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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Conflict of interest on Zahid’s part is as clear as day

YOURSAY | ‘Why did the ROS head need to see DPM first before deciding on DAP re-election?’
Chokstone: This regime has been in a very desperate situation and is shamelessly acting with its full force in clamping down on political opponents by abusing all the power within its grasps.
The regime is now abusing the Registrar of Societies, extending the tenure of the chief justice and the last resort might be causing instability to apply the National Security Council Act 2016.
Obviously, it is do or die for the kleptocracy. It has nothing to lose anymore. There is no more rule of law. The people will not forgive MO1 and his gang.
Drngsc: This is political intimidation because Umno is worried about the growing strength of DAP. Why was the statement released on Friday evening? Was it so that Umno has two days to bash DAP without DAP even knowing what the problem is and so cannot reply effectively?
Moreover, the ROS released a statement through the press and there was no official directive to the DAP, which is still in the dark. Then there is the fact that the press statement was released after a meeting between the deputy prime minister and the ROS, four years after the alleged offence.
DAP had already held another CEC election, using the same delegates list, and informed the ROS some four years ago. The central committee was not challenged by ROS for four years.
Mushiro: It is not for Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the home minister, to comment on DAP’s registration status as it is a conflict of interest.
It is in Zahid’s and Umno’s interest that DAP is deregistered. It is even more strange that many, including Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s chief aide Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, and now Zahid, are well informed about this by ROS but the affected party, DAP, is kept in the dark by ROS.
Vision2020: The only option for DAP is bring ROS to court and request the court to expedite the hearing on grounds of freedom of assembly. It should also request that the court delays GE14 pending the outcome of this political hijack by ROS, perpetrated by MO1 in order for the rakyat to have a clean, fair and just election.
This is a sacred duty and responsibility of our judiciary to show its independence and respect of our Federal Constitution for a clean, free and fair election.
Drifter: This is why Pakatan Harapan needs a common logo. If the DAP cannot use its logo in GE14, it can use the common Harapan logo.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: So what is the ulterior motive here? Zahid has not answered the all-important question: Why did the ROS take four long years to order the re-election ?
Why had the ROS chief to meet Zahid first before deciding on the re-election?
This is similar to Sodomy II, in which the complainant went to see the prime minister before making a police report.
The action against DAP is likely the first of many dirty tricks Umno will be using against opposition parties leading up to GE14. Umno will use any unethical tactics to win the election and thus protect its thieving chief from prosecution.
Anonymous 759201436321741: DAP, don’t fight them. Your first priority is to stay intact going into GE14. Do what they want and hold the EGM as directed. He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day.
When you are in Putrajaya, you can take your time to do what you want to do. You might have the last laugh, not Zahid.
Clongviews: There is no point in DAP fighting them. Take a step backwards and move forward several steps. Time is not on your side and you cannot waste time and energy to fight them or take risks.
Follow the ROS’ instructions and see what comes next. The rakyat can see through their dirty tricks and be more sympathetic. Winning more seats is more important.
Apache: Seriously, DAP should just hold another CEC election and to prove to them that you are as strong as before. Don’t gamble as its only CEC election and not a nationwide party election.
Anyway, it is almost time for another party election, since the last one was a few years back. Lim Guan Eng will need a strong line-up to go into GE14 confidently, unlike those chicken parties that have deferred their party elections till after GE14.
GMK: So, it is very clear now that BN is scared of DAP and will try everything to stop DAP from taking part in GE14. MCA is losing no time to take the offensive against DAP on television.
Enggang: Taking four years to tell an opposition political party to hold a re-election speaks volumes about the way government bureaucracy works. It’s a shame that civil servants could drag their feet that way.
Were they underpaid? I don’t think so. They were merely sleeping on their job! This reflects badly on the Home Ministry and its minister, who also happens to be the deputy prime minister.

That’s what happens when ministers are busy politicking on their job instead of doing their ministerial work.- Mkini

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