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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A-G to ministry: Appeal against water agreement disclosure ruling

The Attorney-General has advised the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry to appeal against the High Court's order for the federal government to disclose the water concession agreement between the Selangor government and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas).

Its minister, Peter Chin Fah Kui, however, refused to elaborate on the matter.

He was asked to comment on the High Court's order on Monday for the federal government to disclose the audit reports and the water concession agreement.

The High Court's decision was in favour of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) and 13 others who had asked for a judicial review after the then energy, water and communications minister Dr Lim Keng Yaik denied their request to make public the documents.

The request made on Nov 7, 2006 was rejected by the ministry on Dec 4, 2006 as the agreement is categorised a classified document.

- Bernama

French prosecutors to interview PI Bala over submarine deal

French prosecutors will be interviewing private investigator P Balasubramaniam in Paris next week as part of their ongoing investigation into claims of corruption over a US$1.1 billion submarine deal linked to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Balasubramaniam's lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu told FMT that he was informed by French lawyers of this latest development yesterday.

“Balasubramaniam will be travelling to Paris later next week to talk to the French prosecutors,” he said.

He added that it was an irony that the French prosecutors were ready to talk to Balasubramaniam but not the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers.

He was referrring to the MACC's decision yesterday not to send its officers to London to record statements from Balasubramaniam in the murder trial of Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Mohd Shukri Abdull had said Balasubramaniam would instead be asked to answer questions which would be submitted through his lawyer in the form of a sworn statement or affidavit, as advised by the Attorney-General.

Americk said he was disappointed with the MACC's decision not to fly out to London to meet Balasubramaniam as was previously agreed upon.

“I just find it interesting that the French don't seem to have a problem in taking Balasubramaniam's statement unlike our MACC and its legal advisers,” he said.

“We will, however, continue with our plan in London. We have arranged for a press conference on July 7 and that will proceed,” he added.

He also said that Balasubramaniam and his team of lawyers will be present at the Holiday Villas in Bayswater, London, at 10am on July 5 for the arrival of the three MACC officers who are supposed to interview Balasubramaniam as arranged and promised.

“Bala was available at all times and the MACC knew this. We have documents to prove we had informed them of our willingness to cooperate as far back as December last year. Why is everyone becoming so coy at the eleventh hour?

“It is nothing less than astounding to realise that an authority such as the MACC, which would have been expected to have done everything in its power to investigate the very serious allegations made against the prime minister, his wife and his brother, would now forfeit that opportunity on tenuous and exasperatingly flimsy grounds...

“They know full well that much preparation has gone into organising this interview and to then pull out at the very last moment is contrary to the false perceptions created by them up till now,” he said.

Controversial statutory declarations

Balasubramaniam created controversy on July 3, 2008, when he distributed a sworn deposition in connection with Altantuya’s murder.

His statement alleged links between Najib's close friend Abdul Razak Baginda and the deceased.

The next day, the private investigator retracted his statutory declaration and subsequently left the country with his family.

On Oct 27 last year, in the presence of three prominent lawyers, Balasubramian came out of hiding and reaffirmed that his first statutory declaration was true and that he was offered RM5 million to retract it.

In the no-holds-barred interview, he named businessmen Deepak -- who is said to be an associate of Rosmah Mansor, the prime minister's wife -- as the person who met him at a Rawang restaurant and made the cash offer.

He also claimed that Najib’s brother Nazim offered him RM5 million to retract the first statutory declaration, a charge which the prime minister has rubbished.

MACC had already recorded statements from Nazim and Deepak.

The French investigation, meanwhile, stemmed from a request of Malaysian human rights group which alleged that French shipbuilder DCN paid a commission of U$150 million (114 million euros) to a company called Perimekar in the sale of two Scorpene submarines to Malaysia.

Perimekar is linked to Abdul Razak Baginda and he was later acquitted on charges of abetting the 2006 murder of his mistress Altantuya, who was a translator in the submarine deal.

Najib, defense minister when the deal was brokered, has defended the submarines' purchase and denied any involvement in Altantuya's murder.

courtesy of FMT

Zahrain: Zaid stayed in same hotel with RPK - SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM

Documents show that blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin and Pakatan Rakyat secretariat coordinator Zaid Ibrahim had checked into the same hotel in the UK last year.

This has raised the eyebrows of Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who quit PKR in February and declared himself an Independent lawmaker.

azlan"I have here their hotel bookings. Raja Petra made a booking from Oct 1-4 at the Britannia Hotel (in) Manchester and Zaid made a booking at the same hotel from Oct 1-3," he told journalists at the Parliament lobby today.

He questioned the "coincidence" and called for an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to probe if there is link between the duo.

"I am asking MACC to (find out who is funding) Raja Petra's stay in London. What was (Zaid) doing with a fugitive in Manchester?" asked Zahrain.

Asked if he was accusing Zaid of providing the funds, Zahrain denied this but said he wants MACC to get to the bottom of the matter.

He also claimed to have a copy of an email from Raja Petra to his daughter, stating that he had received RM470,000 from Amarjit Singh.

Since Amarjit is a lawyer for both Raja Petra and PKR, said Zahrain, the money may have come from the party.

zahrain hashim parliament 180310"I know that there is a relationship between the PKR right-hand man with Raja Petra, based on the hotel booking. Therefore I want (de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz) and MACC to investigate," he said.

Zahrain (left) added that he would hand over his information to Nazri after the press conference.

Raja Petra was charged with sedition and criminal defamation last year but was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal in both matters, as the prosecution could not serve the warrant of arrest on him despite several postponements.

Missing from Malaysia since May last year, he now lives in self-imposed exile.

In an immediate response posted on his blog, Zaid stayed true to character and appeared unpertubed by the accusations.

'I met RPK. So?'

He instead expressed 'pity' for Zahrain for being "so pathetic".

"Parliamentarians should be proposing ideas for national policy and be brave in criticising government decisions... this is their job, especially "Independent" MPs who are favoured by the PM.

NONE"That is why I am surprised that this has been made an issue. (Zahrain) has become like a member of the Special Branch," he said in the posting.

Zaid also admitted to being friends with Raja Petra and his wife Marina that he had met with them during his trip to Manchester last year.

While Raja Petera did indeed make the bookings for him, the former did not stay at the hotel as it was only 15 minutes from his home, said Zaid.

"Meeting Raja Petra is not a crime, dear YB. Even you have been to his house in Manchester," he said, turning the tables on Zahrain.

marina lee abdullah malaysiatoday 080807 adamantUnlike others, he suggested, he does not believe in abandoning friends in times of need and would visit them everytime he is in London.

"I will be in London again next week and God-willing, I will meet with Marina and Petra.

"I also hope to meet with Bala if MACC does not want to meet with him," he said, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the anti-corruption agency's decision to cancel its much awaited interview to record private investigator P Balasubramaniam over the Altantuya Shaariibuu case.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

MACC chickens out on London meeting with Bala

As expected, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has chickened out of plans to meet private investigator P Balasubramaniam in London next week.

“This doesn’t speak well about their ability to be fearless or even serious crime-fighters. It also underscores the walls of conspiracy in the whole Altantuya murder-Scorpene submarines scandal,” PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

“There is no need to ask who they are trying to protect, it is obviously our Prime Minister Najib Razak. But if they are trying to save him embarrassment, this is the worst way because it only incriminates him even more.”

Bad advice from the Attorney-General

According to a report from online news portal Malaysiakini, MACC deputy chief of operations Mohd Shukri Abdull said his commission had decided to cancel the interview due to 'legal considerations'.

Instead of meeting face-to-face, Shukri said the Attorney-General had ordered the MACC to submit questions to Bala's lawyer and request that the answers were returned in an affidavit form. "We will submit the questions to the witness' lawyer tomorrow," he said.

However, Shukri was unconvincing and even admitted that a past case inolving tycoon Eric Chua was not allowed as evidence by the courts. MACC Legal and Prosecution Director Abdul Razak Musa said even if Bala's lawyers sent them the affidavit, the document may not hold much weight unless Balasubramaniam himself agreed to testify in court.

"This begs the question why then does our AG Gani Patail give such advise. If they know the affidavit won't hold water, then why use this route when a nice cosy meeting has already been arranged in London, where it is very beautiful in summer," PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Akin told Malaysia Chronicle.

"I think the time has come when not just Najib, but Gani Patail should also questioned by the rakyat for giving lousy advise. He should be grilled for not taking steps to protect taxpayers and the country's good name.His performance should be rated and his KPI noted."

Death Squad

Three MACC officers were due to meet Bala and his lawyer at the Holiday Villa in London on Monday and Tuesday. This is not the first time that the MACC has drawn fire for its snail’s-pace work on the Altantuya-Scorpenes scandal.

Since Bala re-surfaced late last year to reveal that he fled the country after implicating Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor in a statutory declaration in 2008, the MACC has been under pressure to explain why it did not accept Bala’s offer to help in investigations.

Bala had invited the MACC to record his statement. His only conditions were that it be in a safe country like the United Kingdom but not Singapore, and that his lawyers were present.

But from the choice of countries to the type and location of the venues and even the number of lawyers whom Bala could bring along for the interview, the graft-buster has stonewalled.

The MACC's sudden acquiescence late last week sparked a rash of red-hot and bizarre speculation. Commentators on the Internet began punting that Najib would send a hit-squad to finish off Bala, who is believed to hold in the palm of his hand information so momentous it could topple the BN government and even put the PM and his wife behind bars.

"My sixth sense told me that these MACC officers are not sent to London to interview Bala but could be on a mission to silence Bala and his lawyers in London. These are the so-called "Death Squad". They are prepared for any eventuality, even to the extent of spending time in the London jail. The stakes are much too high for Najib to ignore!”

This was just one such comment that Malaysia Chronicle highlighted on Tuesday. It reflects the sad depth of mistrust that Malaysian citizens on the whole feel for their top leader.

courtesy of Malaysia Chronicle


The money P. Balasubramaniam is using to pay for his trip to London and his hotel accommodation there is derived from the funds he has received from Deepak Jaikishan at the behest of Rosmah Mansor.

By Americk Sidhu

I refer to the statement made by Independent MP Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Hashim in the lobby of Parliament this evening and reported in The Star online portal.

In this statement Datuk Zahrain has suggested that the "individual involved in sponsoring Bala in London" be investigated by the MACC.

I have instructions from my client to say that he fully supports the suggestion made by Datuk Zahrain for the simple reason the money he is using to pay for his trip to London and his hotel accommodation there is derived from the funds he has received from Deepak Jaikishan at the behest of Rosmah Mansor, who ultimately and unwittingly, is his sponsor.

Americk Sidhu

Counsel for P. Balasubramaniam

Have Malaysians Lives Changed Much Since the “Tsunami”?

It is easy to play the blame game and accuse the Malays of being unwilling to give up their competitive advantage for the good of the country while subscribing wholeheartedly to the selfish capitalist ideology of the “hidden hand”. This is naïve and takes the Malays for being fools or at the very least altruistic “Tuans”. Worse, it is pathetic political tactics.

By batsman

So why the big fuss over politics?

For most of us life has changed little. It is still the daily grind. The majority has gone back to working for a living. Decide for yourself how much your own life has really changed. Yet for some people, it IS a real tsunami. Arguably, AAB’s life has changed, some may say for the better while Ms Hee’s life has probably also changed – some may say for the worse.

It does seem that the further up the ladder, the greater the impact of the “tsunami”. So the “tsunami” actually applies only to VIPs and their honchos. For most of us, we are just spectators in a drama. So why the big fuss over politics?

It would seem that the bigger your ambition, the bigger the fuss you are likely to make. I mean “ambition” in the broadest sense, not necessarily climbing up the political ladder but also ambition to change or “improve” society – making your contribution to “progress”, standing up for justice or helping the disadvantaged. I guess it also applies to those who have great ambition and wish for their lives to change but become disappointed when they are not able to attract sufficient attention from the VIPs and powerful persons as well as those who wish for their lives to change by joining UMNO.

Obviously, there are complications to this model or interpretation. For example, for some, the ability does not match the ambition, so the action speaks less loudly than the words – much like a small puppy noisily barking for attention, or to impress its owners.

Yet it is undeniable that politics does affect ones life. In the long term, corruption destroys the community and breeds brutal selfish violence. Ordinary people are forced by circumstance to become criminals and people become victims through no fault of their own. This has a real effect on individual lives however much one tries to avoid it.

It is like global warming. People talk about it, people worry about it, but few take any really effective action. Politics affects each and everyone of us through the social and economic environment, while those who are politically involved in a direct way are affected more the more they are involved in the political process. Those who become targeted when political circumstances collide (when they are dined and feted for winning elections, or just because they are political assistants to politicians whom evil people wish to bring down) face the brunt of plots and machination. Their lives are therefore greatly affected.

Don’t blame such people if they become personal about it especially when the majority of us don’t really bother very much anyway what happens to them. Some become personal by accepting tempting and corrupting offers while others become personal by increasing their hatred and bile for those who are not bothered about politics and don’t even bother to vote.

So when does it become personal? This is difficult to say. In the example on global warming, things become very personal when one lives by the sea side and the waves are eroding one’s house and property away or when one lives somewhere near slopes which are apt to collapse in devastating landslides.

We have individual and community lives. These must be properly balanced for things to make sense. If the majority look after only their individual lives and ignore the needs of the community, then when politics affect the community and subsequently affect ones individual life then things may get a bit confusing and some may start to ask the question “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?”

In Malaysia, the community needs a lot of attention. People are too focused on their individual lives. There are lots of individual actions to improve individual lives, but there is very little joint action or community action to improve the social and economic environment.

One may blame capitalism and the concept of the “hidden hand” for this. Apparently if the individual acts selfishly, the sum total of all individual selfish acts will benefit society. There is something perverse about this type of thinking.

According to this reasoning, the Chinese in Malaysia may justifiably act selfishly and use their competitive advantage in business and technology as well as financial clout to get ahead and this will benefit Malaysian society as a whole. By the same token, the Malays may use their competitive advantage of greater political power and support UMNO to protect Malay dominance and this will benefit Malaysian society as a whole. The Indians are then justified to use the selfish examples of the other 2 communities and demand Indian rights alone and this will benefit Malaysian society as a whole.

Such thinking will never contribute to the creation of a common Malaysian identity and loyalty despite slogans such as “1 Malaysia” or “Malaysia for the Malaysians”.

Let me try and provide the argument why. We are like 3 princes vying for the throne in a fairy tale, each using his competitive advantage to the full and obsessed with the power and threat from the others, while blissfully unaware that the real power is being stolen by the manipulative and evil prime minister. In a sense we quarrel over goodies, each using their competitive advantage against each other while forgetting that competition for the overall economic pie also includes powerful foreign forces.

We have this predicament of Bahasa Malaysia versus English in schools. This is not all. There is also the predicament of Tamil schools and Chinese schools as well as madrasahs. In a sense we need to get the balance right in spite of all these complications and overly sensitive feelings.

For the Indians, it is arguable that those who have good command of English are also those who are better off economically. These Indians have also gone one step further and accepted western values and practices to a certain extent. They have made sacrifices in order to get ahead economically and have tried to balance traditions versus modernity without losing too much of their identity.

It is the same with the Chinese although to a lesser degree since the Chinese are much more powerful economically (both nationally and now increasingly internationally as well) and a great many Chinese can get along very well without having to learn any English. Well, good for them, but it is a bit worrying that if they can comfortably ignore the global environment and isolate themselves within the Chinese economic community, would it not be even easier to ignore the national environment?

It is easy to play the blame game and accuse the Malays of being unwilling to give up their competitive advantage for the good of the country while subscribing wholeheartedly to the selfish capitalist ideology of the “hidden hand”. This is naïve and takes the Malays for being fools or at the very least altruistic “Tuans”. Worse, it is pathetic political tactics.

After all it is the reformists who are pushing for political reforms and it is they who must take the initiative.

So while there is still a stalemate in the political situation in Malaysia with each side jockeying for advantage, wouldn’t it be a good thing to review political agendas and platforms and make a more decent appeal to the Malaysian masses such that they can seriously consider abandoning the old paradigms and venture to try new ones in the hope that their lives can change for the better?

Better still, can we frame political agendas and platforms such that the social and economic environment in the country has a hope of changing for the better and a truly Malaysian identity can be forged without depending on cheap slogans? We need changes to the environment to effectively reflect greater fairness and justice, professionalism and integrity, the talented being given more opportunity and responsibility while the untalented are guaranteed dignity as long as they strive to the best of their ability. Gosh – have I indulged in some cheap sloganeering? I too have a cat that needs a name. heeheehee

Mugilan Lodges Police Report Against Samy Vellu

The founder of Anti Samy Vellu Movement (GAS), V. Mugilan in a press conference today announced that he had lodged a police report at Petaling Jaya Police Headquarters against the negligence and misappropriation of funds by Dato’ Seri S Samy Vellu.

Mugilan shows police report to the reporters during press conference.Mugilan shows police report to the reporters during press conference.

This report was made based mostly on the evidence that was revealed by former MIC Youth Chief, S. Vigneswaran through a summon in High Court whereby the Judge, Mah Weng Kwai gave an order to allow Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED) to take action against its Chairman or Board Directors, in particular, Samy Vellu.

Mugilan said the existing evidence in hand in addition to those from Vigneswaran were more than sufficient for the police to start conducting their investigation.

In the report, Mugilan alleged the misappropriation of MIED funds was committed by Samy Vellu when the latter awarded a RM27 million landscaping contract to Nova Blooms which is owned by Komathy Ganesan. Mugilan claims that Komathy is a proxy of a Samy Vellu’s close friend named Roseline. Mugilan’s report also alleged that MIED was later paid RM31,222,407 to Nova Blooms.

Additionally, the report said Samy Vellu also gave Maika Intellectual Resources (MIR), which belongs to his son, a contract issued for “Information and Communication Technology Services and Infrastructure” totaling RM40 million on 30 December 2002.

Mugilan also questioned the holding of MIED’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which only took place ten years after its last AGM when the company is considered to be a big company that is able to generate billions in profit.

“I would also like to express my dissatisfaction with MIED’s Board of Trustees which had fixed 6 percent interest on the study loans given to the poor though there were no interest charged in the loan repayments from certain parties especially the RM9 million loan given to a company represented by Tan Sri Harinarayanan and RM7 million to Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Manaf,” Mugilan said.

He added that if the police are unable to take action against Samy Vellu within a month, he will go directly to Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to make a report.

When asked by a reporter why he had decided to file the report to the police instead of Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) to file his report, Mugilan said that “MACC is extremely biased towards ’certain’ people.”

Stick together....(fom left to right) Rajasekaran (Mugilan' s lawyer), V. Mugilan and G. Kumar AamaanStick together....(fom left to right) Rajasekaran (Mugilan' s lawyer), V. Mugilan and G. Kumar Aamaan

Later on, Mugilan was also asked to comment on MIC Youth Chief T. Mohan’s claim that GAS members were splitting apart as the ‘GAS’ acronym has been dropped from the title of the second rally which will be held in this Sunday in Dewan Hamzah, Klang.

In response to T. Mohan’s claim, Mugilan said that the key members of GAS (him, KP Samy, G. Kumar Aaman and Barath Maniam) are equivalent leaders in GAS. He also explained that he was the coordinator for GAS’ first rally whereas KP Samy is the one who is organizing for the second. G. Kumar Aaaman is likely the next coordinator for the third rally.

courtesy of Malaysian Digest

MACC no-show, as most Malaysians had expected

The press conference on 7th July will still go on. It will be at 11.00am at the Holiday Villa in London. Bala and his lawyers will no doubt not be telling the world what MACC asked him and what he replied. Instead, they will be telling the world what Bala would have told MACC had the session not been aborted.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Actually, this was already anticipated. MACC had initially wanted to record private investigator P. Balasubramaniam’s statement in the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore. That would have been as good as asking Bala to go to Bukit Aman for his statement to be recorded.

Of course, Bala’s lawyers disagreed and insisted that the meeting be held in London, the Holiday Villa to be exact. After a certain period of silence, MACC finally came back and agreed to the Holiday Villa London but insisted that they book the meeting room.

That was no problem. After all, they would be paying for it and as long as it is in the Holiday Villa who cares which room it is.

The reason why MACC wanted to make the room arrangements is because they wanted the entire session to be confidential and covered by Malaysia’s Official Secrets Act. This means Bala would not be allowed to reveal what transpired during his meeting with MACC. And they were also worried that if Bala’s lawyers arranged for the meeting room they may plant bugs to record his session with MACC.

What MACC failed to realise is that you no longer need to plant bugs in the meeting room. You can record whatever transpires from another building across the road or from a parked van outside the building. And you can zero in and pick up exactly what you want without too much interference from other goings-on.

Anyway, up to yesterday, MACC did not contact Holiday Villa about the booking of the meeting room. Bala’s lawyer then wrote to MACC telling them that since they have not made any booking then the booking will be done on their behalf. The lawyer also wrote to Holiday Villa to inform them that the meeting room is being booked on behalf of MACC and that MACC would be paying for it.

That was when MACC decided to announce that the session has been aborted.

MACC wanted to impose Malaysian laws under the Official Secrets Act and Anti-Corruption Act on Bala. But these laws can’t be enforced in the UK and in the UK you just can’t deny a person legal representation or stifle information, as there is a Freedom of Information Act.

What MACC wanted to do was to have a secret or confidential meeting with Bala without the presence of his lawyers and then go back to Malaysia and announce that they have taken Bala’s statement and have found nothing to incriminate Najib or his family in any criminal act. This would work only if no one else knows what Bala told MACC. But if the interview were to be made public or Bala’s lawyers were also in the meeting then this would not work.

MACC wanted three days with Bala -- 5th, 6th and 7th July. But Bala’s lawyers were going to give MACC only two days because on the third day, 7th July, they were going to hold a press conference to inform the world what MACC asked Bala and what Bala replied over those two days.

MACC wanted the interview embargoed and the last thing they need is for Bala and his three lawyers to hold a press conference on the third day and pass documents, evidence and tape recordings to the media.

MACC realised that a trap had been laid and they were walking right into it. They tried to determine the ‘rules of engagement’ but discovered that these rules will only apply in Malaysia and not in the UK.

The safest thing, therefore, would be to call off the session with Bala.

But the press conference on 7th July will still go on. It will be at 11.00am at the Holiday Villa in London. Bala and his lawyers will no doubt not be telling the world what MACC asked him and what he replied. Instead, they will be telling the world what Bala would have told MACC had the session not been aborted.

This is heads I win, tails you lose. Either way Bala and his lawyers are going to have the last word. And there is nothing MACC or the Malaysian government can do about it.

MACC walked into a trap and by withdrawing they walked into an even bigger trap.

In the meantime, just to recap, watch the videos below. These have previously been published and this, plus more, is what Bala will be confirming in the press conference of 7th July 2010.

Watch these videos:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

courtesy of malaysia-today.net