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Friday, August 5, 2022

#24jamoff delivery rider strike: Can you order food online today?

 Thank you, abang rider. - NSTP pic

KUALA LUMPUR: Posters were shared on social media yesterday of a planned strike by food delivery riders to take place today.

Some social media posts warned the public that their orders may arrive late, or get cancelled due to a lack of riders.

We decided to give it a try this morning to see if it was possible to get food delivered in light of the #24jamoff strike.

An order was placed via one of the major food delivery platforms at 9.26am, for a restaurant situated 11.7km away.

At 9.27am, a rider's name appeared on the app and the order was 'in the kitchen'.

Not long after that, the status changed to 'out for delivery' and the order arrived safely, without any hiccups, before 10am.

As the process went smoothly, we tipped the rider RM5 for letting us have breakfast without running the risk of setting our kitchen on fire.

One of our editors, whose entire family woke up this morning with a craving for Sarawak food ordered Mee Kolok using another food delivery platform and reported that their order too had arrived promptly, with no hiccups.

Have you tried ordering food online today? Share your experience with us. - NST

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