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Saturday, January 23, 2021

YOURSAY | In fight against Covid, all must set politics aside, not just one side


YOURSAY | ‘Let us not play politics and cause more damage, please.’

Agong: Set politics aside, support our frontliners

BlueShark1548: Ampun Tuanku! Your advice is spot on. However, politics are played by both Perikatan Nasional (PN) and the opposition, and unless both sides stop, it is unfair to expect one side to stop.

Is the proposal to amend the law vide Act 355 right when it had nothing to do with Covid-19 and Parliament is under suspension? This bill had been delayed for debate for years, should it now be made law without debate?

The Health Ministry and its director-general do not share data on Covid-19 with Penang chief minister and Selangor menteri besar, who at the beginning of this pandemic were excluded by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin even when he met other MBs to discuss Covid-19 and the enforcement of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

These are unhealthy political tactics and not in the interests of the nation. A word from Your Majesty to Muhyiddin would remedy the situation immediately.

Your Majesty, under the emergency, everything is in your hands and done in your name, although it is under the advice by the prime minister. The country now depends on your wisdom to guide us out of the darkness of emergency rule. We are all looking forward to the light!

New Year: Your Majesty, the message is that we have no more faith in this government to handle not only this epidemic but also the recovery of the economy. In its ten months in power, this government has seen one failure after another.

Secondly, the non-stop politicking - even when Covid-19 numbers were manageable, they went and create a mess by allowing the Sabah elections due to their greed for more power. Since then, they have not succeeded in bringing the pandemic under control.

Now the people are facing a double whammy – a total movement control order (MCO) and the declaration of emergency.

In the last six days of the MCO we have already seen 20,000 new cases. If the ratio is 1:1, then there are another 20,000 cases out there in the streets.

People have lost confidence in these leaders to bring the pandemic under control. They want to see capable leaders running this nation.

Investors are shying away. At the rate we are going, we will end up in a more severe position. With hundreds of thousands jobless and poverty striking the unemployed, we are worried that there will be more joining their predicament.

We have run out of people to turn to for help, Your Majesty. We are seeking your help in choosing capable people, even professionals, to lead the nation out of this crisis, people who will put this nation as their priority and not their political positions. Thirty over million Malaysians depend on you to lead us out of this nightmare.

We humbly apologise if we have in any way offended Your Majesty in our approach. Daulat Tuanku. Ampun Tuanku.

Dr Raman: The elephant in the room is we have a government that we can no longer trust, nor is it capable of taking care of us. In their own words, they have acknowledged the system has broken down, they cannot cope and told the rakyat they are on their own.

And this is not a legitimate government, or even a majority government, nor the government we elected. Worse, they don't have a game plan to move forward, but only paying lip service to "all-of-governance, whole-of-society" approach, even now.

They don't even have the courtesy to acknowledge their failings, yet coming down hard on the rakyat and the small and critical businesses that sustain us. We should be mass vaccinating now, that is the only remedy. Yet, by their sheer incompetence, we are not even sure when the vaccine will arrive.

So, what is the meaning and purpose of the proclamation of emergency and giving absolute authority to this incompetent government?

I would suggest that the proclamation of emergency stay, Parliament and elections suspended. Both the government and the opposition are agitating for and against these measures for their own self-interest. The politicians from both sides cannot be trusted to do any good.

I would suggest that the Agong and his brother rulers, in all their wisdom and concern for the people, nominate a team of independent professionals and experts with the authority to function as the interim cabinet, reporting directly to the monarchy.

The civil service should remain intact. The current cabinet should be suspended too. After all, they need to rest and recover from Covid-19 infections. How can they take care of us?

I am sure the proclamation of emergency allows for such drastic but only feasible measures in this most trying times. Otherwise, the politicians will continue to be at each other's throat, giving persistent headache to the monarchy, rather than collectively fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hopeful123: A responsible government would have shot down the idea of a government change in Sabah which obviously is the cause of the spikes in infection.

PN saw it was totally unparliamentary to avoid an election during a pandemic. Now it is alright to declare emergency and close Parliament.

Since PN is unable to handle the pandemic, why not own up to this and gracefully hand over the government to a more capable and competent group of people?

Malaysians are totally in despair and clueless as to when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us not play politics and cause more damage, please.

Pokokelapa: Tuanku, it is going to be a year soon and our frontliners have been working hard and making sacrifices under stressful conditions. Are the politicians bothered?

Even as the cases were spinning out of control and the announcement that hospitals were being stretched and at a breaking point, they were still politicking. Worst of all, the PM and his ministers were totally silent; not a word from them.

The health minister who is supposed to be the key person in this battle was nowhere. Why, Tuanku? I remember Tuanku had told them to work together for the health of the people when Tuanku and the Conference of Rulers rejected the emergency the first time.

Are they not responsible for this mess, Tuanku? Everything that spills out from their mouth has a political slant. Even worse, they set bad examples of breaking the SOPs and are let off.

Please, Tuanku, get them to work and have some mercy for the people who are really suffering now. Daulat Tuanku. - Mkini

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