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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Communications Ministry denies JKom's involvement in publication of poster on Twitter


KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The Communications and Multimedia Ministry has denied the involvement of the Community Communications Department (JKom) in the publication of a poster using the department’s name that was uploaded on the Tangga Putra Perdana Twitter account on Tuesday (Jan 26).

The ministry said that at the moment JKom, which comes under the ministry, does not have an official social media account and that it would only take effect on Feb 1.

On Tuesday, a post on the Tangga Putra Perdana Twitter account displayed a poster using a name similar to JKom, with a note stating "published by the Community Communications Department (JKom)” and a coat of arms bearing the name of the Communications and Multimedia Ministry.

The ministry said that the use of the coat of arms on the name of the ministry and department by other parties without permission was an unethical and irresponsible act and caused confusion among the public.

"As such, the public is advised to always refer to the official website of KKMM at www.kkmm.gov.my and its official social media account for verified information regarding J-KOM, ” said the ministry in a statement on Wednesday (Jan 27).

JKom is the rebranding of the Department of Special Affairs (Jasa) with different roles and functions to create two-way communications between the government and the people, namely to convey accurate, authentic, and wise government information to the people.- Bernama

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