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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pick the right time and place to protest, Dr M tells students

Students have the right to demonstrate, but a convocation ceremony is neither the time nor place to carry out such an action.
"We have certain procedures and rules and regulations. And we need to follow the rules otherwise there will be chaos," Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad told the media at the International Day for the Eradication Poverty Forum.
He said this today when asked to comment on the actions of Universiti Malaya student Wong Yan Ke, who displayed a placard during his convocation ceremony demanding UM vice-chancellor (VC) Abdul Rahim Hashim to resign.
"What would happen if the whole of that convocation is (full of) these people and their protests? They can demonstrate but there are other places to do that - don’t disturb a proper ceremony by trying to show that you have certain views."

"You can show those views elsewhere," said Dr M who himself attended the Bersih 5 protest on Nov 19, 2016.
He also affirmed that the government had no intention of interfering in the matter.
"I think we don’t interfere too much with the university. They are free to make their own decisions," he said in reference to UM lodging a police report against Wong for his actions.
Wong, upon receiving his scroll, proceeded to yell “Tolak rasis. Undur VC. Ini Tanah Malaysia (Reject racist. VC withdraw. This is Tanah Malaysia)” while holding up a placard which listed several reasons why Rahim should resign.
Wong was believed to be referring to the speech made by the VC during the Malay Dignity Congress on Oct 6.
In his speech, Rahim allegedly claimed the change in government after GE14 had eliminated Malay political dominance and asserted that Malay privileges were being questioned.
Rahim (photo) is also alleged to have warned others not to challenge the social contract.
Twitter user Qayzr was quick to add his voice to support Wong's right to protest.
"If there are any legal actions taken against the graduate who protested on stage, I will burn my UM degree. If that university can't take a little dissent, then I don't want to be a part of it; not it's legacy, not its heritage, not its name," he tweeted.
In a further postscript, Wong claimed on Facebook live that his academic transcript was now being withheld on flimsy grounds.
"Today I returned my convo robe and tag, I should be able to get my academic transcript after that but the staff gave me a very ridiculous reason, saying my academic transcript currently is very kotor (tainted)," he said. 
According to Wong, staff cited a "printing problem" and are holding on to his transcript and will inform him once it's ready.
He said he asked the staff whether the transcript is being held or revoked but they were unable to answer.
"If my transcript was not ready, you are supposed to tell the students, not waste their time," said Wong, who had initially been told that his transcript would be ready when he returned the robe. - Mkini

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