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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Families lodge unprecedented 9 missing persons report

Lawyers for Liberty assist families over missing family members who were allegedly arrested by the police in Klang.
KLANG: Nine families lodged missing persons and unlawful arrest police reports yesterday seeking answers on the fate of their family members, who were said to have been arrested recently.
Latheefa Koya, who represented Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) in assisting the families, told reporters that the unprecedented nine missing persons report had been lodged over 10 missing men, as one report listed two brothers.
“The families contacted us claiming their family members were arrested by the police.
“We are here to assist them in finding out what had happened to the 10 men who were arrested,” Latheefa told the media outside IPD Klang Selatan here, adding that the police officers at the IPD had no idea where the men were.
“I have never come across a situation where the police are unable to tell the families what had happened to their family member who was arrested.”
Latheefa said that the police keep asking the families to return tomorrow as they were unable to confirm the arrest and that it may be a Bukit Aman operation.
“As the police wouldn’t confirm the arrest, the family members were left with no choice but to lodge a missing persons and unlawful arrest report,” she said.
According to M Neela, who is the mother to the missing siblings S Arikrishnan and S Tamilmani, on July 16, five police officers came to their house at 1am and arrested Tamilmani without giving them a reason for the arrest.
“On the same day at 4pm, another five police officers came to the house asking my son to follow them and that it was regarding his motorcycle that was reported missing.
“But he was not brought back as well,” she said.
Latheefa said that it is the families basic right to know why their family members were arrested and where they were being held.
“If they don’t know that, it is as good as being kidnapped and detained in secret.
“There is no law here that allows secret arrest,” she said.
Latheefa said that they are still intent on finding out what happened to these missing people and that required legal action will be taken. -FMT

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