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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blaming Dr Mahathir again

Most of us like to blame Dr Mahathir wakakaka.

Well, here's another item for you to blame him ;-)

Were you aware that Azmin Ali was brought up by the Mahathir family - not the Doctor himself but I heard by his (Dr M's) sister or aunt (can anyone help me here?).

So when Azmin reached working age, guess who recommended him for employment? Of course Uncle Mahathir!

And guess who Uncle Mahathir asked to employ Azmin Ali?


Yup, his deputy and then DPM manmanlaiwakakaka!

Dr M would have said: "Anwar matey (wakakaka), ni Azmin, see if you can find him a job!"

And as they say, the rest is history.

But why should we blame Dr M for bringing these two inseparables together?

When I read RPK's MACC ‘Deep Throat’ comes out of the closet I knew the MMM (know what M-cube stands for? wakakaka) would deny the revelation or give all sorts of excuses or accuse RPK of being an UMNO paid mole - yes, the very same MMM who would praise Yang Mulia RPK (wakakaka) for his amazing courage, assets and resources had he exposed instead Najib or Shahrizat or Mahathir's corruption wakakaka.

But then, consolation prize, wouldn't it be considered Dr M's fault for bringing the two together as an inseparable pair? wakakaka. Go on, blame the old man wakakaka.

RPK also wrote:

One interesting document in that file is regarding the RM15,000 a month that Vincent Tan was paying Azmin Ali. It seems Vincent Tan not only financed the fall of Perak but is also financing the ‘other side’ as well. And, according to my ex-MACC Deep Throat, this is still going on. I suppose that is what most Chinese tycoons would do: hedge your bets by placing your money on all the horses in the race.

It's just the Chinese tycoons' camar (Samad Said's 'cari makan' wakakaka). The Jews around the world, especially in the USA and Australia do that as well, that is, funding both sides of politics, and very generously too - except in their case, it's not camar but for Eretz Yisrael.

More noble I suppose, but more devastating for the Palestinians. And we can blame those Croesus Saudis and rich Gulf nations for not doing their Arab fraternity's duty.

I wonder (not thinking or pondering but in the sense of 'wonderment') at those ardent ABU-nites, who still have the gall, stupidity and mindlessness wakakaka to say "Let's focus on ABU and not be detracted by RPK's bullshit, no matter how true his revelation might be" ...

... showing either they don't know what ABU has been about or they are in total denial - I suspect the latter wakakaka. And you wonder why Malaysians have allowed BN-UMNO to stay in power for 52 years!

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