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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Yoursay: Harapan can have 10 years, but show us some results first

YOURSAY | ‘There’re many low-hanging fruits that the gov’t could prioritise but we don't see much of them.’
James Wong Joon Min: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, as a fellow Monash alumnus, I used to look up to you and your colleagues such as Damansara MP Tony Pua and Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo as a beacon of hope for this country.

It's indeed disheartening to see how power has transformed all of you to a bunch of pussycats in just one-and-a-half years. I believe the power, privilege and perks that come with the ministerial appointments are just too dear to sacrifice for all of you.
Over the past 18 months, the Pakatan Harapan government, of which your party is a major component with 42 MPs, has broken promise after promise. More importantly, there is not a shred of evidence of any political will by the government for the real reforms that this country desperately needs.
Lim, millions of Malaysians know that our economy needs desperate reform after 61 years of mega corruption, abuse of power and race-based policies.
But for the past 18 months, we have seen zero political will by your government to introduce economic policies based on needs to raise our economy's level of competitiveness.
And on the issue of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, we all know that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is shielding the fugitive.
There has been a frightening pin-drop silence from you and your ministerial colleagues, though there was a theatrical roar by a couple of ministers for a day or two.
Lim, do we need five years to resolve a simple issue such as this?
I believe it's time you and your colleagues in the cabinet and Parliament stopped acting dumb, deaf and blind to issues that you would have roared with great conviction and courage while in opposition.
It's also time to remove Mahathir as the prime minister of this country.
Vijay47: Lim, it is truly pitiful to see you making these frequent pleas for more understanding from the public. Yes, we the people have abundantly the patience you ask of us.
In fact, it is matched by a similar volume of generosity, both of which we now realise was grossly ill-advised. It is not the failure of fulfilment that distresses us, rather it is the depths to which DAP and you, in particular, have fallen.
We wonder where the Lim Guan Eng we once knew has retreated to. Where has that young hero who fought for his principles come hell or high water disappeared to?
In his stead, we see an emasculated politician devoid of pride and direction. All of you have become cats’ paws to the cunning fellow that Mahathir is revealed himself to be. Each time you enter the public scene, we cannot but view you with greater disdain.
I don’t care a hoot that Harapan has not yet effected its pledges on road tolls, the removal of Sosma and similar oppressive laws, the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints of Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) or even at least, the partial eradication of corruption.
What we bear with seething fury is that you, meaning you and DAP, merely stood by and watched as Mahathir slowly introduced the brand of race and religion that he always harboured.
You did nothing as he betrayed all of us who so passionately once supported Harapan. Compared with Mahathir’s finesse, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is a crude novice.
So we come to Tanjung Piai. Not that we especially care for MCA but to our own great shock, we hope that its candidate, Wee Jeck Seng, trounces Harapan as he now seems likely to.
This not only for a slight strengthening of the opposition but to teach Mahathir a lesson he can never recover from.
Mazilamani: When taking over or buying over a business, due diligence is exercised before doing so.
Harapan was optimistic that it could do a far better job. It said it can and was confident of delivering the election promises.
We, the rakyat, rested our confidence in Harapan. Sadly, not a day has gone by without some complaint about the previous government (and its mismanagement).
Whose problem is it? Why don't you accept the fact that you are incapable of managing the affairs of the country? Stop the old story. As good national managers, your focus must be on finding solutions to deliver good results.
Change of government happens around the world but none keep complaining as much as the newbies in Malaysia. It is also sending a negative impression about the financial health of the country, deterring foreign investment.
This open declaration only speaks loudly of your incapability and ineffectiveness as the new government to deliver. Malaysians now have a clear idea of what to do at the next general election.
Anonymous_1536994457: Stupid people will say all they want to destroy Harapan. Stay united and fight them.
PAS/Umno and their cybertroopers will do all they can to break Harapan up. Race is their weapon. Stay strong and support will be there.
The Analyser: @4457, these people are not cybertroopers from Umno. Eighteen months ago, they were rabid DAP supporters deluded into thinking that Harapan had something significant to offer Malaysia.
Now they know better. Their delusions have been shattered by the same men who manipulated them before GE14.
The Third Man: Negative comments beget a shake of the head, so let’s be more realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day and trying to run down Harapan is not going to solve the immense entrenched problems in the country.
With the Harapan coalition working towards being a cohesive integrated unit, we will see progress and success achieved.
We should fully support its agenda for change towards a New Malaysia even though the road travelled has been bumpy and potholed.
Anonymous_1537050742: What are five years? You can have 10 years or more provided there are signs that you are on the right path and there are progress and hope.
Unfortunately, those who voted for Harapan in GE14 do not see any genuine sign of progress that can give rise to hope that the country is heading in the right direction.
This is no thanks to Mahathir. There is no need to plea and sound pathetic. The voters are smarter than what politicians like to make them out to be.
Headhunter: The point most commentators are making is that we are willing to give them a chance, but they have to pull up their socks and get off their backside first.
Harapan is acting like they are a non-starter when the rakyat have already given them the mandate.
To regain the trust of the rakyat, the government has to rewind to where they were before they won the last general election and look at the promises made. We do understand that some promises may be difficult to materialise due to financial and other constraints.
There are many low-hanging fruits that the government could prioritise but we don't see much of them. Implementing grandiose projects don't impress us if you can't even carry out lesser ones.
What disappoints us is that Harapan is metamorphosing into another BN with racism and bigotry rearing their ugly heads. The pandering to Zakir Naik was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Is Harapan really that dumb that they are unable to recognise what is going on and hear what the rakyat want? We voiced our displeasure and disappointment on a daily basis and yet our voice has fallen on deaf ears.
If you want to regain our trust, go back to the drawing board. Revamp the cabinet and replace the PM, if you must.
All we want a better and more equitable and peaceful Malaysia, not one where we can brag we have the tallest this, biggest that or being a holier-than-thou nation with third world mentality. - Mkini

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  1. Strangely, no one mentioned about how the civil servants and the government machinery is a total let down to the new government Policies or promises. It's no brainer as to what caused it due to decades of brainwashed by the previous govt. We know the fact that super majority of the civil servants are malay muslim, yet they cannot comprehend order from God when he orders " Obey Allah, his messenger and those who rules over you.... so then what, it your own medicine!!