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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saudis Selling Pilgrimage Quota For Yemeni Blood

Here is some useless news. 
The first batch of  comments are from a Kelantanese friend. 
My own comments follow that.

permanent structure for King Salman Centre for International Peace (KSCIP) 
on 16-hectare land in Putrajaya, says Najib 

matter decided after discussion with assistants to Saudi King, Crown Prince 
(assistants) visited his official residence in Putrajaya, last night.
Crown Prince will come to M'sia to launch centre together with me.
Custodian of Two Holy Mosques chose this country

KSCIP operates from KL 

gomen been given 2 years to build the centre
brainchild of King Salman 
to deflect extremism, terrorist activities, promote universal peace.

we earned praise and recognition from Saudi Arabia.
our leaders in the past never received such acclaim from Saudi Arabia

Additional Haj quota
Najib confirmed additional Haj quota by Saudi to Malaysia 

govt spent RM3b on 5 Aidilfitri aid packages throughout Ramadan

benefiting 9.6 million people.

assistance in form of rice to civil servants,  pensioners

dividends to smallholders
2nd stage of (BR1M) to 7 million 

now we even provide assistance for kitchen of households

Najib referred economic growth rate of 5.6% in 1st qtr 2017 

exports surging to RM80b worth
unprecedented in country’s history
should feel grateful and support gomen  

First, the following is a comment by my friend from Kelantan about this King Salman Centre:.

Kelantan will soon set up its own Wan Salman Centre, a hundred hectare site in Serambi Makkah capital city of Kota Bharu, commemorating the nearly 30 years of failed Pas policy of "Membangun dengan Islam".  

One thing for sure is that the centre will showcase the decadent aspects of Pas Islam with exhibits to include Malay Islamic antiquities and luxury vehicles haramly procured  by its leaders.

You all can draw a similar scenario for Putrajaya's Nero like vision and history; exhibiting the failures of Muslim civilisation, during post Rasulallah SAW period from images of murdered bodies of the 3 Khalifahs who were equal to Abu Bakar Al Sidek to images of the ruins of the Uthmaniah Caliphate as a result of treachery of Arab Tribal Chiefs who inhabited the Al Jazeera area of the present day Gulf states.

For sure, the Salman Centre will also showcase the failures of the KSA's Sultans & their other Royals'  profligacy and decadent lifestyles,  to the troubled Misr & Libya post Nasser & Gadaffi regimes respectively. 

Also included would be images of bombed out ruins of Iraq, Syria, Yemen  and their neighbouring  areas in the Levant starring Al Qaeda and ISIS or ISIL.

Other important exhibits at this notorious centre of  Salman would include Malaysia's, post Tun Mahathir, so called "undemocratic era" particularly exhibits about 1MDB's stolen loot, Birkin and Hermes Handbags and the wasteful Lear private jets or whatever you may call it and the  sad photos of the failures of Jeddah based OH I SEE the multilaterally lowly ranked body for the Islamic countries. 

Ok now my comments : Custodian means janitor.  The Janitor sent his assistants to meet MOI.  In their eyes that is MOI's level.     

The Custodian chose MOI because he holds MOI by the cojones.   If The Custodian says, "We have no record of anyone donating RM2.6b" then MOI is toast. 

This International Peace Centre is the biggest joke in the world. The Custodian is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. If you dont believe me please ask Datuk Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchay, the Head of Counter Terrorism at Bukit Aman.   

The Salafi / Wahabi ideology has been spread around the world sponsored by The Janitor fellows. 

Right now the Saudis are killing innocent people in Yemen by the thousands. They have much blood on their hands. Saudi Arabia has also imposed a blockade against Qatar - another pro-terrorist country with 250,000 population. 

Yet the Moron is setting up the King Salman Centre for International Peace? ? This is really a joke. 
The Saudis are now short of friends. So they are going around the world selling the pilgrimage quotas in exchange for support.  Moron fits perfectly into this script.
Moron also says that  :   economic growth rate of 5.6% in 1st qtr 2017, exports RM80b,unprecedented in history.
This is strange. Because in the same breath the Moron says that the gomen has to provide :
  • RM3b on 5 Aidilfitri aid package
  • benefiting 9.6 million Malays
  • rice to civil servants, pensioners
  • dividends to smallholders 2nd stage (BR1M) to 7 million 
  • even provide assistance for kitchen of households

The number of poor Malays is increasing. 
  • Aid package for 9.6 million poor Malays. 
  • Including rice for civil servants and pensioners!!  
  • "even provide assistance for household kitchens".

Wow !! Rice to civil servants?? These is the largest 'steady income group" among the Malays. Civil Servants. And they need rice aid. So what about the non Civil Servants? Nak makan apa? 
Obviously then these 9.6 million Malays who received free rice and kitchen aid are not part of that 5.6% economic growth in the 1st quarter.  

Neither are these 9.6 million Malays part of that RM80 billion surge in exports.    

Moron's biggest achievement thus far is that he has put 9.6 million Malays so poor that they need rice aid and assistance for household kitchens. 

This is also unprecedented.  

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