive birkin handbags and pink diamonds, is not an achievement.
The only walk that the ruling party knows is the walk to the bank with all their dirty money. But the rakyat in GE14 intend to walk them all out of the door for good.
Anonymous 122461436161429: Make no mistake. MO1 and his band of thieves have already pawned our future. The country will be paying for the stolen billions for years while expensive rings are being worn and bags carried. The opposition, if they win, will inherit this and will have to pay back the pawn shop.
Chokstone: The people would compare the two coalitions, regardless of how Pakatan Harapan shares power among themselves. It is certain that Harapan would be very much better than a kleptocracy, for no government is worse than a kleptocracy.
People should beware that under a kleptocratic regime the opposition would be bullied and they would shamelessly abuse all their authority to clamp down opponents, just like what is happening now to DAP.
It is a general prediction that there would be a very unfair election and even though the opposition could win in the coming election, the kleptocrats won't let you have it easy.
Anonymous 2475871497500343: How to trust you when you don't even bother to respond to allegations that our money has been lost, and found by the US Department of Justice?
It is just like the scenario of a person who dropped one of his bags on the way out from a bank, and an innocent passerby shouted and reminded him of it but this guy just ran away.
Do you think the person is a bank customer? A normal bank customer would automatically pick it up and return it in a show of gratitude. A bank robber, on the other hand, would only run for his life.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: We must vote out the present scandal-tainted, kleptocratic leader who is alleged to have siphoned off at least RM2.6 billion of the rakyat's money and then lied to the rakyat that it is from an Arab donor.
We are not donkeys to believe in your Arabian tales.
We have already pawned our future and the many generations to come by paying for the billions of debts incurred by 1MDB. Taxes after taxes are being levied by Putrajaya on the rakyat.
Prices of consumer goods have risen and are rising almost daily, which are a great burden to the people, whilst our leaders live a luxurious lifestyle that includes jet setting to exotic destinations for holidays.
We have witnessed how successfully Pakatan Rakyat and Pakatan Harapan can administer both Penang and Selangor much better than the previous BN government, even better than most other states. They are certainly not in a mess.
The present leader abuses his position by controlling the law enforcement agencies. It is high time for a change of government in Putrajaya.
Vision2020: The rakyat cannot afford to pawn the future of our beloved nation and children under the shameless and credibility-tainted MO1 with his “trust deficit” Umno government which will not hesitate to use the race and religious narratives to hold on to its grip of illegitimate power by using lies, instigating fear and hatred among our fellow peace-loving Malaysians of multi-racial and secular society.

MO1 will not hesitate to use whatever destructive means and measures, what with all the government machinery at his disposal to justify his end, to cling to his power in the event his Umno government loses GE14.- Mkini

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