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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Teo wants ‘hidden profits’ from fuel sales disclosed

If retail price of diesel was based on the monthly average world price of crude oil in July, the diesel price should have gone down.
Teo-Nie-ChingKUALA LUMPUR: July 2016 was one of the months where the people were paying “hidden taxes” to the government when purchasing diesel, charged Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching in a statement.
When the retail price of diesel was higher than the actual world price of crude oil, she pointed out, the price difference will become additional income for the government.
She urged the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister to explain why the government increased diesel price by 10 sen.
“The government must explain why diesel price went up by 10 sen to RM1.70 per litre from August 1, 2016. The current price of industrial diesel is only RM1.39 per litre.”
The average diesel price was RM1.60 per litre last month. However, industrial diesel was sold at RM1.45 per litre. “If the retail price of diesel was based on the monthly average world price of crude oil in July, diesel price should have gone down in August,” argued Teo. “The government has never failed to ‘surprise’ the rakyat.”
As the government has revealed in Parliament on April 7, 2015, said the MP, it has collected RM937 million in the first four months since the managed float system in December 2014. “The government should be completely honest with the rakyat.”
She has questions:
How much profit did the government collect until today?
How much hidden petrol tax has been paid by the people since the managed float system?
Subsidies for RON95 and diesel were scrapped in December 2014 in the wake of falling global fuel prices. Currently, retail prices of petrol and diesel are fixed according to a managed float system, based on the monthly average world price of crude oil.

Zaid Ibrahim says he’s disappointed with Pak Lah

The former law minister says his ex-boss should speak out against what is happening in the MACC which he started.
zaid-pak-lahPETALING JAYA: Former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim is “somewhat disappointed” with his former boss Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
He says in his latest blog post that Abdullah, who “started the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission with great enthusiasm” is content to watch its destruction and humiliation, including the maltreatment of senior officers he had handpicked, without saying a word.
“To expect the Royals ‘to step in’ on this matter might be asking too much but surely former prime ministers should not adopt such an attitude. If we care enough about this country then we must all stand up.”
He says it was hard for him to see the number one and number two of the MACC — Abu Kassim Mohamed and Mohd Shukri Abdull respectively — being “bundled out of the organisation” they helped start.
“I remember fondly my days with both of them, discussing ways to make the MACC an organisation Malaysians could be proud of.”
He says with the encouragement of Abdullah, he and the duo deliberated on the laws and the model Malaysia should follow.
Abu Kassim, he says, was impressed that the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption had many “oversight” committees.
He says: “I remember cautioning both of them at a meeting in my house that committees would not be much of a deterrent if we allowed political interference.
“At that time we did not expect Pak Lah to ‘retire’ quite so quickly and so we felt ‘safe’ that there would not be any interference from the political side.”
Wishing them well, Zaid, who was made minister by Abdullah, hopes they would remain active in the fight against corruption.
He urged Abu Kassim and Shukri to talk to Malaysians on a regular basis about how integrity is “central to our future as a people and as a nation”.
“They do not have to join political parties but they must not remain silent. They have a profile and they were chosen by Pak Lah to help the country fight corruption. They must continue that mission.”
He also says he was depressed after a long day in court last Friday hearing submissions by the Attorney-General’s Chambers arguing that the power of the Attorney-General to charge or not charge someone was not “justiciable”.
“In plain language, the Attorney-General can do whatever he wants, and the court has no power to grant relief to anyone who seeks help in wanting to know why the AG made a particular decision.
“The AG is a man who does not have to account for his actions, and if the applicant (me) is not happy with the decision of the AG, then he must seek his relief somewhere else. That’s the crux of the submissions which will most probably be accepted by our court.”
Saying he understands the message, Zaid adds it means he will have to get help from the people.
“It means that only a political solution will clean up this country of corruption and abuse of power. Only a political solution will rid this country of eunuchs who obey orders without conscience.
“I have to start the campaign process soon and I wish to assure my readers that this is exactly what I will do.”

Rahman Dahlan downplays Sabah Umno exodus

State Umno has half a million members, so what if 1,500 quit, asks Kota Belud MP.
Abdul-Rahman-DahlanPETALING JAYA: An Umno leader today downplayed the recent exodus of 1,500 members from the party in Sabah.
BN Strategic Communications Director Abdul Rahman Dahlan told FMT that the number did not mean anything, given that the party had half a million members in the state.
This was in response to the resignation of 1,500 members of Tenom Umno. They quit in the footsteps of former Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal.
According to Rahman, the Umno division in Semporna, which is Shafie’s constituency, is still strongly behind Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership.
The Kota Belud MP said that Sabah Umno would double its efforts to explain to the grassroots why the party Supreme Council decided to suspend Shafie’s membership.
Shafie reportedly said yesterday that the exodus showed Sabah Umno grassroots’ discontentment with the state and central party leaderships.
He also predicted that more Umno members would quit the party, adding that the people would “not die” without BN.
Shafie announced his resignation from Umno in early July, barely two weeks after his membership was suspended for voicing criticism against Najib.
Umno also axed former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin and former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir, at the same time, after they were alleged to have conspired with the Opposition to attack the Umno leadership.

Teacher attempts suicide after show-cause letter

Woman breaks down after months of alleged ‘torture’ by the headmistress of a Klang school, says report.
suicidePETALING JAYA: A Tamil school teacher tried to commit suicide after enduring months of alleged “torture” and bullying from her headmistress.
The Star Online reported that the last straw for the 33-year-old woman came when she was given a show-cause letter for supposedly not answering calls from the office, and being rude to the headmistress, last week.
The mother of two, who teaches Mathematics and English at the school in Klang, claimed that the headmistress had been picking on her since she got transferred to the school in January.
Last Friday, the teacher took a concoction of bleach and tablets, but her husband discovered it and took her to the hospital.
The portal also quoted the husband as saying his wife had been unhappy since her transfer to the school and that she often appeared troubled, due to problems at work.
Despite this, the woman, who had been teaching for the past 16 years, wants to continue teaching.
According to the report, several other teachers had also lodged reports with the Education Ministry against the headmistress in June.
Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan was reported as saying he would look into the case.

Qatar Airways inks interline partnership with Malindo Air

Malindo Air passengers will have seamless travel when traveling between Southeast Asia and more than 100 destinations in Qatar Airways network.
Qatar-AirwaysDOHA: Qatar Airways has teamed up with Malaysian-based airline Malindo Air in offering passengers seamless travel and greater connectivity when travelling between Southeast Asia and more than 100 destinations in Qatar Airways network.
Qatar News Agency (QNA) reports that the enhanced connectivity is coupled with the convenience of a single reservation across both airlines networks thanks to a new bilateral interline agreement that took effect on July 8.
The partnership allows Qatar Airways passengers to tap into Malindo Air’s growing short-haul regional network that currently serves 40 cities in 12 countries, including 13 major airports in Malaysia.
Malindo Air passengers travelling from cities such as Langkawi, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and Kuching can also easily book interline itineraries using one of Qatar Airways thrice-daily flights departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and seamlessly connecting to more than 100 onward destinations within the Qatar Airways global network.
Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker said by partnering with carriers such as Malindo Air, Qatar Airways was able to expand its regional footprint and continue to drive passenger growth on Malaysian routes and within the Asean region.
He expressed pride for being a global connector and with the Malindo Air interlines agreement, Malindo Air passengers would find it easier travelling to Qatar Airways expansive network whilst enjoying high quality service.
He added that many of Malindo Air’s regional destinations were now within easy reach of Qatar Airways passengers, providing greater ease of travel and connectivity for passengers travelling to these cities.
Meanwhile, Malindo Air Chief Executive Officer Chandran Rama Muthy expressed pleasure at partnering with Qatar Airways, one of the world’s best airlines, renowned for its aviation excellence and on board hospitality, saying that the agreement will further enhance Malindo Air’s reach beyond Kuala Lumpur International Airport to all destinations served by Qatar Airways.
He noted that Malindo Air is now able to bring passengers further than ever before, with onward flights connecting passengers to more than 100 global destinations through the state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport in Doha.
Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, is one of the fastest growing airlines operating one of the youngest fleets in the world. Now in its 19th year of operations, Qatar Airways has a modern fleet of 189 aircraft flying to more than 150 key business and leisure destinations across six continents.

Defend our rights instead, Bersih tells Suhakam

The Bersih coalition has expressed dismay over the newly-minted Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) chairperson Razali Ismail’s remarks about the electoral reform movement.
The coalition said that instead of ridiculing the protesters and urging Bersih not to take to the streets, the protesters should have been commended, and Suhakam should uphold their constitutional right to assemble peacefully without arms.
“We are dismayed that Razali chose not to defend the fundamental right of Malaysians to participate in a peaceful assembly, as enshrined under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution, but instead made disparaging and inaccurate remarks about the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who turned up for the Bersih rallies,” Bersih said in a statement today.
“We wish to remind Razali that Suhakam is mandated to protect and promote human rights in Malaysia, including the right to hold peaceful assemblies without arms.
“With the passing of a slew of draconian legislation and state prosecutions against politicians, activists and members of the public in recent years, we expect the chair of Suhakam to be at the forefront of defending human rights, so that Malaysia can proudly take its place among the fraternity of developed and democratic nations of the world,” it added.
Bersih was responding to a report published on Sunday in The Star, which quoted Razali urging Bersih to take on more ‘sophisticated’ methods than street protests to further its cause.
“No one can prevent them from asking for accountability. But if you want to make a point, why do you go to the streets? You damage a lot of property and all that. We are not that desperate in Malaysia like in Tunisia or Tahrir Square (Egypt during the Arab Spring uprising),” Razali is quoted as saying.
Pristine condition
On the matter of holding protests at landmarks such as Dataran Merdeka instead of a stadium, Razali said Bersih should promise to return the venue in a pristine condition.
His comments came as Bersih considers the option of holding a fifth Bersih rally.
However, Bersih rebutted Razali’s claims with Suhakam’s own findings during the Bersih 2.0 rally in 2011 and Bersih 3.0 rally in 2012.
It said that Suhakam - which had monitoring teams on the ground to observe the rallies and held public hearings on allegations of violence at the rallies - had concluded that the rallies had turned violent only after the police used excessive force to disperse peaceful protesters.“The resulting chaos and property damage cannot be attributed to the organiser or the protesters,” it said.

The group also took exception to Razali for implying that that the protesters had dirtied their surroundings.
It pointed out that the first time Bersih was allowed to hold its protest without incident last year, it had made arrangements for garbage to be collected, sorted, and disposed.
“We left Dataran Merdeka and its surrounding cleaner than before we started,” Bersih said. - Mkini

Waiting for the Royal interventions, would there be any?

Image result for Malaysian rulers

If we perceptively follow Najib’s moves, we will conclude that he is in real desperation and pain to remain in power that he does not deserve any longer.  Some say that he may want to leave the office but he is fretful to his indeterminate destiny. He knows that he is not able to weather the predicaments that haunt him day and night ever since he was read by the world over his involvement in the biggest financial scandal that the world has ever recalled. 

He and his Cabinet are not spending time to manage the country anymore but instead spend all efforts and time to defend his depraved deeds that he commits since he became the Prime Minister almost seven years ago. It’s too expensive to maintain him as the leader of the nation and it costs the country heavily.

As I have said many times in my postings months ago he is in actuality riding on the back of a tiger that he can’t dismount. In short Najib is in real trouble. Najib is petrified to leave the office as he knows he is not in peace to leave his personal fate to the people as his dubious deeds were unprecedentedly huge of an unimaginable and unforgiving scale. It’s not at all mistaken to perceive that with his continuous existence as the PM, the country is undoubtedly crippling and fragmenting to pieces.

He is totally trapped in a thick web that he does not have the space to move on other than to turn himself to dictator-like moves with new laws legislated backed by his blind loyalists in the legislatures, both federal and state assemblies. He is now strangled and stalled politically. He has to flex his muscles to rule and the people are forbidden to say any right thing any longer but to support anything that he decides to do.

In reality with the legislated NSC he practically centered all powers to him and he will exercise totalitarian rule to the country. As from the 1st August (today) he will have all powers with him and laws are not to protect the people but to conceal all his misdeeds, pranks and shenanigans tightly while he will roam and scales every part of the nations with his bluffs and deceitful speeches.

UMNO members and leaders will be made to unashamedly clap their hands and applause thunderously after every sentence he utters. He is already the country’s first dictator that historians will not forget to write. Najib will be reminisced by our generation as the puniest and treacherous leader who turned dictator after he lost moral fitness to rule.

However the people are still hopeful that there will be a change of guard to save the country from further deteriorations and corrosions of the system of our government. Of late there have been growing pressures by the people on the Malay rulers to act and save the country. They insist that the Malay rulers should act firmly on the Prime Minister to save the country from his debauched moralities as the head of the government, failing which the royal institution itself will be in extinction in a predictable future.

This grave situation warrants the Malay Rulers to act and this is believed to be the only hope left for the people to take cover from the ruthlessness of the current leadership. We need the Malay Rulers to save themselves and the people urgently. The ordinary citizens have never troubled the Rulers and the Rulers have to come out and save Malaysians at all costs. The Rulers and the rakyat have never separated and if the rakyat are being mistreated it is also the mistreatment of the Rulers themselves.

As the slogan goes “Raja dan Rakyat berpisah tiada”. The current leadership is harassing the subjects of all the High Highnesses and it’s only proper for the Rulers to step in with their Royal Intervention instantaneously.  

As this humble blog has been saying umpteen of times we are in real need of total revamp of this country. We need to start afresh and we want to be in a totally new ambience of a sovereign nation.

Tanah yang jadi rebutan dibeli dengan duit parti?

Print skrin tulisan saya dalam blog tahun 2011.
Sambung kembali cerita injuksi mahkamah yang dibuat oleh Abdul Fatah Haron terhadap syarikat Galeri Tani SB yang tercatat nama Mustapa Ali dan Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman bersama beberapa nama lain sebagai pemegang sahamnya.

Sebelum dicerita atau dikupas apa sebenarnya yang berlaku, saya hendak cerita sejarah tanah yang menjadi rebutan itu seperti mana maklumat yang terlatar ke telinga saya.

Seperti mana disebut sebelum ini tanah itu terletak di pinggir lebuh raya (jalan besar) Pasir Mas - Rantau Panjang. Keluasannya kira-kira 200 ekar. Tanah ini asalnya tanah rezeb kerajaan, yang setengahnya dijadikan kawasan padang rumput. Banyak yang berminat dan terliur dengan tanah itu yang nilai semasa kini mencecah RM130,000 ke atas sehektar.

Di awal lebuh raya itu wujud sekitar tahun 1986, mereka yang tidak bertanah membina rumah kediaman dan juga bangsal untuk berniaga di sepanjang lebuh raya berkenaan terutama berdekatan dengan Bandar Baharu Pasir Mas kini. Bagaimana pun rumah itu diperintah dirobohkan oleh Majlis Daerah Pasir Mas (MDPM). Saya sempat melaporkan kejadian itu dalam akhbar beberapa kali sehingga menimbulkan kontroversi.

Laporan saya itu tidak disenangi oleh seorang pegawai tinggi pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan itu sehingga saya pernah dipanggil ke Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Mas. Surat berkepala majlis itu di salinan ke pengetahuan Istana Kelantan. Saya tidak tahu apakah wajar surat itu disalin ke Istana, atau ia sengaja untuk mengugut saya agar berhati-hati dan menghentikan terus pembongkaran tentang berjouis atau Jin Tanah, yang memiliki tanah.

Pada tarikh dan masa ditetapkan saya hadir ke pejabat berkenaan. Malangnya pada hari yang ditetapkan itu juga pegawai berkenaan diarah bertukar ke Pejabat Tanah Kota Bharu. Jadi panggilan itu terlupus begitu sahaja tanpa saya sempat berdepan dengan pegawai berkenaan. Sesekali apabila saya bertembung dengan pegawai berkenaan, yang berkepala besar, sama ada di aiprort atau kedai makan, teringin juga saya bertanya hal itu, tetapi tidak jadi. Biarkanlah.

Berbalik kepada nasib rakyat marhein yang rumah atau bangsal niaga mereka diroboh tadi, ironi, rumah mereka tidak bertanah dan hanya meminta sejuring tanah untuk dijadikan kediaman dan mencari rezeki dimusnahkan. Sebaliknya mereka yang sudah kaya, mempunyai tanah berhektar diluluskan permohonan mereka dengan hanya menyebut "sim silabim" sahaja. Ada seorang pegawai Tanah dan Jajahan katanya memiliki ratusan hektar tanah di sepajang lebuh raya berkenaan dengan berselindung di sebalik nama waris warahnya? Cis.

Elok juga kalau SPRM menyiasat perkara ini agar keadilan dan kebenaran dapat ditegakkan.

Saya juga pernah melaporkan dalam blog ini, kisah dua beradik yang mewarisi tanah diterokai oleh orang tuanya yang ditanam dengan pokok getah sudah 30 tahun tetapi akhirnya terlepas dari milikan mereka. Mereka bergantung hidup kepada tanaman berkenaan. Pemilik atau peneroka asalnya sudah tiada, maka dipusakan kepada anak-anaknya.

Beberapa kali mereka memohon untuk memilikinya seperti mana kebanyakan orang lain lakukan, tetapi gagal.

Apabila Pas memerintah Kelantan 1990, mereka anak peneroka itu membuat permohonan sekali lagi dan berusaha meminta bantuan wakil rakyat. Mereka mengira Kerajaan Pas lebih prihatin dan peka dengan kesusahan rakyat. Wakil rakyat itu ada menjanji untuk menyelesaikannya, tetapi akhirnya terlepas begitu sahaja. Menyedihkan, apabila mereka menyemak status permohonan itu di pejabat tanah Pasir Mas, tanah milik mereka sudah atas nama orang lain. Sekali lagi cis dan kini ditambah dengan berdebah.

Berbalik kepada tanah menjadi rebutan atau injuksi oleh pemimpin Pas terhadap pemimpin Pas lain tadi;  Tanah ini diluluskan kepada beberapa individu menerusi sebuah syarikat. Ia diluluskan sekitar akhir tahun 80-an, di zaman pemerintahan BN di Kelantan. Dipercayai individu berkenaan ada hubung kait dengan bekas TMB Hussein Ahmad. Sebab itu setengah mazhab berpendapat tanah berkenaan "milik' Hussein Ahmad.

Tanah itu kemudian digadai kepada sebuah bank perdagangan dengan nilai gadaian sebanyak RM180,000. Malangnya wang hasil gadaian itu disalahguna menyebabkan projek yang dirancangkan seperti mana proposal kepada bank tidak dilaksanakan. Pemimjam tidak menjelaskan wang pinjaman berkenaan menyebabkan bank terpaksa mengeluarkan notis lelolongan awam. Bank terpaksa menjual bagi mendapatkan wangnya.

Menurut seorang bekas pegawai eksekutif Pas Kelantan yang pernah beberapa tahun mendiami Pejabat Pas di Jalan Dato' Pati Kota Bharu, mengakui dia tahu serba sedikit mengenai sejarah tanah berkenaan, terutamanya macam mana tanah itu akhirnya jatuh kepada pemimpin Pas, Mustapa Ali, Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman dan seorang lagi Wan Othman Wan Yusuf.

Ceritanya begini. Apabila dia membaca notis lelongan itu dia ke bank berkenaan untuk mendapat butiran lanjut. Tujuannya hendak membeli tanah berkenaan daripada bank itu. Kedatangan pegawai ini ke bank inilah memecahkan cerita sebenar, bagaimana Mustapa Ali dan Abdul Halim menjadi pemilik kepada tanah berkenaan menerusi syarikat bernama Gelari Tani Sdn. Bdh.Bersambung.

High Court orders Najib's son to pay RM200,000 to CIMB

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's son, Mohd Nazifuddin Mohd Najib, had his appeal against CIMB dismissed by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today.
Justice Ahmad Zaidi Ibrahim dismissed his appeal where Nazifuddin had stood as guarantor of a company that had defaulted on its payment to the bank.
With this, the KL Sessions Court's decision that ordered him to pay RM200,000 or otherwise – which was the sum owed by the hirer, stands.
No grounds are available as the decision was made in chambers.
Last month, it was reported CIMB demanded that Nazifuddin, who is Najib's son from his first marriage, to pay the sum after the hirer defaulted on the payment made under a hire purchase agreement.
His lawyers had argued that the bank was not entitled to claim the full amount of RM200,000, as CIMB in its letter had demanded RM12,000 from him and therefore, the bank should not be claiming the whole amount owed.
Nazifuddin's lawyers also submitted that the guarantee agreement had stated that their client's liability was limited to what was demanded.

Najib's son failed to strike out the case at the Sessions Court while CIMB obtained a summary judgment against him.
A summary judgment is where a judgment is entered by a court for one party and against another party without a full trial.
Nazifuddin was represented by lawyer Justin Voon while lawyer K Ganesan appeared for CIMB. - Mkini

Youth groups to hold 'Tangkap Malaysian Official 1' rally in KL

A coalition of youth and student groups today announced efforts to mobilise a #TangkapMalaysianOfficial1 campaign in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 27.
At a press conference at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur today, the groups referred to the individual identified as 'Malaysian Official 1' in the United States Department of Justice's civil suit to recover billions of assets linked to state-investor 1MDB.
Group spokesperson Anis Syariah Mohd Yusuf said their campaign aimed to put pressure on local authorities to arrest and charge the Malaysian Official 1.
"Leading up to the peaceful assembly, students and youths will be carrying out briefing sessions for other students and those residing outside of the Klang Valley.
"Now is the time for action. We would also like to urge all youths to gather in solidarity in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 27. This is the time for us to celebrate the true meaning of Independence," said Anis, who also represents Kesatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia.
In the DOJ report, there were also 36 references made to Malaysian Official 1 who had allegedly received US$731 million in funds siphoned from 1MDB.
Critics claimed it was clear, from details of the report, that Malaysian Official 1 could only refer to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
However, Najib and his supporters have insisted that no assumptions should be made on the matter.
The DOJ suit filed in Los Angeles also named Najib's stepson Riza Aziz, together with their family friend and businessman Jho Low.
Youth activist Chan Tsu Chong said they believed that rally would not be perceived as a threat to national security.

"It is actually to further the national interest because many people are increasingly concerned and worried about the 1MDB issue.
"I feel that our action is not a threat to national security... ," Chan said.
"It is better for you to ask the inspector-general of police (Khalid Abu Bakar) on the National Security Council Act (NSC Act).
"For us, it is clear that this is not a national security issue," he said when asked whether the groups are concerned about the potential actions that could be taken under the newly-gazetted NSC Act.- Mkini

China firm denies rail project 'price hike to bailout 1MDB' claim

The China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) has denied allegations of a conspiracy to inflate the cost of the double-track East Coast Rail Project (ECRP) to help the Malaysian government secretly pay off 1MDB debt.
According to the daily The Australian, the CCCC said it had “no knowledge of the claims in those (Sarawak Report) articles”.
“We will continue to follow those false accusations made by certain media and will take necessary steps to defend our lawful rights,” the China state-owned company told the Australia-based newspaper.
The company was responding to Sarawak Report’s claims that the ECRP project would be awarded to the CCCC at an increased cost of RM60 billion, instead of RM30 billion.
Works Minister Fadillah Yusof has also denied the allegation.
[More to follow]