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Monday, November 18, 2019

Don't panic over Pakatan's defeat in Tg Piai by-election, says Salahuddin Ayub

SHAH ALAM: Parti Amanah Negara deputy president Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub has called for his party members not to panic over Pakatan Harapan's crushing defeat in the recent Tanjung Piai by-election.
"Be calm and don't push the panic button.
"We have to think and look at the big picture first," said Salahuddin.
Salahuddin told reporters after opening the party's Selangor chapter's annual convention here on Monday (Nov 18), that Amanah was looking at the defeat objectively.
He said it was quite common for the ruling government to lose in by-elections, because it was a venue for voters to send out signals.
"But when it comes to voting to form the government, the people will think differently," he added.
He said the defeat was a very strong signal, especially from the Chinese community, and it was a lesson learnt by Pakatan.
Given this, said Salahuddin, the Pakatan presidential council will be meeting this Saturday (Nov 23) to discuss what had gone wrong, and how the matter can be rectified.
He added he had some information to give the council based on his observations in Tanjung Piai.
"I was in Tanjung Piai for seven days working around the clock and I have something to tell the presidential council," he added.
Salahuddin said whatever initiative taken must not be piecemeal solutions or random statements.
"We cannot have solutions such as saying someone has to go or resign.
"Is that the solution?" asked Salahuddin.
He said the best option for Pakatan leaders now would be to go back to the drawing board and examine the issues thoroughly.
To a question if this meant the call by some quarters for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to resign was not justified, Salahuddin that issue will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.
"If that is a factor, we will discuss it at the presidential council," he added.- Star

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  1. "We have to think and look at the big picture first," said Salahuddin

    The big picture is....Pemusnah Harapan (PH) will be wiped out after GE 15. It will disintegrate just like BN.