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Monday, September 21, 2020

Meanwhile DAP Dumps Anwar, Argument Begins Over Non existent Events


KK: Anwar confident of support from MPs to be next PM if PH wins GE15 

Responding to Guan Eng saying Anwar should give way to Shafie Apdal as PM

Anwar said that was only Lim’s personal opinion

We support Anwar, but if he can’t, we should give Shafie a chance Lim said

In July, Lim and Mat Sabu came up with Anwar-or-Shafie plan 

Some PKR leaders disagree, saying PH should stick to Anwar 

PKR Youth took exception to Lim’s remarks

criticised Lim for continued support of Shafie as PM 

Lim’s support for Shafie was act of betrayal of PH

if no longer spirit of solidarity, just dissolve PH

My comments :

This is exactly how "religions" began. The clever beggars in the village create their own version of an invisible man-in-the-sky. They say the invisible-man controls their fate. Then they tell the villagers the invisible-man has appointed the clever beggars to be the gatekeepers to communicate his power to each and everyone of the villagers. 

Then the gatekeepers begin wearing special clothes, perform unusual physical movements with their hands and feet, chant strange mantras and hymns and say that they can communicate with invisible-man in the sky. If the villagers want to avoid punishment they better follow the advice of the gatekeepers. 

Then the clever beggars in the next village also do the same thing. They create their own version of invisible-man-in-the-sky. And then the next village. Then they start fighting and killing each other over whose invisible-man-in-the-sky is better.  

So here no one knows exactly when the next General Elections will be held. Whether it will be 2023 or late 2022 or next month. It is another invisible-man-in-the-sky situation.

No one knows how exactly the parties will align themselves. Whether Muafakat Nasional will survive? Whether UMNO will survive? Whether PKR will survive? Whether Amanah will survive? No one knows who will win the next General Elections. 

Yet Brader Anwar is already arguing about becoming the next PM!!

For the past 22 years he could not become the PM. Or the DPM. Or even a Cabinet Minister. 

Dr Mahathir quit as Prime Minister in 22 months. TWO MONTHS short of the agreed 24 months.

Dr Mahathir did not keep to the agreement - he was supposed to be Prime Minister for 24 MONTHS. But Dr M quit in 22 months !!

Still Brader Anwar could not get enough MPs to support him to become PM. 

Now he is arguing about becoming the PM AFTER the next 15th General Elections.

And the PKR fellows are already accusing the DAP of "betrayal" over the next General Elections which have NOT happened yet ??

Betrayal apa? The GE15 is years away lah. Not until 2023.

The problem for PKR is that they have only been allotted SEVEN seats in the Sabah State polls. That is charity from Shafie Apdal.  

In one stroke Shafie Apdal has shown that PKR really has no clout - either in Parliament or on the ground in Sabah.

Let me make a statement - whoever wants to be the next PM must kow tim and kow tow to both Sarawak and Sabah. 

Whoever controls Sabah and Sarawak can make anyone kow tim and kow tow to them (plural).

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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