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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What has Harapan done for Johor, Umno reps ask Rafizi

Pakatan Harapan must prove its contributions before releasing a list of 50 winnable parliamentary constituencies, said Johor Umno reps.
Sekijang MP Anuar Manap said PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli's recent statement claiming that the 50 seats including in Johor are within grasp is to raise hopes.
"He is just trying to bagi harapan (raise hopes), after all the coalition's name is Pakatan Harapan. We at BN, we actually take action, not just give hope. We don't just give hope, but we prove it," he said when contacted.
Rafizi yesterday said among the 50 seats Pakatan Harapan will win in the next polls includes Johor Bahru, Pasir Gudang, Tebrau, Sembrong, Tanjung Piai and Sekijang.
Other seats in Johor in Rafizi's list is Labis, Segamat, Pulai and Sri Gading.
Anuar said Rafizi may believe that Sekijang could be wrested because it comprises of Felda areas.
"He claims that Felda settlers are turning away from BN, and that support in my area for BN is down because there are issues with roads, water and floods.
"We have solved this by building a new water tank costing RM2 million in the Felda area, built flood barriers and revived the industrial area.
"We have overcome many Felda issues and we are confident we have resolved the problems," he said.
Anuar had won Sekijang with 19,934 votes against PKR's Julailey Jemadi who only garnered 3,007 votes.
Propaganda exercise
Meanwhile, Segamat Umno chief Zahari Sarip said Rafizi was just dishing out propaganda to boost support on the ground.
However, he said, it only serves to motivate Umno grassroots members to work harder in the lead up to the 14th polls.

"It is just opposition propaganda to convince its supporters that Segamat is a winnable area but it will not work.
"We'll just take it as a reminder to work harder," he said.
He added the opposition did the same thing in the last general election but still did not win.
BN's candidate, MIC president Dr S Subramaniam won with 20,037 votes in the 13th general election - a slight majority of only 1,217 votes against his contender from PKR, Chua Jui Ming. - Mkini

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