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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don’t hide facts on problematic students, schools told

Police say school authoritaries should furnish them with the names of troubled students so they can receive counselling first.

JOHOR BAHRU: Schools in the country have been asked not to hide crucial information from the police about troubled students especially those believed to be involved in either bullying or gangsterism.
Johor police chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin said schools could directly assist the police in their efforts to prevent more students from falling into serious criminal activities.
“The school can give their names to us and we will call these students for counselling first.
“The school will surely have identified those who are believed to be involved in unhealthy activities. Do not hide these facts,” he told reporters at the Johor Police Contingent Headquarters’ media centre here tonight.
He said this when commenting on two assault cases this week involving secondary school students. In one of the cases, the suspect was believed to have forced the victim to become a member of a gang.
“It is possible that these students are forced by outsiders to do so (become members of gangs).
“We must go all out. These students are still young and are future national assets,” said Wan Ahmad Najmuddin.
Meanwhile, he said the police arrested members of “Geng Budin” who commit robbery in groups using firearms.
He said four local men believed to be involved in the gang were detained in several locations around here yesterday (July 18).
He said the four suspects, aged between 21 and 32, had confessed to six robberies in Seri Alam and Johor Bahru Selatan.
“They robbed budget hotels and 24-hour business premises and are believed to have been active for three months,” he said.
Wan Ahmad Najmuddin also said all of the suspects had about 25 records of various criminal offences while two were on the police wanted list related to drugs.
“All of them also tested positive for methamphetamine and I believe they committed crimes while under the influence of drugs,” he said.
Also seized were a semi-automatic CZ-type pistol and one magazine with 9 mm bullets. -FMT

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