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Friday, February 24, 2017


KUALA LUMPUR – North Korea lashed out at Malaysia over the death of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Thursday, in a searing diatribe that accused its ally of collaborating with South Korea to harm the regime.
The remarks were the first by North Korea’s outspoken state-controlled news agency, KCNA, since the death of Kim Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur on February 13.It report railed at Malaysia’s government for performing an autopsy on the body of a North Korean citizen carrying a diplomatic passport.
“This proves that the Malaysian side is going to politicize the transfer of the body in utter disregard of international law and morality, and thus attain a sinister purpose,” KCNA said

Although Malaysian and South Korean officials have confirmed the dead man’s identity, at no point did KCNA refer to him by name as Kim Jong Nam, the 46-year old half-brother of Kim Jong Un.
It claimed Malaysian authorities had at first told North Korea’s embassy that the man had died of an apparent heart attack.
“The biggest responsibility for his death rests with the government of Malaysia, as the citizen of the DPRK died in its land,” it added, using an acronym for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official name.
Image: Kim Jong Nam
Kim Jong Nam. AP
Earlier in the week, North Korea’s ambassador to Malaysia, Kang Chol, took the unusual step of speaking directly to the media to demand a joint investigation in the case, claiming the allegations of espionage and poisoning were a conspiracy hatched by South Korea.
Malaysia is among North Korea’s few friends, but the case has triggered a diplomatic meltdown which gained momentum Wednesday when police demanded to question a senior official at the embassy about his possible involvement.
Police claim the diplomat, Hyon Kwang Song, who holds the position of second secretary, was spotted in airport security video the day Kim was killed. Another North Korean, who works for the state-owned Air Koryo airline, is also wanted for questioning.
Image: Suspects in assassination case of Kim Jong Nam
North Korean Airlines employee (from left-to-right) Kim Uk Il, Ri Ji U and North Korean Embassy staff Hyon Kwong Song have all been identified for questioning in connection with the murder of Kim Jong Nam. Royal Malaysian Police via EPA
There are unconfirmed reports in the local and foreign media that both men are now hiding inside the North Korean embassy in Malaysia.
In total, eight North Koreans are being sought in connection with the case. At least four of them are believed to be back in Pyongyang, prompting authorities in Malaysia to file an alert with Interpol in an attempt to track them down.
A former North Korean diplomat, who defected to South Korea last year, believes the web of nationals involved can only mean that it all leads to the top in Pyongyang.
“Even if North Korea denies the assassination, one hundred percent it was ordered by Kim Jong Un,” said Thae Yong Ho, in an interview with South Korean news channel YTN that was shared with NBC News.
“If it is confirmed that Kim Jong Nam has been murdered by North Koreans, this would be purely the result of Kim Jong Un’s paranoia,” he said. “Efforts to make Kim Jong Nam [a] nobody already began in the early 1990s.”
Thae was once North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom, but was denounced by the regime as a criminal and “human scum” when he defected to Seoul.
Image: Malaysian police outside the North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian police outside the North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters
As diplomatic tension ramps up, so does security at the morgue where Kim Jong Nam’s body remained Thursday. Plain-clothes policemen with automatic weapons slung around their shoulders paced the parking lot, keeping watch since an attempted break-in earlier in the week.
“We will not allow anyone to tamper with the mortuary,” said Khaled Abu Bakr, inspector general of the Royal Malaysian Police. He said investigators knew who was behind the attempted break-in but did not say who.
For 11 days, forensics experts and police have waited for a relative to come forward with a DNA sample to confirm it really is the body of Kim Jong Nam. They have repeatedly refused to release the body to North Korean officials despite their demands to return it to Pyongyang.
Malaysian authorities have formally asked North Korea’s embassy to help get DNA from any one related to Kim Jong Nam, including his dictator half-brother, Kim Jong Un.
– http://www.nbcnews.com


Current leaders of UMNO are interminably schmoozing about the past history of successes of the party and they expediently claim as theirs. The successes of the current leaders especially those in the ruling party elites and the government are only to contribute pains and miseries for the people. They are all out to destroy past efficacious records of our fore fathers who built up this nation through sweat and tears.
Since the eighties all the solid democratic institutions were invaded by unsecured and spiritually weak leaders who only think about the security of the positions and power they joyously in love with. Usually these inferiority complex leaders will never want to see good and budding leaders to be around in the hierarchy of power and instead choose to bring together contemptible sycophants to amuse and to keep his or her position without disturbances and feelings of insecurity.
The unsecured leaders will never want to co-exist and accept the concept of separations of power as the inferior feelings in him will see the separation of power may bring him down when he commits offenses and encroachments on the system of government. He would take pre-emptive actions by dismantling the system and takes all powers centrally into his own bare hands.
He can now have all the power with him without fear of being disturbed by the check-and balance system that is practiced in all advanced and matured democratic nations. We were deeply thrown into this environment when the Judiciary was raped by the executive in 1988 and the Judiciary has been on trial ever since and has never recovered till today. The dismantling of separations of power was the root cause for the current environment and to retrieve and to go back to the true democratic system will be a massive enterprise for us Malaysians.
Dr Mahathir maybe recognized leader who could manage his own system of democracy without the sound democratic institution. He himself was a system. BUT that system can’t guarantee works well by others who lead the party and the government after him. That was the reason why a nation must have a standard manner of managing a country and that is practiced in all advanced and matured countries. AND part of the system is to respect the separation of power.
Now Najib is taking the dismantling of the separation of power expediently for his advantage as Mahathir had inherited the system where the PM controls everything. The PM has the power and influence to put anyone in prison as he wishes and he can free anyone out of prison. The power that is vested on Malaysian PM is much more than the power of US President. That is the reason why Najib Rule-by-Law instead of following Rules of Law. Najib displaced the investigation team on 1MDB by sacking the AG to cover-up the heinous 1MDB scandal. In actuality Najib like Mahathir used to be, has the power of an emperor.
Mahathir didn’t abuse the power he had absolutely; Najib is taking every law in his own hands. Najib is the judge, as well as the AG. The new minted AG whether we like it or not is perceived to be a rubber stamp of the ‘cash’ crazy Najib. Let us not talk about the rest as every thinking Malaysian can add two and two together regarding Najib’s tales of power abuses and his corruptions related issues.
Umno and Najib are having day dreams as they are in denial that Umno will be dumped. The issue is Umno is keeping irresponsible leaders to lead them and therefore Umno has to be done with in order to stop the menace done by the party towards the country. Compounded to their political madness the country is now facing inconceivable economic and social complications beyond restoration for as long as the current line of leaders are still dawdling shamelessly in Putrajaya.
We are facing serious economic problem as our domestic demands are too small to weather the now stunted growth as well as unsustainable household debts across the board. The plunging of exports with the fall of tourist arrivals together with the plunging of government revenue and ringgit depreciation against the green belts are very severe. Without a respectable alternative leadership to the eyes of the economic community internationally the country will be on the perpetual pain and aches.
Umno has only one choice in order to remain relevant; that is to have the entire leadership line to go off. The ever hungry leaders must have some common sense to admit that Umno is already at the edge of high and slippery cliff. Once it falls it will fall heinously and the party will be history. If Najib wants to be remembered as a responsible leader to his party, quitting from every position is the only sensible thing to do. OR else he will be remembered as the person who was responsible for the dreadful demise of his party and that will be boldly transcribed in many history books read by our coming generation.
As I have said in my last posting Najib must find some kind of face-saving device and leave after which to live in repentance ever after. Let’s find the most decent leader to start the nation anew as this blog has regularly said since years ago. Najib should come to term those human beings, more so for those believing in spiritual life elements would want to live in solace at the end of one’s life. Leave the nation to someone who can bring everything on the drawing board and restart the nation anew for fresh ambience and environments.
If Najib owns up all the misdeeds that he has committed to the country he has the right to have that soothing life in the end. If he is unable to show could cause for the country he still have the chance to be remembered as great leader by sacrificing all positions that he is currently in love with. He must think deeply for the sake of the country and more noble for his mother and family and his own self. He must be strong in his inside self to take up the challenge that he fails to do till to-date.
It’s tough enterprise for Najib to own up his failures but if he succeeds in taking up that challenge and find the face saving device and retires he will be greatly remembered by all Malaysians and our generations.
Just be like Doc Mahathir, he admits and owns up his failures and now he is all out to do all the repair jobs on all his mistakes to the country, the government and its politics. He will be great again if he succeeds, which I think he will.
– http://aspanaliasnet.blogspot.my


The North Korean embassy has claimed it is yet to receive a request for the Malaysian police to interview a senior embassy official and a staff of Air Koryo in relation to the murder of Kim Jong-nam.
In an impromptu press conference at the embassy in Bukit Damansara today, consular Kim Yu Song responded to inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement.
“The inspector-general of Malaysia told the media that the police have submitted documents to get the cooperation of the embassy to interview our second secretary (and another North Korean citizen).
“However as of today, we have not received any relevant documents from the police or the Foreign Ministry of Malaysia,” he added.
Kim also criticised South Korean media reports which claimed that the embassy had received the request.
“This is a lie, we strongly protest against this and we ask for amendment,” he said.
Yesterday, Khalid said Malaysian police have submitted an official letter of request to interview the diplomat, along with another North Korean citizen.
“If you have nothing to hide you don’t have to be afraid,” he further said when pressed on the possibility that North Korea would not cooperate with the investigation.
Previously, the police chief declined to confirm if the diplomat was a suspect.
Jong-nam, who is the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) while waiting to board a flight to Macau on Feb 13.
The 45-year-old father of three died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Earlier today, police revealed that Jong-nam’s assailants had smeared the deceased’s face with VX nerve agent.
– M’kini

Rights body to help Sabah Christians with ‘Islam’ MyKads

Borneo's Plight in Malaysia Foundation in unhappy there are many cases of Christians whose religion is mentioned as Islam in identity cards and birth certificates.
KOTA KINABALU: A human rights advocate said today that many Christians in Sabah were holding MyKads which listed them as Muslim.
Daniel John Jambun, who heads the UK-based Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (Bopim), said his organisation planned to help these people.
Jambun cited the latest example of Julitah Bahiau who is trying to get the National Registration Department (JPN) to change her son’s religion from Islam to Christian on the birth certificate.
She told local media that she had applied for her son Aryton Verlando’s birth certificate on time in 2010 but when she received the birth certificate it identified him as a Muslim.
When she queried, she was told it was because she had the word “Islam” on her MyKad.
“I explained that I am not a Muslim and produced my baptism certificate. JPN then directed me to get an order of release from Islam from the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department to enable them to delete the word Islam on my MyKad and subsequently do the correction on my son’s birth certificate,” she was quoted as saying by The Borneo Post.
“Now that my son is seven years old, I am unable to register my son at any school as he has no birth certificate. I have been pushed around by JPN and am fed up!” said Julitah.
Jambun said in an interview today that the boy needed a birth certificate to be in school.
Jambun said non-Muslims with the word “Islam” in their MyKads should not be told by the JPN to go through the Shariah Court to get the matter rectified.
“Julitah’s is not a case of a Muslim wishing to renounce Islam,” he said. “It’s a matter of a non-Muslim having the word ‘Islam’ in her MyKad.”
He said Orang Asal Christians in Sabah were routinely given “Islam” MyKads when their religious particulars were “not available”.
Besides religion, he said, many people in Sabah and Sarawak were also given the wrong “ethnic” classification.
He said the Dayak in Sabah and Dayak in Sarawak should have the “right ethnic classification” in their MyKads. “This means not listing them as lain lain (others),” said Jambun. “Why should we be listed as lain lain in our own homelands?”
“Sabah and Sarawak belong to us,” he added. FMT



VATICAN CITY, Feb 24 — Pope Francis criticising some members of his own Church yesterday, suggesting that it's better to be an atheist than one of “many” Catholics who he says lead a double life.
The comments delivered in a sermon broadcast on Vatican Radio, in which the pope said that hypocritical Catholics should admit “'my life is not Christian, I don't pay my employees proper salaries, I exploit people, I do dirty business, I launder money, (I lead) a double life.'”
Pope Francis reacts as he leads the weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican February 22, 2017. — Reuters picPope Francis reacts as he leads the weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican February 22, 2017. — Reuters pic“There are many Catholics who are like this and they cause scandal. How many times have we all heard people say 'if that person is a Catholic, it is better to be an atheist.'”
Since his election in 2013, the pope has often told Catholics, both priests and lay people, to practise what their religion preaches.
It's also not the first time he's expressed compassion for atheists. Less than two months after his election, Pope Francis said all human beings, even atheists, can be redeemed, and that Christians should see atheists as good people if they do good. — Reuters
- See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/features/article/pope-tells-catholics-better-to-be-atheists-than-hypocrites-video#sthash.pkPbwUVP.dpuf

1993 Forex loss, 1997 Ringgit crisis; Any connection?


ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL - Prime Minister's Office announced a Special Taskforce, as approved by Cabinet as opposed to some former Attorney General chimply formed one, to investigate the foreign exchange losses by Bank Negara Malaysia as announced in 1993.

The taskforce should comprise representatives of various government agencies as well as highly respected individuals who were experts in certain fields. The Chairman is former Chief Secretary, Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hasan.

This Tun Dr Mahathir era PTD man better not do a Sir Humphrey Appleby to cover-up his fellow civil servant. He was given the term of reference "to make recommendations and suggestions as soon as possible for the consideration of the Cabinet for follow-up action to be taken, including the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry, if necessary, based on the outcome of the probe."

Since Mahathir is willing to be investigated, Lim Kit Siang is willing to cooperate and join Tan Sri Annuar Musa in an UMNO roadshow to explain the role of the taskforce, and Tan Sri Zeti too is willing to cooperate (Raja Petra raised of her involvement as Manager of BNM London), it should proceed.

To do a taskforce first, it is better than doing an RCI immediately. It is not just a matter of finding whose at fault but also, it is a precautionary move. Who knows Dato Abdul Murad could be setting up a trap or talking to cover himself? 

The Mole commentary here cautiously warned Murad maybe under investigation for money laundering or other offenses in BNM relating to his role allegedly managing one of many Dato Seri Anwar Ibbrahim's political war chest. 

Furthermore, there must be precaution from revealing information that could jeopardise the country's interest as the sequel commentary yesterday here.

The commentators noticed a "yuge" jump in "gold and foreign reserves from RM46.074 billion for 1992 to RM75.309 billion for 1993. It could mean there was an outstanding exposure of at least RM29.235 billion worth of foreign currency."

Did BNM overstated the reserves?

He believed that "Hedge fund traders might have sensed the reported foreign reserve was overstated." It made the country vulnerable to a currency attack in 1997, a mere 4 years after BNM admitted to the losses. If it is true, then it is unfair to blame George Soros. It is BNM's own fault!

In his analysis, the losses at today's exchange rate could be up to RM70 billion.

But the consequential devastation to the country should include "the economic loss from the sale of government assets, the economic crisis as a result of the forex loss, and fallen entrepreneurs, businessmen and industry captains of the era."

The estimated RM70 billion figure was more than amount revealed by Murad and UMNO Youth Deputy Chief of RM30 billion (at the exchange rate then).

Part of it was probably hidden through deferred expenditure in which the losses could have been amortised over 10 years till 2003. More than 13 years has passed, thus it is save to reveal. Most likely the "statutory of limitation" on OSA has lapsed for Murad to talk.

The figures revealed  by the BNM annual accounts are on net basis. The true figure has to be investigated by the taskforce.

Only publicly known was BNM sold MAS and MISC shares.

In a corporate exercise, it would usually involved revaluation of asset. Government asset are not subject to annual snooping around of valuers at places they should never ever be there. Was it done?

The MAS shares was sold to Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli for RM1.8 billion at RM8 per share at a time the shares were trading at around RM3.50.

In his view, it is extraordinary to sell such high premium without control. Likely part of the bargain is for a buyback. In his memoir, Mahathir claimed of no such arrangement. It makes no sense. He lied as usual!   

While Tajuddin purchase of MAS was fairly transparent, the writer claimed the MISC share sales were not transparent. It was sold to KWAP, resold to Mirzan and likely a buyback also by Mahathir's favourite bailout bank, Petronas.

He commented: "It is somewhat embarrassing but the private sector was brought in to bailout a government institution. The extent of bailout in that era was more than what is already known."

Since there was cover-up of the true losses and the modus operandi to salvage the negative capital BNM, and the perpetrator was shielded and honoured with a Tan Sri-ship, there could be more.

Zeti was quoted by FMT here for saying, "The central bank has in place the most rigorous risk management and governance structure to ensure something like that never happens again.

"After that event, tremendous discipline followed."

Since it is a distant past and likely safe to reveal what already was "completely investigated" and subsequent finding by Sidek Hassan team.

The writer ended his second commentary appropriately:
The devastation was more than any politics of the day. It is too late for retribution. Time has passed. However, the perpetrators should be made known.

They should not be given the opportunity to repeat their reckless act. The wrong person should not continually be blamed. The country should not be burdened by the ghost of the past. It is time for correction.

The past should not continue to drag the country from moving forward. 
There are many of those whose wealth and life were miserably affected and could never recover from the reckless indulgence of the Mamak Tan Sri and the Mamak he may have directly answered to. 

It is no joking matter and some former editor should not try to deny what was an open secret to the global foreign exchange market of the time. 

Ramasamy: UM's panel on alleged racism an 'exercise in futility'

The five-member panel formed by Universiti Malaya (UM) to probe alleged racism against one of its lecturers might prove to be an "exercise in futility”, says Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy.
The senior DAP leader said similar reports earlier of racism against lecturers and staff of public institutions have gone unpunished.
“Given this, the people might not have the confidence on the panel in investigating and punishing the lecturer, if found to be guilty,” Ramasamy said in a statement.
He said this in reference to the latest move by Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan, who said he had referred the allegations to UM vice-chancellor Prof Dr Amin Jalaludin.
According to the deputy minister, Amir had promised to investigate the matter by appointing a special committee to do so.
But Ramasamy took Kamalanathan (photo) to task for his reportedly “very poor and miserable record” in taking up issues affecting Indian students.
These were particularly issues relating to racism and ethnic discrimination in schools and public universities, the Perai assemblyperson claimed.
Ramasamy said the matter would not have come to public attention if not for the viral Facebook posting titled "Voice of an Indian student" by one of the affected students.
The lecturer was alleged to have barred the writer and a friend from sitting next to each other, claiming that Indians were prone to "copy and plagiarise assignments".
She was then alleged to have ordered the two students to sit apart from each other, before vowing not to let them get into the same group, even for assignments, as she "knew how Indians are".
“As we were about to sit, she (the lecturer) abruptly said, 'India, saya tak suka India duduk bersama-sama. Jangan bawa budaya Unitar kesini. India duduk sama-sama lepas itu akan tiru assignment dan plagiarise. Saya kenal India'.
“She then continued saying to me, 'You, baju merah, duduk depan sekarang'. Subsequently said to my friend 'you duduk sana'. (The professor) further said, 'Saya akan pastikan awak dan kawan awak tak akan dapat kumpulan sama untuk buat assignment. Saya tahu India macam mana',” read the post.
The writer claimed that the lecturer then went on to insult other Indian students in the class.
Many instances of racism
“This is not the first time such an incident has taken place. There have been many instances of racism in the past. My question is, what is Kamalanathan going to do about this matter, rather than having a 'sweet' chat with the vice-chancellor?” Ramasamy asked.
He claimed that the number of cases of “belittling and denigrating” of Indians in schools and in institutions of higher learning have gone up at an alarming rate.
However, Kamalanathan, an MIC central working committee member, was acting like a civil servant, Ramasamy claimed.
“He should behave like a people’s representative and take up issues without fear and favour. If he can forgive an Umno member for slapping him, what can Indians expect from him?

“The Indian community can’t be deluded into thinking that the alleged lecturer will be punished. This will never happen.
“What the lecturer said is just a tip of a iceberg. Over the years, public universities have become hotbeds of racism and religious intolerance.
“Racism and intolerance are part of the system. If Umno can bully and belittle the MIC leaders, then I think it's possible for others to do the same,” Ramasamy added.- Mkini

Anifah criticises 'delusional' N Korean envoy for spewing lies

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman launched a broadside against North Korean ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol, accusing the latter of spewing lies.
Speaking at a press conference in Putrajaya, Anifah said the “entire world” knew that the investigation into the murder of Kim Jong-nam has been “objective, impartial and transparent”.
However, he said, Kang remained “delusional”.
“The ambassador has been informed about the process involved, but he continues to be delusional and spews lies and accusations against our government,” he added.
Anifah, who earlier stated that police would hold a press conference tomorrow on updates on the investigation into the murder, said the men in blue should be allowed to focus on finding the cause of death and those responsible for the murder.
“At this juncture, we don't see the need to dignify the statements and accusations against the government of Malaysia,” said Anifah.
North Korea's ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol last week accused Malaysia of "colluding with outside forces" - a veiled reference to Pyongyang's bitter rival South Korea.
Wisma Putra had dismissed the allegation as “baseless” before summoning Kang.
Kang, later that day, said that Pyongyang had doubts over Malaysia’s investigations into the murder, prompting Anifah to slam the former for making accusations based on “lies and half-truths”.
Meanwhile, pointing out how the country’s foreign policy had always been based on maintaining friendly relations with countries, Anifah stressed that such a policy should likewise be reciprocated.
“As a responsible country, we always carried our international obligations based on international law and established diplomatic practices.
“The ambassador must understand and realise the intent and the feelings of not only the government but also the people of Malaysia,” he said.

The North Korean envoy, Anifah added, should realise that he must enjoy the confidence of the Malaysian government.
“I hope you understand what I mean by 'you must enjoy the confidence of the government',” said Anifah, in reference to Kang.
Updates on the murder of Jong-nam continue to grab headlines around the world.
The estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was killed at KL International Airport 2 on Feb 13 with what police have confirmed to be a chemical weapon substance – VX nerve agent.- Mkini

Coming soon: Settle PTPTN loans at airports before flying abroad

The National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loan defaulters who are on the immigration blacklist would soon be able to settle their loans at airports before they are allowed to travel abroad.
This is among the facilities to be introduced by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) at KLIA2 to improve the queue management system. 
Blacklisted travellers were one of the reasons for the long queues at immigration checkpoints.
Counters will be set up earliest by April, together with kiosks that would enable the travellers to check their travel status.
"A lot of Malaysians travelling abroad were restricted from leaving the country because of student loans or for being declared as bankrupt," said MAHB managing director Badlisham Ghazali, who held a joint press conference with Immigration director-general Mustafar Ali.
"We will set up counters at KLIA2 for people to settle their PTPTN loans, so that they can travel (abroad).
"They would have bought the flight tickets but were stuck here while their families went through (immigration checkpoints)."
The service will also allow travellers to resolve their outstanding issues such as insolvency and taxes, he added.
The improvement was initiated by Immigration and MAHB, with the help of PTPTN, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Inland Revenue Board (IRB).
"The kiosks and an office will be ready in a couple of months, perhaps in April," said Mustafar.
Earlier, Mustafar and Badlisham met the representatives from various government agencies, including IRB and PTPTN.

Meanwhile, both local and international media flocked to the airport today waiting for Mustafar and Badlisham to respond to the leaked closed-circuit television (CCTV) involving the death of Kim Jong-nam.
Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar had revealed today that preliminary analysis showed extremely toxic chemical, VX nerve agent, was used on Jong-nam.
Badlisham said the airports have been quite successful in detecting prohibited items, such as aerosol, gel and liquid, as well as restricted medications and drugs.- Mkini

Azmin: Najib's scramble over 'minister quit' claim shows panic

Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali has defended his claim that a senior minister in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's cabinet will resign, saying this only shows that Najib's cabinet is not strong.
Referring to the way Najib and his deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been clamouring to deny or curb the alleged resignation, he said this shows the cabinet is in panic.
"I feel I have achieved my objective to show that the cabinet is not strong.
"In fact, there is still distrust among the ministers (over what is happening in the country).
“There are still those within the cabinet who are not satisfied over the financial and economic situation in the country," Azmin, who is PKR deputy president, told Malaysiakini when met today.
Maintaining that he got the information from a source, Azmin said he only posed the question on Twitter that a senior cabinet minister wants to resign.
But he said he was surprised with the response from Najib and his deputy and others who came out to deny the claim.
Azmin also reiterated he would not reveal who the minister claimed to be resigning is.
This, he said, is because those in Putrajaya would exercise their whims to pressure the minister in question, and that would not be fair.
A fortnight ago Azmin on Twitter asked if it was true that a cabinet minister had resigned.

“Talk is that the minister did not want to be complicit in 1MDB. Follow the developments,” he tweeted, without elaborating.
In an immediate response, Najib challenged Azmin to reveal the said individual to prove he wasn't lying, claiming no such person had indicated about resignation to him.
The next day Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi jumped in the fray claiming the senior minister Azmin Ali was referring to is Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, but said the rumours were untrue.
[More to follow]

Bvlgari watches, Dr M and the late sultan of Johor Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/373628#ixzz4ZahF7Nba

Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar had unleashed a vitriolic salvo on a politician, whom he believed could be a little senile due to his advanced age.
Observers claimed that the target was former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Some 24 hours later, a Facebook page for the supporters of Mahathir's son Mukhriz recounted the relationship between the Johor sultan's late father, Sultan Iskandar Sultan Ismail, and Mahathir.
The posting was based on a purported conversation between Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) member Adam Mukhriz Mohd Muhayeddin and Mahathir's wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali, which kicked off on the watch she was wearing.
“The watch is called Bvlgari (No idea how to pronounce this),” wrote Adam Mukhriz.
“Siti Hasmah related how the late sultan was fond of Mahathir although he criticised and reprimanded the late sultan.
“The late sultan gifted a set of watches, one for Mahathir and one for her,” he added.
According to Adam Mukhriz, Siti Hasmah said it was the current sultan, who upon the request of his late father, who went to Singapore on his “big motorcycle” to purchase the watches.
The posting also stated that when the late sultan was ill and warded at the Gleneagles Hospital, Mahathir and Siti Hasmah visited him.
As the couple was leaving, the posting claimed Mahathir was shocked to find Sultan Iskandar behind him, wanting to send them off to the elevator.

“How much fondness and respect the late sultan had for Mahathir.
“It was because of this, Mahathir was conferred the 'DK 1' award by the late sultan, which is the highest award from Johor,” read the posting, accompanied with the hashtags #KongsiCeritaBenar (sharing a true story), #SejarahTidakMenipu (history never lies), #RakyatTidakLupa (the people won't forget) dan #TidakNyanyuk (not senile).
Speaking at an event in Muar yesterday morning, Sultan Ibrahim criticised a politician, whom he claimed often accused the Malays of having short-term memory, but was now displaying similar traits.
Among others, the Johor ruler said this politician had once described the opposition as his arch rival but now sat at the same table with them.
Mukhriz Mahathir FC
5 hours ago
Tengok Jam Tun Dr Siti Hasmah pakai tu...Masa ni Tun Siti Hasmah bersembang dengan saya berdua lebih 2 jam. Beliau suka bercerita pengalamannya...
Jam itu berjenama Bvlgari. (Ntah cmne nak sebutnya tak reti)
Tun Dr Siti Hasmah menceritakan bagaimana Almarhum Sultan Johor (ayahanda kepada Sultan Johor sekarang) sangat sayang kepada Tun Dr Mahathir walaupun Tun M kuat mengkritiknya dan menegur Almarhum.
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- Mkini