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Monday, November 11, 2019

Some Follow Through On Narendra Modi's "Plan B".

Just recently I asked what is Narendra Modi's desired end game for India? Well great observers see the same things.  Here is a Reuters report (carried in The Star) which says somethings about Narendra Modi  - not too far off from what I pointed out here recently.

(Reuters) - Six months after re-elected Modi on course to deliver two big promises 
Stripping Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir of autonomy 
moving towards building a temple on a disputed site

moves have electrified his supporters 
also sown unease among India's 200 million Muslims and liberals

factbox on what BJP wants to achieve and progress it has made
SOCIAL ISSUES  -   BJP's core tenets - Hindu temple be built on disputed site 
Supreme Court on Sat awarded Hindu groups control of site
paving the way for the construction of a temple

in August stripped Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir of special status
another long-held BJP aim to dilute region's autonomy

BJP next create a uniform civil code 
to trump independence of religious communities 

BJP's states gender equality cannot be attained until India adopts uniform civil code
Muslims are upset that Sharia would be diluted under  uniform civil code

Modi keen on Citizenship Amendment Bill
help Hindus, non-Muslim minority in neighbouring Muslim countries move to India
Critics have called the proposal blatantly anti-Muslim

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT   -   to turn India into US$5 trillion economy by 2025

Modi has pushed 'Make in India' campaign 
plan has broadly failed to take off

foreigners deterred by labour laws, bureaucracy, power, water supply
India's insufficient infrastructure.
economic growth fallen to six-year lows 
businessmen disappointed Modi has not reformed India's land and labour laws.

SECURITY  -    Modi wants to become self-reliant in defence, remains distant goal

GOVERNANCE  -   Modi  committed to simultaneous elections for parliament, state assemblies and local bodies to cut down on expenses and avoid excessive political distractions. There is no clear timeline for this.
FARMER WELFARE -   BJP promised farmers incomes will double by 2022
drop in exports, erratic weather contributing to gloom in countryside

(reporting by Devjyot Ghoshal in New Delhi; Rajendra Jadhav in Mumbai and Promit Mukherjee; Writing by Alexandra Ulmer; Editing by Mike Collett-White).

My comments : Democracies need votes. Votes come from voters. And in the Third World (India, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica) the quality of the voters determines the politics and government policy.

And when the main objective of all government (to improve the economic well  being of the people) fails or does not achieve economic targets then the political leaders will begin to worry.  

If the economy does not move well enough, how will they get the votes? 

Switch to Plan B. 

Plan B  is the tried and tested fallback on useless issues like religion, race, language etc. 

We are seeing this in Malaysia. 
We are seeing this in India. 

The only real worry factor is that some Indians are seriously talking about India retaking the part of Kashmir which was invaded by Pakistan in 1948.  2020 could see war between India and Pakistan. 

Or Pakistan could break up and parts of Pakistan (Sindh) may rejoin India. 

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