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Friday, November 30, 2018


When will the police arrest Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P Waythamoorthy, asked Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.
He pointed out that more than 150 police reports have been lodged against the senator.
Asyraf contrasted this with the police’s decision to arrest Umno Youth exco member Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who is better known as Papagomo.
“Papagomo was arrested after 17 police reports were lodged against him. When will Waythamoorthy be arrested?
“When will (Selangor) exco V Ganabatirau be arrested for fanning religious sentiments over the (Sri Maha Mariamman) temple issue?” he said in a Facebook posting today.
He added that police reports were also filed against Ganabatirau.
Asyraf said the Pakatan Harapan government must enforce the rule of law, and anyone who stokes religious sentiment or do things which transgresses the law and federal constitution must be investigated regardless of their positions and background.
Earlier, inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun confirmed that Papagomo was detained yesterday.
He said this was over a video posted on his Facebook page, which was allegedly seditious.
The police reports against Waythamoorthy were over an interview with a foreign media more than a decade ago.
In the interview, the former Hindraf leader had accused the BN government of discriminating Indian Malaysians.
Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had defended the minister, saying: “But that was then. Now, he is in the government. And he no longer holds on to what he said at the time.”

PBS: Musa was unconstitutionally ousted through conspiracy

PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai says former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman has a right to be heard over the alleged conspiracy to overthrow his government.
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) believes the “power grab” incident on May 12 in Sabah should also be investigated under Section 124B of the Penal Code following a police report lodged by Perak DAP over an allegedly similar incident in the state.
PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai said there are parallels between Perak’s coup d’etat in February 2009, as mentioned by Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming, and what had happened in Sabah on May 12.
Both incidents, he said, ended up in court with adverse consequences for the parties ousted.
In his statement on Tuesday, Nga had implied it would be deja-vu if what transpired on February 2009 is repeated soon in Perak. He warned that any move to oust Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu would be detrimental to parliamentary democracy.He had cited Section 124B of the Penal Code (dealing with activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy), read together with Section 124C. Under Section 124B, the maximum penalty is 20 years jail.
Nga also likened the 2009 incident with alleged efforts by the opposition to overthrow the government. He alleged it was a conspiracy based on inducements, corruption, fraud and criminal intent.
“Given Nga’s statement, former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman has a right to be heard on the alleged conspiracy which overthrew his democratically-elected and lawfully-established government on May 12,” Bangkuai told FMT today.
Parti Solidariti Sabah (STAR) chief Jeffrey Kitingan had added his two state seats to Musa’s 29 seats on May 10 to form a coalition government, with a simple majority.
Nonetheless, Bangkuai said, Musa actually did not need Jeffrey’s two seats to form the government.
“The Sabah Constitution is clear. Under Article 6(7) and 6(3), Musa had the largest number of seats contested under one symbol.
“The state assembly, if convened, would have seen the passage of government Bills and Musa remaining as chief minister as the head of a minority government.
“The alleged conspiracy against Musa’s government would have failed given the power of incumbency,” he said.
Bangkuai said, unfortunately, Judge Yew Jen Kee had made a big play on the numbers, as in Perak in 2009, and came up with a judgment on Nov 7 which went against public opinion.
He said there is further speculation that the words “minority government” would be removed from the state Constitution “to give greater clarity in the Constitution”.
“These are dark days for the state because the sanctity of the Sabah Constitution was violated.
“How some can watch and remain mum over this mockery of justice is beyond comprehension,” he said. -FMT

One City Development security guard remanded another 4 days

PETALING JAYA: The Magistrate’s Court here today extended the remand order against a One City Development Sdn Bhd security guard for another four days.
Magistrate Nor Ariffin Hisham issued the remand order, from tomorrow until Tuesday, to facilitate police investigations into the rioting at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in USJ25, Subang Jaya, on Monday and Tuesday.
The suspect’s initial remand order expired today.
Meanwhile, a five-day remand order until Tuesday was also issued against six other individuals, including a businessman, in connection with the riots at the same temple.
They are all under remand for investigation under Section 435 of the Penal Code for mischief by fire and also under Sections 148, 427 and 447 for rioting, committing mischief and criminal trespass.
Thus far, 37 people have been remanded, including three One City employees, to facilitate investigations into the rioting, during which a fireman was seriously injured and properties damaged.
Two days ago, the court issued remand orders against 20 individuals while another 10 were remanded yesterday to assist in the investigations. - FMT

Please Save Our Church Of Hope For The Hopeless

Then why not we just pay some Malays to demonstrate and burn cars in front of our church? Vincent Tan will then step in and set up a fund like what he is doing with the Seafield Hindu temple. And in just one day we will be able to collect RM35 million. In fact, Vincent Tan personally contributed RM500,000 and with the support of all the other Chinese tycoons they managed to collect tens of millions with the click of a finger. 

Raja Petra Kamarudin
So, what do you think we should do to save our church?
The problem is our church sits on private land so we need to solve our problem through commercial means.
Can’t we get the government to help?
There is nothing the government can do since the government does not own the land. We need to talk to the land owner.
Do we know how much the land costs?
The last time I did a valuation it came to about RM35 million.
So much?
Well, with Pakatan Harapan now in power and the economy doing so good, land prices have increased ten times in value in just six months. That is the problem with progress and a good economy. Things become very expensive.
Is that why prices have gone up even though the GST has been abolished?
Yes, and next year everything is going to go up even more as Malaysia’s economy overtakes Japan and Taiwan.
Wow! So if we do not buy the land now in the next few months the price may shoot up to RM50 million.
Or maybe even RM100 million as Malaysia becomes a world economic power.
But how do we find the RM35 million? We have hardly RM10,000 in the bank.
We can do crowdfunding. We can call the fund ‘the save our Church of Hope for the Hopeless fund’ or ‘Tabung Harapan’ for short.
No. I think that will be too slow. By the time we manage to collect RM35 million, which may take six months, the price of the land will increase to RM50 million. With Malaysia’s rapidly booming economy, land prices will double every year.
Then why not we just pay some Malays to demonstrate and burn cars in front of our church? Vincent Tan will then step in and set up a fund like what he is doing with the Seafield Hindu temple. And in just one day we will be able to collect RM35 million. In fact, Vincent Tan personally contributed RM500,000 and with the support of all the other Chinese tycoons they managed to collect tens of millions with the click of a finger.
That is sure ironical.
That Vincent Tan personally contributed RM500,000 to the Seafield Hindu temple fund?
No, that Chinese tycoons are donating tens of millions to a Hindu temple while the Indians just complain and get drunk in the Selangor Club without doing anything.

Haniff Khatri To Make Police Report Against Raja Petra

“I am a private lawyer for Dr Mahathir. But this doesn’t mean that I cannot manage other cases,” Haniff said.

(The Star) – Lawyers Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla and Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali will take legal action against the culprit who created the WhatsApp message alleging their involvement in hiring thugs, leading to the riots at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in USJ 25.
“We will lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to get to the source of the WhatsApp message and take legal action against the culprit,” Haniff said in a press conference at his law firm yesterday.
“We will also lodge a police report soon … within this week.”
Haniff said that they will also lodge a complaint and police report on another Facebook post published by Raja Petra Kamarudin on Nov 28 at 12.28am.
The blogger’s post includes a photo of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Haniff, with wordings, “Misteri Nusantara”, “One City Owners and Teresa Kok are close relatives”, “Tun and attackers share the same lawyer”.
Haniff said all of these are fake and malicious allegations.
“I am a private lawyer for Dr Mahathir. But this doesn’t mean that I cannot manage other cases,” he added.
Pictures of both of them with captions claiming that they were the lawyers responsible in hiring the thugs had gone viral on social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.
Haniff is representing two of the detained One City staff members while Rafique is representing another.
Haniff said it is appropriate for Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to hold a press conference to inform the public about the incident but said the authorities and ministers have to be careful on what information should be shared with the public.
Muhyiddin reportedly said the lawyers to the developer involved in the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple issue hired thugs that led to the riots.
He said police investigations revealed that the leader of the group which instigated the conflict was handed RM150,000 by the lawyers. This was used to pay the thugs, from RM150 to RM300 each.
Haniff said the authorities and the minister should act more professionally and some of the details of the case should not be shared with the public before the police concluded their investigations.
At the press conference, Haniff also clarified that he and Rafique were appointed by developer One City Development Sdn Bhd after the first incident on Monday.
“Our roles are to foresee the process of investigation for the staff and company, and see to their best interests,” he added.
Meanwhile, the detained One City Development Bhd staff member, who was said to be a lawyer, was actually working as an adviser for the developer, according to Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun.
The Inspector-General of Police clarified that while the man is said to have qualifications as a lawyer, he did not serve in that capacity for the company.
“He is a lawyer who worked as an adviser,” he said at a press conference at the Royal Malaysian Police College yesterday.
Meanwhile, Haniff said the Philippines-based Ayala Corporation, the ultimate owner of the land on which the temple is located, has denied the company is involved in hiring thugs.
The company has sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office about its role and investments in the country through the Philippine embassy, he said.

Najib’s 6.30 Cabinet Versus Mahathir’s 3.15 Cabinet

So, it all comes back to abuse of power by the executive who concentrates power in his hands. Hence it does not matter who is the prime minister and what race he is. It is the system, not the person or his race, that is corrupt. And it was Mahathir who created the system. And since Mahathir became prime minister in May this year, the system has not changed. Pakatan Harapan people have now taken over from Barisan Nasional people and deals are being negotiated all over town. 

Raja Petra Kamarudin
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said Najib Tun Razak’s cabinet is a half-past-six cabinet (Malays say enam-setengah). Mahathir’s cabinet, on the other hand, is rapidly proving to be a three-fifteen cabinet (Malays say tiga-suku).
Maybe by GE15 in the next four years or so Mahathir’s ministers can improve from tiga-suku to half-past-six. Chances are, though, Mahathir may no longer be the prime minister by then — for one reason or another.
Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said never mind if the Pakatan Harapan ministers have no experience to govern. That means they will also have no experience in being corrupt like the Barisan Nasional ministers.
You do not need 10 years’ experience as a cabinet minister to know how to become corrupt. It is like you do not need three years’ experience working as a prostitute in a brothel before you know how to bonk. Even a virgin on her wedding night knows what to do in bed even if it is her first time. I am sure Wan Azizah did not need to go for training to learn what to do with Anwar Ibrahim on the first night.

Wan Azizah says the Pakatan Harapan ministers have no experience so that means they are not corrupt

Anyway, barely a year in office and the Pakatan Harapan ministers are already making deals. They fear they might not last more than one term, or even last a full term, so they are trying to make as much money as fast as they can while they still can.
Businessmen are being approached and one person representing the defence minister has even asked the businessmen to ‘propose anything’. The minister, said this person, will approve whatever you propose as long as their commission is covered.
This reminds me of when PAS-Semangat 46 first took Kelantan in 1990. Some Semangat 46 people representing the deputy menteri besar were offering logging concessions in Kelantan for a commission. One Semangat 46 chap I knew in Terengganu said he would be able to get me some kawasan sudah kerja or even some hutan dara if I wanted.
The whole idea disgusted me so I rejected the offer. I believe the DAP cousins in Perak got some of the land, though, which is why they are millionaires today. How many millions is it they are worth?

Semangat 46 took Kelantan in 1990 and started collecting money through logging concessions like crazy

The problem is not the fox. A fox, by nature, would eat the chicken if you allow it to. The problem is you must keep the chickens away from the fox. Lock the chickens up and don’t allow the fox into the chicken run or reban ayam.
It is like if you put on a G-string and parade in front of Mat Sabu then expect to have his hands all over you — and more. Do you blame Mat Sabu or do you blame Mak Minah who gatal and parade in front of Mat Sabu wearing a G-string? If you do not keep jambus far away from Anwar then don’t blame him if he ngap them.
In the past we had something called separation of powers. Malaysia has four branches of government — the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the monarchy — which used to be independent of one another.
Not long after Mahathir took over as prime minister in 1981, he began to change this. Slowly power became concentrated in the hands of the executive and the other three branches of government became dominated and dictated by the executive.

Mahathir destroyed the independence of the four branches of government in the 1980s and created a dictatorship that has lasted until today

First Mahathir controlled parliament. Then he took on the judiciary. Finally, he curtailed the monarchy. And after that he did what he liked and no one could oppose him or say anything.
Another but not so pleasant word for this is dictatorship.
Pakatan Harapan people say the problem is Najib and if Najib is removed the problem would go away. When Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was prime minister they said the problem is Pak Lah and if Pak Lah is removed the problem would go away. Before that when Mahathir was prime minister they said the problem is Mahathir and if Mahathir is removed the problem would go away.
Well, that is how Pakatan Harapan people think.

Pakatan Harapan is old wine in a new bottle

We can change the government. But if we do not change the system the problem would not go away. Replacing Mahathir with Pak Lah and then replacing Pak Lah with Najib and now replacing Najib with Mahathir, again, did not solve the problem. And after we replace Mahathir with someone else in 2020 or 2023 we will also not solve the problem.
Some Chinese blame the ‘Malay government’ for Malaysia’s ills. So, if we throw out the Umno-led government and replace it with a DAP-led government, Malaysia’s problems would be solved.
No, this is not about race. George Tan is Chinese. Abdullah Ang is Chinese. Tan Koon Swan is Chinese. Ling Liong Sik is Chinese. Eric Chia is Chinese. Vincent Tan is Chinese. Francis Yeoh is Chinese. Ting Pek Khiing is Chinese. Jho Low is Chinese.

Chinese names pop up in all the major scandals in Malaysia

Name all the biggest scandals in Malaysian history and a Chinese name would pop up, Indians as well. And, yes, there are Malays involved as well — Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad, Yahya Ahmad, Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Samsudin Abu Hassan, and many more. But then who are all these people? Proxies and nominees of Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin, of course.
So, it all comes back to abuse of power by the executive who concentrates power in his hands. Hence it does not matter who is the prime minister and what race he is. It is the system, not the person or his race, that is corrupt. And it was Mahathir who created the system. And since Mahathir became prime minister in May this year, the system has not changed. Pakatan Harapan people have now taken over from Barisan Nasional people and deals are being negotiated all over town.
Welcome to Malaysia Baru stail lama!

BRT - Penang can learn from Jakarta’s experience

Which mode of public transport should be implemented in Penang? The state government’s Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) proposes an elevated Light Rail Transit (LRT) serving as the public transport backbone on the island, in the first phase of the massive project.
Since the announcement of the LRT plan three years ago, there have been counter-proposals with alternatives such as Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) believed to be cheaper and quicker in implementation.
However, many do not know what the BRT is and how it is different from regular bus services like the present Rapid Penang buses. The only example in Malaysia is the RM634 million Sunway BRT with its own 5.4 km elevated road, launched in June 2015.
There are two distinct features of the BRT that are absent in regular bus services. First is the dedicated lane and given priority at road intersections for buses to move with the least interruption from other vehicles. Some BRT systems come with two dedicated lanes in one direction to optimise the movement of the bus fleet.
Second is the fare-payment system that requires passengers to pay the fare before entering the station to wait for the bus in order to facilitate faster boarding.
Although the Sunway BRT has these two features, the system’s dedicated lane is actually an elevated road, not a lane carved out from existing roads. Having an elevated bus lane on Penang island is not a serious counter-proposal to LRT as the LRT can carry more passengers with more comfort than a bus. Not to mention that one of the objections against the elevated LRT is that the elevated structure will diminish the scenery of the island. So it makes no difference with an elevated bus lane.
Therefore, an actual bus-based alternative to an elevated LRT would be a BRT system with dedicated lane carved out from existing roads. Alas, we have no such system in Malaysia. So we would not know its actual pros and cons. In order to have first-hand knowledge about BRT, I went to Jakarta to see and experience for myself the TransJakarta, one of the longest BRT systems in the world.
TransJakarta was launched in February 2004 as the first BRT in Southeast Asia based on the TransMilenio BRT in Bogota, Columbia. Over the years TransJakarta has grown to now having 128 routes with 13,000 buses and ferrying over 524,000 passengers each day.
The first thing I learned about TransJakarta is that it is colloquially known as “busway.” When I asked a local where can I get on a TransJakarta bus, they asked if I was referring to the “busway”? I guess the moniker is derived from its dedicated bus lane, a distinct feature of the BRT, that they call “jalur busway.”
Even with a dedicated lane, BRT buses cannot avoid sharing roads with other vehicles and pedestrians. There are intersections and narrow roads where dedicated bus lanes cannot be designated.
At crowded places such as Kota Tua, even the BRT with dedicated lane cannot reduce traffic gridlock and likewise is stranded in the congestion at junctions, prolonging commuting time. Dedicated lanes are not feasibly implemented at busy roads. The lanes are mostly found along and near bus stations.
TransJakarta’s bus stations, called “halte,” operates like an LRT station. Each halte is equipped with a screen to show the estimated arrival time of the buses.
The service requires passengers to pay the fare after stepping into the bus. Large crowds during rush hour will create long queues, delaying the boarding process.
By requiring passengers to pay for the fare before getting onto the boarding platform, the BRT eliminates the need for long queues, allowing immediate boarding when the bus arrives. Commuting duration is shortened not at the time the passengers step into the bus, but at the time when they enter the halte. Like the LRT.
The halte is a raised platform, 110 cm from the ground. This is to avoid having stairs on the bus which again is to reduce boarding and alighting times.
This platform design comes with its own weakness. Unlike the LRT, the gap between the BRT bus and the platform is wide, a risk to passengers who can fall in between the bus and the raised platform. The LRT’s gap is much narrower and poses a lesser risk for passengers.
To overcome this, each TransJakarta bus comes with a service officer to assist with the boarding and alighting process. At each stop, the officer will stand between the bus and the platform to remind passengers to mind the gap. After the platform is cleared, the officer informs the driver to move, avoiding disastrous situations where the bus accelerates while passengers are still crossing the gap.
Like Rapid Penang buses, the TransJakarta’s interior is compact and clean, with spacious standing room and plastic chairs. However, like the Sunway BRT and regular buses, the TransJakarta jolts a lot, causing discomfort to passengers’ shoulders and necks after a while. The inertia from the bus’s movement on the road often thrusts standing passengers in all directions. It can be an unpleasant ride for passengers with motion sickness.
The BRT is meant for short trips. It is not comfortable for trips that are more than 30 minutes. When the buses are caught in a traffic jam the passengers are as helpless as car drivers. Motorcycles are the best option in such places. That is the reason why bike-hailing services such as GrabBike and Go-Jek are very popular in Jakarta.
Inside Jakarta's BRT
Learning from my first-hand experience on one of the world’s largest BRT systems, Penang needs to first expand its road network by building more roads in order to install the BRT.
The present narrow roads on the island do not seem to be able to cater for an optimised BRT system with two dedicated lanes per direction. Jakarta has large roads with six to eight lanes in two directions. They can, therefore, implement the BRT. However, the buses are still caught in congestion in crowded areas like Kota Tua even with dedicated lanes.
To build more roads for the BRT and also the special bus stations will necessarily require more land which will tremendously add to construction costs. The BRT may be more suitable on the Penang mainland with vast land for wide roads.

Given the unique conditions of Penang island, an elevated LRT is more feasible. Not only does the LRT not need new roads for dedicated bus lanes next to existing roads, the elevated track saves the train from being delayed at intersections and pedestrian walkways, not to mention that the LRT provides a more comfortable commuting experience for passengers.
That is the reason why Jakarta is currently building its own elevated LRT as well as an underground Mass Rapid Transit system. The BRT has been around since 2004 and they have come to terms with its limitations. Penang can learn from Jakarta’s experience. - Mkini

Gov’t watchdog group calls Harapan's asset declaration ‘half baked’

A government watchdog group has described Pakatan Harapan leaders’ effort to declare their assets as “half-baked” as the asset declaration site was incomplete and failed to itemise the assets of the lawmakers.
This is despite the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) adding details of the lawmakers’ assets on Nov 24 to the site, after complaints were received that only their salaries had been declared.
The coalition for Governance, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency (Giat) spokesperson Cynthia Gabriel said: "We are saying this information is half-baked and incomplete. It needs much transparency to inspire public confidence". 
She told this to the media when attending a roundtable on electoral reform at the Parliament today.
Gabriel said the information on the site was inconsistent as lawmakers are not declaring the assets of their family members.
"We found that some of them declare their assets along with that of their children while others declare only with that of their spouse. Naturally, the scale of assets would be different," she said.
"The dissemination of information needs to be done in a professional and organised manner," said Gabriel, who is also the executive director of the Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4).
"Also, what we have is a lump sum of the assets, which fails to include how many houses and cars (are owned)," she said.
"I believe there is a higher calling from the Malaysians that transparency must be exercised to its highest degree," she said.
She called for those who have yet to declare their assets to follow the lead of their Pakatan Harapan and Warisan colleagues.
At this stage, she said there is no need for Giat to name and shame with additional asset information of the ministers, deputy ministers and lawmakers.
Item 14 of Harapan's election manifesto states that "all members of the Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara, and government officials with Jusa C ranking and above will be obliged to make a declaration of assets and income”.

The MACC had originally planned to publish the asset declaration papers on Oct 1, but the date was later pushed back to Oct 15 and then Nov 1.

Harapan drew flak for requiring cabinet members and MPs to declare only monthly incomes and not assets.
On Nov 5, Giat threatened to name and shame Harapan lawmakers who failed to declare assets within two weeks. - Mkini 

Many firsts at this year's MCA AGM

MCA's national delegates' meeting will take place over this weekend and there will be some substantial changes to the format.
For the first time in recent memory, the BN chairperson will not be addressing the event. Invitations to BN allies were not even sent out.
Outgoing MCA president Liow Tiong Lai will be providing the opening address instead.
Another key change is that the debate sessions for the main body, women's wing and youth wing will be held behind closed doors.
"To allow our delegates to speak freely, without any restrictions and share their feelings, we have decided to make it closed doors," said MCA's incoming president Wee Ka Siong.
MCA delegates are expected to debate on the future direction of the party, including the question of leaving BN.
In the 1950s, MCA leaders, alongside those of Umno and MIC, were the founding fathers of BN's predecessor: the Alliance Party.
The party is currently at its lowest ebb, with just one seat in Parliament and two state assembly seats.  - Mkini

Cikgu Ros Bagan Serai buat hal

IBU Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kerian menerima dua laporan yang dibuat pihak sekolah dan seorang guru di Bagan Serai susulan satu status berunsur perkauman dimuat naik di Facebook dan tular sejak kelmarin.
a device with a screen: PEMILIK akaun Facebook dengan nama 'Cikgu Ros Bagan Serai' telah memuatnaik gambarnya dan status berbaur perkauman disusuli gambar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bagan Serai (SMKBS). FOTO Facebook© Provided by Media Prima PEMILIK akaun Facebook dengan nama 'Cikgu Ros Bagan Serai' telah memuatnaik gambarnya dan status berbaur perkauman disusuli gambar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bagan Serai (SMKBS). FOTO Facebook
Ketua Polis Daerah Kerian, Superintendan Omar Bakhtiar Yaacob berkata, dalam status itu, pemilik akaun dengan nama ‘Cikgu Ros Bagan Serai’ telah memuatnaik gambarnya dan status berbaur perkauman disusuli gambar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bagan Serai (SMKBS).
Menurutnya, susulan itu, pihaknya menjalankan siasatan dan mendapati akaun itu adalah palsu dan sengaja diwujudkan pihak tertentu bagi tujuan yang tidak dapat dipastikan.
“Siasatan pihak polis mendapati akaun Cikgu Ros dari Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bagan Serai adalah palsu dan tidak wujud.
“Gambar guru wanita yang digunakan juga tidak wujud di sekolah itu sebaliknya gambar yang digunakan adalah gambar guru dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Matang Gerdu, namun nama guru itu juga jauh berbeza dengan nama yang digunakan,” katanya di Bagan Serai, hari ini.
Omar Bakhtiar berkata, pihaknya menerima dua laporan polis yang dibuat mangsa dan pihak SMKBS semalam.
“Polis percaya kenyataan itu dibuat pihak tidak bertanggungjawab bertujuan untuk melaga-lagakan kaum.
“Sehingga kini tiada sebarang tangkapan dibuat, namun pihak polis masih menunggu hasil siasatan lanjut dari pihak Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) berkenaan kejadian ini,” katanya.
Beliau berkata, kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 4(1)(a) Akta Hasutan 1948.

RON 97 price to decrease by 31 cents

KUALA LUMPUR: The price of RON 97 petrol has decreased for the month of December to RM2.50 per litre.
The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) announced that it was lowering the price of the higher-octane fuel by 31 sen.
The new price will come into effect from midnight tonight (Dec 1) and will remain until Dec 31, when the next fuel price announcement is made.
Meanwhile, prices for RON 95 petrol and diesel remain unchanged as they have been since May 30.
RON 95 remains priced at RM2.20 per litre, Euro 2M diesel at RM2.18 per litre, while Euro 5 diesel is priced at RM2.28 per litre.- Star

The Present PH (Especially This Cabinet) Will Not Survive Without Tun Dr Mahathir

Here is some news from yesterday.

Kadir Jasin rebuked Waytha Moorthy over his conduct in temple issue
Kadir said Waytha was minister in charge of unity yet his actions helped neither

Kadir,  media adviser to Dr M said Mahathir had “advised” Waytha
However, he did not say what the advice was

Our PM is kind-hearted, even when angry, people may not realise it
Waytha should not be so gung-ho and comfortable with his position

you were not chosen by the people
You are made minister by Mahathir

Please do not embarrass our king and PM  he said
Kadir also trained guns on Maszlee Malik
saying the PPBM MP had been “lectured” by Mahathir
agreed with Mahathir country had many religious schools 
there was no need to inject more religion into schools
schools should go back to original objectives to unite all races, religions

unlikely Maszlee dont know non-Malays no longer go to national schools 
they have become more like religious schools

more Malay parents send children to Chinese schools 
because they want their children to excel

My comments : It is becoming all too glaring that the present Cabinet is not up to the mark. Some of the Ministers are plain incompetent.

This is not a matter of 'still learning on the job'. 

A Cabinet Minister is not a guru agama or an office worker where mistakes may be tolerated, allowed or they can "learn on the job".

Once you are a Cabinet Minister you are already flying the Jumbo Jet with a full load of passengers at 1000 km/h and at 60,000 feet. You have to navigate safely to destination and land the plane and passengers safely on the ground. There is no such thing as 'learning on the job' or "improving as we go along".  You must know your job.

I am not alone in saying that the Pakatan Harapan Cabinet has been showing some gross incompetence since coming into power.  

Tun Dr Mahathir himself has been saying again and again that the Cabinet is operating at failing grade.

Todate the handling of major issues has been bungling and at great risk to the nation. This is not some school boys soccer game. 

1. Lets take the ICERD issue.   Too many Ministers were jumping into the fray.  The 'authority' to ratify the ICERD is with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah. 

But the Minister getting all the flak was Waythamoorthy the Minister of Unity aka the Hindraf guy. 

The government could not have picked a more unsuitable Minister to move this highly racially sensitive matter than Waythamoorthy the Hindraf guy.  

It should have remained with Saifuddin Abdullah the Foreign Minister. 

Why? Because ONLY the Foreign Minister has all the facts as well as has the power to ratify the ICERD.  Plus Saifuddin is not Hindraf - less tension.

The Pas Pis Pus, UMNO and the others know that the ICERD reflects good universal values.  The ICERD is a universal amar makruf nahi munkar - 'upholding the good and denying that which is bad'.  Otherwise why do you want to help the Rohingyas?

Pas pis pus and Umno are just playing politics. 
Inciting racial hatreds because they have lost the support of the people. 

2. The Maha Mariamman Temple was another gigantic cock-up.  The Police bungled this from Day 1.  

I have seen the viral message which says the Police had met with the developer's reps weeks before the flare up.   It was a running "to and fro" between the developer and the temple and the Police knew about it.  This was not something that took place suddenly between lunch and dinner on the 26th November. 

Why did the Police allow 22 cars to be burned? They could have stopped it.

Most importantly why did the Subang Jaya OCPD give FALSE information (on that critical day) that it was two groups of Indians ?  

The Minister's Press Statement clearly proves that the OCPD was deliberately giving out false news.  The OCPD should be investigated.
  • The Minister exposing the payment of RM150,000 raises more questions. 
  • The Minister said 50 thugs were paid RM150 to RM300 each. 
  • That adds up to only RM7500 to RM15,000.  
  • What happened to the balance RM142,500 to RM135,000?
  • Were the Police also paid off to close one eye?   
  • This question now becomes relevant. 
Then the Cabinet ministers also amplified the temple problem. 
I am referring the FOUR Indian Ministers appearing together at a press conference. 

Is this the New Malaysia?  Indian Ministers appear together over Indian issues.

What happened to the Malay Ministers?
Where were the Chinese Ministers?

Why wasnt Kulasegaran wearing his Thodta-karan (gardener's) red turban? 
I want to register a protest with the registrar of thodta-karan's turbans.

Is it the policy of the PH government that Chinese Ministers will appear over Chinese issues? Malay Ministers will appear over Malay issues?

In that case where is the Mamak minister? 
Who is going to appear for mamak issue?

Hats off to Tan Sri Muhyiddin the Minister of Home Affairs who released that detailed press statement which has just killed off the entire temple issue.  The Press Statement should have come out earlier but the amount of detail  made up for the delay. 

The moment Tan Sri Muhyiddin said the magic words 'RM150,000 paid to Malay thugs' everyone just shut up.  The issue just died. The Maha Mariamman Temple is back to normal.  

So RM150,000 was wasted. Or some people will be singing karaoke.

(Let me digress a little. I was in the MACC Advisory panel for FOUR years until 2014(?) Do you all recall that Pengarah Kastam who was shot and killed at a road junction in Putrajaya? Until today the case is not solved. The Police never caught the murderers.  There were Press photographs of his funeral. Some of his 'colleagues' were photographed as very sad and even crying over his shooting death.  Well folks, later that same night, some of those same "sad colleagues" were seen singing and dancing   at some dangdut club or karaoke club somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. They did not know they were under surveillance. Maybe they had already made reservations at the dangdut club which they could not cancel. Jangan kita terlalu buruk sangka. Also, "Muslims do not tell lies".  Ha ha ha.) 

3. Menteri Crypto Currency. 

Khalid Samad the Minister of the Federal Territory does not seem to understand the meaning of cleanliness, clean sidewalks, dirty warongs, hawkers blocking shop fronts, hawkers blocking the kaki lima and blocking the sidewalks. 

Despite becoming Minister for six months now not much has changed in Kuala Lumpur. The uneducated Bangla and Indon labourers now control our traffic flow with their dirty red and green flags at all the roadside construction sites around KL. They can create massive jams by placing those plastic cones just six inches into the traffic lane. 

The major roads are still being closed for sports and other activities.  Go to the sports stadiums for sports activities. Do not close the roads in South East Asia's third largest city for silly activities involving a few hundred or a few thousand people only. Kuala Lumpur is home to millions of people.  

4. Maszlee Malik the nonperforming Minister of Education.

Contrary to your belief Maszlee Malik may know what he wants to achieve. 
It may not be what you and me want to achieve.

His latest totally stupid suggestion was that hotels with swimming pools make available their swimming pools for school students to learn to swim. 

I think Maszlee  must be from the real backwoods with no idea of how the world works. 

1. Hotel pools are usually designed for aesthetics (curved shape, round shapes) with jacuzzi, water jets etc. For tourists and hotel guest to relax. How do you teach professional swimming lessons in such pools.

2. If a school has 1000 students, and a hotel pool can only take 40 students at a time for a one hour swimming lesson, they will need to CSR the pool 25 hours per week to cover all 1000 students.  That is 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 

3. Which hotel in the world can pinjam their swimming pool for FIVE HOURS every day? Or even for ONE hour every day? Where will the Chinese and European tourists swim? They are paying RM350 per night to stay at the hotel.

4. What if a student drowns or has an accident? Whose responsibility will that be? The hotel or the school or the MOE?

5. What if a student pisses or craps in the swimming pool? How will the hotel explain that to its paying guests? 

6.  Maszlee finally saw the conflict of interest in him being the Minister and President of the UIA and agreed to resign. Then he backtracked and said he will leave at end December or something. Tan Sri Muhyiddin the President of Bersatu told Maszlee to just resign immediately and be gone.  Why does Maszlee need time to resign from the UIA? Many loose strings still untied? 

7.  Then came Maszlee's expose about the "loss of milk, worth millions of ringgit, under the Susu 1Malaysia (PS1M) programme implemented during the previous administration."

Then what happened? Everything has gone quiet.  

Feedback I received from a previous Cabinet member (a slightly more honest guy) says that there was no loss of milk. Just the implementation was poor. 

The MOE at that time did NOT pay the suppliers in time for the milk. 
(It was a perishable item and the suppliers wanted payment upfront). 
So the four or so milk suppliers stopped supplying the milk. 

The Budgeted milk money was NOT spent and no milk was lost. 
Only the students did not get the milk. Sad.

Here is the interesting part. 

The milk contracts with the suppliers had been signed in 2010 by the Minister of Education at that time - who was Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the President of Bersatu and Maszlee's party boss.

There is some talk that Maszlee's deputy may have 'encouraged' him to expose this milk issue - which could embarrass Muhyiddin.  Just a few days later Muhyiddin told Maszlee to resign immediately from the UIA. 

But all this is just camouflage.  

Here are two pictures. 

The two guys in these two pictures are the same. It is a before and after of Maszlee and the mufti Perlis Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin. From university days in Jordan (above) and now in government (below).

There is plenty going on between Maszlee and the Mufti.  Both are said to be pro Salafi / Wahabi. Maszlee was a member of the Perlis Mufti's Advisory Council or something like that. 

Under Maszlee, the "Sunnah Perlis" government (of Perlis) has given RM5 Million to the UIA for a scholarship program. The conditions of the RM5 million scholarhsip include a proviso that the government of Perlis shall select 50 of the scholarsip candidates. 

..menyerahkan RM5 juta kepada UIA dalam bentuk biasiswa

Rujuk: http://www.utusan.com.my/berita/nasional/kerusi-jamalullail-maips-anugerah-50-biasiswa-pengajian-phd-bernilai-rm5-juta-1.745022 

Under Maszlee the government of Perlis has funded a Jamalulail Chair at the UIA. 

..Mewujudkan kerusi Jamalullail di Universiti Islam Malaysia (UIM) . . .dengan sejumlah besar peruntukan. 

Rujuk: http://www.utusan.com.my/berita/nasional/dr-basri-penyandang-pertama-kursi-jamalullail-1.598725 

The talk is the scholarsips and the chair will be used to encourage their type of thinking.

Another theory suggests that there is now a new but growing divide between the Salafi/Wahabis and the Sunnis shaping up in Malaysian politics, both in government and in the opposition.

People like Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin are Sunnis, perhaps with some interest in Sufism. I should ask Tan Sri the next time I see him. 

There are Salafis/Wahabis both in government, certainly in UMNO (the Youth Chief) and now maybe in Pas as well.  

So there could be more going on in the background than meets the eye. 

While we are thinking of a better country, a better economy, better education. freedom of religion, freedom FROM religion etc there are other people  who have other thoughts.

I digress. The Pakatan Harapan Cabinet is now a hodge podge of different interests.  

But whatever your interests are, a high degree of competence is required to run a government and run a country.  

We are not seeing that in good quantity.

Here is the final take :  In just SIX months some of the Cabinet Ministers have already begun to alienate the public. The voters. At this pace, the Pakatan harapan WILL lose the confidence of the voters.