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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pahang mufti calls for stricter SOPs for tarawih prayers this year


CORONAVIRUS | Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman calls for stricter standard operating procedures (SOPs) for tarawih prayers this year.
Tarawih, or variedly spelt as terawih, is a special congregational prayer in a month of Ramadan.
Abdul Rahman told Malaysiakini that stricter SOPs are needed to ensure that those who go to the mosque or surau to perform tarawih are not exposed to Covid-19.
"We hope that until then (Ramadan), we are able to perform solat jemaah (congregational prayers) in the mosque.
"However, there have to be stricter SOPs in implementation, such as having a temperature check at the entrance and so on," he said.
Abdul Rahman (below) said the attendance for tarawih is not compulsory for those who are worried about being infected with Covid-19 or those who are at risk of spreading the virus.
Many Islamic scholars regard tarawih as "sunat", which means not obligatory but strongly recommended.
The National Dakwah Council has suggested that Muslims perform tarawih in congregation at home with their respective family members if the Covid-19 pandemic is not over.
Its president Mahmood Zuhdi Ab Majid said there should be no problem for Muslims to fast during the Ramadan amid the Covid-19 outbreak, but there would be an issue with tarawih as the Muslims are used to perform the prayer in congregation at the mosque or surau.
"Therefore I would like to suggest to Muslims in this country to perform tarawih at home either individually or with their families.
"In fact, performing tarawih at home is the true practice of the Prophet's comrades," he said.
Abdul Rahman said that the taste of Ramadan would be slightly affected if Muslims are not able to perform tarawih at the mosque or surau. - Mkini

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