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Friday, October 26, 2012

Kohilan blames Pakatan for Batu Caves condo

A former Selangor local councillor has passed the blame back to Pakatan Rakyat saying they are to blame for approving a 29-storey condominium near the iconic Batu Caves temples.

protest at batu cave temple 261012 02Former Selayang Municipal Council councillor A Kohilan Pillay said what was approved in 2007 during his tenure was a planning permit (kebenaran merancang), the first of many permits needed before a building could be erected.

“Its requirements were basic. It does not say how many storeys, what they want to do, none of that.

“However in 2008, they submitted to the (local council) One Stop Centre that they wanted to build a 29-storey building. 

protest at batu cave temple 261012 03“Only after that they were given the other permits, including the marketing permit that was given last July and extended to July next year,” he said.

Kohilan, who is also deputy foreign minister, was speaking at a press conference after a protest today at the Sri Subramaniar Temple over the plans for the condominium.

Selangor state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jeyakumar yesterdayblamed the previous BN state government for approving the condominium in August 2007.

Xavier claimed that the objections were politically motivated as the condominium sales gallery had been located next to the Batu Caves for four years now, during which the temple committee had never objected.
protest at batu cave temple 261012 former selayang counsellor a kohilan pillayHe added that Pakatan-nominated councillors were only sworn in on July 5, 2008, while MPS had issued the approval for the condominium on May 13, 2008
When asked to comment on Xavier's timeline of the permit approvals, Kohilan insisted that Pakatan Rakyat is to blame.
“They have already formed the government. That means the exco members are there already. The exco must be fully responsible for that.
“They cannot say that the councillors are still from BN. No way!” said Kohilan (above), who was councillor since 1997 until Pakatan Rakyat took power following the March 8, 2008 general election.
Meanwhile when contacted, Xavier told Malaysiakini, “Kohilan should go back and study what a planning permit is.”

He said a planning permit would include all the do’s and don’ts involved in a project, including marketing.

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