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Wednesday, October 20, 2021



Swinging through the drive-thru or hopping into your favourite fast-food restaurant tends to happen more often than some would like to admit. While an occasional night of fast food would not hurt, a habit of eating out could be doing a number on your health. 

Effect on the Digestive and Cardiovascular Systems.

Most fast food, including drinks and sides, are loaded with carbohydrates with little to no fibre. When your digestive system breaks down these foods, the carbohydrates are released as glucose (sugar) into your bloodstream. As a result, your blood sugar increases. Your pancreas responds to the surge in glucose by releasing insulin. Insulin transports sugar throughout your body to cells that need it for energy. As your body uses or stores the sugar, your blood sugar returns to normal. This blood sugar process is highly regulated by your body, and as long as you are healthy, your organs can properly handle these sugar spikes. But frequently eating high amounts of carbohydrates can lead to repeated spikes in your blood sugar. Over time, these insulin spikes may cause your body’s normal insulin response to falter. This increases your risk for insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes and weight gain.

Sugar and Fat.

Many fast-food meals have added sugar. Not only does that mean extra calories, but also little nutrition. The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests only eating 100 to 150 calories of added sugar per day. That is about six to nine teaspoons. Many fast-food drinks alone hold well over 300ml. A can of soda contains 8 teaspoons of sugar. No amount of trans fat is good or healthy. Eating foods that contain it can increase your LDL (bad cholesterol), lower your HDL (good cholesterol), and increase your risk for type-2 diabetes and heart disease. Restaurants may also compound the calorie-counting issue. In one study, people eating at restaurants they associated as “healthy” still underestimated the number of calories in their meal by 20 percent.


The combination of fat, sugar, and lots of sodium (salt) can make fast food tastier to some people. But diets high in sodium can lead to water retention, which is why you may feel puffy, bloated, or swollen after eating fast food. A diet high in sodium is also dangerous for people with blood pressure condition. Sodium can elevate blood pressure and put stress on your heart and cardiovascular system. According to one study, about 90 percent of adults underestimate how much sodium is in their fast-food meals. The study surveyed 993 adults and found that their guesses were six times lower than the actual number (1,292 milligrams). This means sodium estimates were off by more than 1,000 mg. Keep in mind that the AHA recommends adults eat no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. One fast-food meal alone could have half your day's worth.

Effect on the Respiratory System.

Excess calories from fast-food meals can cause weight gain. This may lead toward obesity. Obesity increases your risk for respiratory problems, including asthma and shortness of breath. The extra pounds can put pressure on your heart and lung and symptoms may show up even with little exertion. You may notice difficulty in breathing when you are walking, climbing stairs, or exercising. For a child, the risk of respiratory problems is especially clear. One study found that children who eat fast food at least three times a week are more likely to develop asthma.

Effect on the Central Nervous System.

Fast food may satisfy hunger in the short term, but long-term results are less positive. People who eat fast food and processed pastries are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than people who do not eat those foods or eat very few of them.

Effect on the Reproductive System.

The ingredients in junk food and fast food may have an impact on your fertility. One study found that processed food contains phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that can interrupt how hormones act in your body. Exposure to high levels of these chemicals could lead to reproductive issues, including birth defects.

Effect on the Skin, Hair and Nail.

The foods you eat may impact your skin's appearance, but it might not be the foods you suspect. In the past, chocolate and greasy foods like pizza have taken the blame for acne breakouts, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it is carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-rich foods lead to blood sugar spikes, and these sudden jumps in blood sugar levels may trigger acne. Children and adolescents who eat fast food at least three times a week are also more likely to develop eczema, according to one study. Eczema is a skin condition that causes irritated patches of inflamed, itchy skin.

Effect on the Bones.

Carbohydrates and sugar in fast food and processed food can increase acids in your mouth. These acids can break down tooth enamel. As tooth enamel disappears, bacteria can take hold, and cavities may develop. Obesity can also lead to complications with both density and muscle mass. People who are obese have a greater risk for falling and breaking bones. It is important to keep exercising to build muscles, which support your bones, and maintain a healthy diet to minimize bone mass loss.

Effects of Fast Food on Society.

Today, more and more people are considered overweight or obese. A high percentage of children ages between 6 to 19 years are also considered overweight or obese. The growth of fast food globally seems to coincide with the growth of obesity worldwide. Despite efforts to raise awareness and make smarter consumers, one study found that the amounts of calories, fat and sodium in fast-food meals remains largely unchanged. As people get busier and eat out more frequently, it could have adverse effects for the individual and the healthcare system.

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Sabah rolls out Covid-19 booster shots from today


Chief minister Hajiji Noor receiving the booster dose while state health director Dr Rose Nani Mudin (left) looks on. (CM Dept pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Some 60,000 frontliners and 193,953 senior citizens as well as those in the high-risk group are eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine booster dose in Sabah from today.

Launching the booster dose programme, which comes under the national Covid-19 immunisation programme (PICK), at the Sabah International Convention Centre here, Sabah chief minister Hajiji Noor said it would be carried out in two stages.

The first stage was for healthcare and non-healthcare frontliners starting today until Nov 20, while the second stage would be for senior citizens aged 60 and above as well as those with comorbidities, starting from Nov 2, he said.

The booster dose is free under PICK and dispensed on a voluntary basis for all those who are fully vaccinated and have taken their second dose at least six months prior.

At the moment, the health ministry has decided that the booster dose is only for those who have received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

“Although receiving the booster dose is a choice for individuals, it is highly recommended that they take it to get optimum protection from Covid-19,” Hajiji said in a statement.

He added that the booster dose was also for those found with waning immunity after six months of completing their vaccination.

He said the booster shots would be administered at selected government and private medical facilities under the supervision of ProtectHealth Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Eligible individuals would be notified through the MySejahtera application, while the vaccination centres (PPVs) would be making the announcement via SMS or phone calls for those without the application.

On another note, Hajiji urged the people not to throw caution to the wind following the lifting of inter-district and interstate travel as well as reopening of several economic sectors in Sabah.

“We must ensure that we fully comply with the SOPs. We have to protect not only ourselves but also those around us, particularly our family,” he said.

He also urged those who have yet to be vaccinated to do so by going to the nearest PPVs, hospitals and clinics or visiting the outreach programmes being held near them.

As at Oct 18, 70.8% of adults aged 18 and above in Sabah have been fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, 50.31% or 218,367 out of the 434,000 children aged 12 to 18 in the state have been fully vaccinated while 319,707 or 73.67% have received one dose of the vaccine as at Oct 18.

Hajiji said that in terms of the overall population, 2,355,859 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine while 2,140,780 have been fully vaccinated. - FMT

Sambil menunggu hari Jumaat di Afghanistan, kita sembang pasal 'timah' dan minah kampong.


Lusa nanti hari Jumaat sekali lagi. Dua Jumaat yang berturut, sudah berlaku kes letupan bom sewaktu sembahyang Jumaat di Afghanistan. Lebih 93 oarng maut. Kita tunggu lah hari Jumaat yang akan datang ini. Lets see what happens. 

Tuan-tuan satu nama famous yang kita kenal dalam sejarah adalah Saidatina Fatimah az Zahra isteri kepada Saidina Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Mereka adalah orang Arab, keturunan Arab, berbahasa Arab. Makan roti nan, kurma kambing, kebab, nasi mandi (atau mandey) ia itu beriyani style Arab yang rasanya tak serupa nasi beriyani. 


Dalam bahasa Arab, mereka tidak akan kenal 'timah' pun. Timah itu sejenis besi. Bukan orang pun. 

Tapi ada juga minah kampong yang di panggil 'timah'. Bukan maksud dia besi tetapi nama singkatan serupa Ran, Atoi, Kobat, Chen, Deraman, 'Sop, Mat, Man, Mah, Li, Pah, Det, Hing dan Din. Semua ini nama kampong. Nama singkatan.

Orang Arab tak faham pun apa itu Timah. Kalau dia rujuk kamus atau Google translate dia akan jumpa timah itu logam. Besi juga, serupa kamera video.

Saya yakin orang Arab itu bukan-lah sebegitu bodoh tidak tahu beza antara besi dan Saidatina Fatimah az Zahra isteri kepada Saidina Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Artikel ini adalah pandangan penulis dan tidak semestinya mewakili MMKtT.

Covid-19 (Oct 20): 5,516 cases


COVID-19 | The Health Ministry reported 5,516 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,407,382.

This follows yesterday's reported tally of 5,745 cases and Monday's reported 5,434 new Covid-19 cases which were the lowest in 112 days since June 28.

Beginning Oct 9, the Health Ministry will only publish today's breakdown of new cases by states after midnight on its CovidNow portal.

The breakdown by states for yesterday (Oct 19), where 5,745 new cases were reported, is as follows:

Selangor (888)

Sarawak (749)

Sabah (695)

Johor (649)

Kelantan (597)

Penang (393)

Kedah (352)

Perak (341)

Terengganu (281)

Kuala Lumpur (259)

Pahang (223)

Malacca (168)

Negeri Sembilan (114)

Putrajaya (29)

Perlis (5)

Labuan (2)

Lowest in a week or more:

Johor (Lowest in 90 days - since Jul 22)

Negeri Sembilan (Lowest in 15 days - since Oct 5)

Pahang (Lowest in 96 days - since Jul 16)

Terengganu (Lowest in 81 days - since Jul 31)

Perlis (Lowest in 75 days - since Aug 6)

[More to follow] - Mkini

Isu Timah: Negara perlu ‘dasar arak’ untuk lindungi sensitiviti umat Islam, kata Mujahid


Mujahid Yusof Rawa berkata pengajaran daripada isu arak berjenama Timah ialah perlu ada ketegasan pemerintah memelihara nama baik Islam dan kedudukannya dalam negara

PETALING JAYA: Seorang pemimpin tertinggi Amanah berkata “sensitiviti umat” perlu dipelihara dalam semua aktiviti arak termasuk dalam hal pemilihan jenama dan lambang, di sebalik kontroversi berhubung arak buatan tempatan, Timah.

Naib Presiden Mujahid Yusof Rawa berkata perkara itu perlu dimasukkan dalam suatu “dasar arak” agar isu arak tidak sentiasa dipolitikkan sehingga menimbulkan polemik berterusan.

Pendirian ini dinyatakan di sebalik penjelasan syarikat pengeluar Timah bahawa jenama dan lambang digunakan sama sekali tiada kaitan dengan Islam atau mana-mana watak yang dihormati penganut agama itu.

“Pengajaran daripada isu arak berjenama Timah ialah perlu ada ketegasan pemerintah memelihara nama baik Islam dan kedudukannya dalam negara,” katanya di Facebook semalam.

“Perdana Menteri dan khususnya Jemaah Menterinya perlu menjelaskan sikap supaya nama baik Islam di Malaysia tidak dicemari tanpa menidakkan hak bulan Islam dalam keperluan mereka.”

Mujahid berkata kerajaan perlu menyediakan suatu dasar arak merangkumi lima perkara:

  1. Melarang umat Islam daripada terlibat dalam semua aktiviti pemprosesan, jual beli, pengangkutan, hidangan dan yang berkaitan.
  2. Sebarang promosi arak dan kaitannya dilarang sama sekali bagi menghormati Islam sebagai Agama Persekutuan.
  3. Sensitiviti umat Islam perlu dipelihara dalam semua aktiviti arak di kalangan bukan Islam termasuk penganjuran majlis, pemilihan jenama dan simbol yang boleh menimbulkan kemarahan kepada umat Islam.
  4. Isu hak bukan Islam dalam soal arak dan kaitannya perlu dijauhi dari eksploitasi politik bagi meraih sokongan dan menimbulkan kebencian.
  5. Penguatkuasaan undang-undang samada peringkat kerajaan tempatan mahupun di peringkat persekutuan perlu diperketatkan dan dibaiki supaya gejala kesan arak dapat dikawal dan ditangani dengan berkesan.

Mujahid berkata, jika lima petunjuk yang beliau nyatakan itu dituruti, “pastinya kelulusan jenama arak Timah tidak akan berlaku dan ditolak sejak awal lagi bagi memelihara kedudukan Islam sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan.”

“Dari sudut industri yang mempromosikan jenama arak Timah sebagai produk Malaysia, ia adalah sesuatu yang memburukkan imej Islam sebagai agama persekutuan dan telah menimbulkan kemarahan di kalangan umat Islam.”

Mujahid merupakan bekas Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri bagi hal ehwal Islam dalam pentadbiran Dr Mahathir Mohamad selaku Perdana Menteri ke-7. Partinya, Amanah, merupakan komponen Pakatan Harapan.

Terdahulu, syarikat pengeluar Timah menjelaskan nama jenama itu merujuk kepada logam timah, bersempena perlombongan bijih timah ketika Tanah Melayu ditadbir British.

Gambar lelaki berjanggut dengan penutup kepala pula adalah Kapten Speedy, yang memperkenalkan budaya minum wiski pada zaman itu.

Penjelasan itu dibuat selepas pihak tertentu mengatakan Timah merupakan singkatan kepada Fatimah, anak perempuan Nabi Muhammad, dan penutup kepala Kapten Speedy menyerupai kopiah.

Timbalan Presiden PAS, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, berkata partinya mahu soal jenama dan lambang itu disemak semula, tetapi menambah Timah seumpama logam dan “tiada lelaki nama Timah”.

Semalam, Pengarah Eksekutif Dewan Perdagangan dan Industri Antarabangsa Malaysia (MICCI), Shaun Cheah, berkata tiada keperluan untuk kerajaan campur tangan dalam cara peniaga menguruskan perniagaan, kecuali terbukti mereka berniat untuk menipu.

“Jika kerajaan berterusan meneliti perniagaan dan bertindak balas terhadap aduan paling kecil, ini tidak akan membantu perniagaan,” katanya ketika dihubungi FMT. - FMT

Warisan set to enter peninsula, says Shafie


Shafie Apdal says he will soon be making an announcement on political cooperation with Muda.

PETALING JAYA: Warisan is all set to launch itself as a national party and will adopt a multiracial approach in its policies, party president Shafie Apdal said today.

He said many politicians from Peninsular Malaysia, including a few from Umno, have been asking when will we be moving to the national platform.

“We need to expand. The final decision will be made soon by the Warisan Supreme Council and we will be there. We will focus on being multiracial in our approach but also ensure Muslim values are always upheld.

“We expect many of the young voters to come on board because they are more daring when it comes to change. Multiracial politics is the way forward for the country,” he told editors of media outlets in a special zoom session from Kota Kinabalu in conjunction with his birthday.

The former Sabah chief minister was asked if Warisan was ready to enter the peninsula and play an active role in the next general election (GE15).

Shafie also said Warisan will have a political collaboration with Muda, adding that an announcement will be made soon.

“I also offered Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman an opportunity for his party’s candidates in GE15 to stand on a Warisan ticket if the Registrar of Societies fails to register the party by then. It’s his choice if he wants to take up the offer.

“I also advised him not to have an age limit for the members and leaders as it will not be practical,” he said.

Earlier, Shafie said he was confident that the nation’s political direction will change with the implementation of Undi18, adding that politics must be for all and not based on race anymore. - FMT

Don’t accept ‘political frogs’ in Melaka, Rafizi warns PKR


Rafizi Ramli says PKR politicians should not let their obsession with winning back Melaka cloud their judgement.

PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli has warned PKR not to take risky shortcuts in their zeal for power in Melaka by embracing “problematic frogs” like former state chief minister Idris Haron and three other assemblymen.

Their defection led to the collapse of the Barisan Nasional (BN) state government, resulting in the Melaka state election that has been fixed for Nov 20.

Rafizi, who is PKR vice-president, issued this warning in a Facebook post, in response to news that Idris and his other three allies had reached out to PKR to contest in the state election under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) banner.

“The people have suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic because of the struggle between Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional politicians for political power and wealth.

“Plus, these four have a bad track record, with some of them having the knack for insulting others. These are not the type of candidates that we want to present to the people.”

The former Pandan MP also reminded some PKR politicians not to let their obsession with winning back Melaka cloud their judgement.

“Don’t let that obsession with power influence your decision by looking for shortcuts,” Rafizi said.

It was reported recently that Idris (Sungai Udang), along with Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Pengkalan Batu), Noor Effendi Ahmad (Telok Mas), and Nor Azman Hassan (Pantai Kundor) had reached out to PKR and expressed their interest in contesting under PH in the state polls.

Idris and Nor Azman were sacked from Umno, while Noor Effandi’s membership was terminated by Bersatu for their action in retracting their support for the state government and chief minister Sulaiman Md Ali earlier this month.

As a result of their action, Melaka Yang di-Pertua Negeri Mohd Ali Rustam agreed to dissolve the state assembly on Oct 5. - FMT