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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The stage is set, will Najib debate Dr M?

YOURSAY | ‘Go debate the old man and win hands down. GE14 will be Najib's on a silver platter.’
Legit: PM Najib Razak, this is the second time former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is calling for a debate and you better take it up.
Come on Najib, you have the support of the entire cabinet, many top civil servants, the attorney-general (AG), inspector-general of police (IGP), the army, all the mainstream media (MSM) and more.
Mahathir has nothing and he is an old man. If you don't take up this challenge, then you will confirm that you really do not have balls and your proclamation as a Bugis warrior will be just an empty howling.
Come on Najib, man up, will you?
Gerard Lourdesamy: If 1MDB is all hunky dory, what has Najib to fear? Debate the old man and win hands down. GE14 will be Najib's on a silver platter.
If security is an issue, we can ask the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to secure the location. Pink diamond traders not allowed to attend.
CQ Muar: Since Malaysian Officer 1 (MO1) failed to turn up to defend himself in the Nothing2Hide forum, apparently out of guilt, can anyone expect him to accept this challenge a second time?
It will be akin to "asking for the moon".
Clever Voter: Within the patronage system which has benefitted many, it is hard to differentiate the thieves from the rest. Political parties in power help themselves with public resources and the Treasury as if they are theirs.
The attitude of take first then fix the rules to make it legitimate is one of the problems that must be removed. The nation is run by feudal chiefs who see no end to greed as a means to get rich.
In short, we have more than just a party of thieves but a large community in their thousands.
Gerard Lourdesamy: The choice is clear for most voters even if it is not a perfect choice. Short of rigging the election and bribing the voters, Umno-BN is doomed.
All the spin in the world from the Najib ‘dedak’ eaters is not going to save their beloved leader and his spouse.
Anonymous_1421806811: During Dr M's tenure, he took an autocratic approach and he compromised our judiciary, personal freedom and democratic values.
As a once supporter of BN, I expect his successors to right his wrongs. When Najib did not do that but made matters worse by allegedly stealing money for his own purpose and Umno supported him, all hopes are lost.
Dr M, after becoming a keen reader of the Quran, has repented. It is now our responsibility to correct the wrongs of Dr M, Najib and Umno.
Odin Tajué: Quite right you are, Mahathir. But you have missed out two other important descriptions - liars and racial and religious bigots.
Now, who was it who started the racial and religious bigotry with the establishment of the notorious National Civics Bureau (BTN)?
Anonymous_1419577444: Let me try to decipher Dr M's remarks. He's saying that he heard a silly question (on who would be making the final decisions in Pakatan Harapan) that does not seem smart at all, so he gave a bizarre answer to see if the person asking the question understand that he is asking a silly question.
The fact is the answer already lies in his question, that is, the word "coalition". The long polite answer is, "No one single person makes the final decisions in the coalition because it is a coalition, meaning final decisions are made through consultations and consensus among the coalition partners.
“It is unlike BN which claims to be a coalition but in fact a dictatorship with someone in Umno making all the decisions and others just go rah-rah-rah in approval."
Hopefully, Mr 5' 11" understands now.
FlabberPro: Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, is this your best defence to rebut Mahathir?
If this is the best you could come up with, then you may as well relinquish your post with immediate effect because as a communications minister, you are communicating a lack of intellectual ability in your overall thinking.
Mahathir obviously was not referring to one's physical height.
AJ: Salleh, what he meant that you being short really means you are short... in stature, in virtue, in intelligence, short on ideas, short of memory, short on wit, short on trust and short of courage.
So, it's no surprise you find all this bizarre, beyond your grasp and bewildering.
Gerard Lourdesamy: One can be tall in defending corruption, abuse of power, extravagance and kleptocracy but short on integrity and decency.
When the captain of the ship has decided to sink it for his own personal gain, the sailors on the ship have the right to mutiny in order to save the ship from its own deranged captain.
Mahathir is trying to save the country from Najib and Umno. Being morally unfit is a lesser sin compared to looting an entire nation.
Hank Marvin: Umno-BN as the sitting government should be brave enough to organise a public debate with Harapan. This is to save time; rather than responding on piecemeal basis to Harapan.

And the people in general would be able to decide which of the two coalition of parties is more credible and capable to run the country.- Mkini

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