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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mat Taib : Dr M mahu PM yang bekerja, bukan melancong

The Malaysian Insider – Fri, Aug 29, 2014 

Muhd Taib mengatakan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad akan terus mengkritik Najib Razak kerana beliau mahukan seorang perdana menteri yang bekerja dan bukannya yang selalu melancong.
Bekas naib presiden Umno itu berkata, Dr Mahathir yang menjadi perdana menteri selama 22 tahun itu merupakan seorang yang tegas dalam pentadbiran.
"Bila beliau kritik Najib, itu menunjukkan ada yang pincang dalam pentadbiran sekarang, mungkin beliau mahukan perdana menteri yang bekerja dan bukannya melancong," 

"Dr Mahathir tegas dalam segala hal membabitkan negara ini, beliau mahukan yang terbaik untuk rakyat," katanya.
Menurut Mat Taib, semasa pentabiran Dr Mahathir, tidak timbul isu perkauman, malah tidak pernah ada kumpulan pendesak kaum seperti sekarang.
"Waktu Mahathir mana ada wujud Perkasa, Isma atau apa-apa kumpulan yang menunjukkan mereka terlalu Melayu. 
"Beliau adil untuk semua kaum tapi bila Najb mengambil Putrajaya pelbagai konflik timbul ada banyak badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) pendesak dan cuba menimbulkan pelbagai pendapat-pendapat negatif," kata beliau
Muhammad yang pernah menjadi menteri bimbang sikap lemah Najib dalam menangani isu membabitkan kaum yang boleh mengundang suasana tegang. 
Minggu lalu, Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau menarik balik sokongannya kepada Najib dengan berkata segala tegurannya dalam pelbagai isu hanya sampai ke telinga yang pekak.
"Saya tidak ada pilihan melainkan menarik balik sokongan saya. Ini tidak berkesan, jadi saya kritik," katanya sambil menambah prestasi Najib lebih buruk berbanding penggantinya, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
"Banyak polisi, pendekatan dan tindakan kerajaan di bawah Najib memusnahkan hubungan antara kaum, ekonomi dan kewangan negara," kata Dr Mahathir.

Antara isu yang disenaraikan ialah pemansuhan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA), sikap "lemah" Najib terhadap negara jiran dan penggunaan wang negara untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat setiap kali pilihan raya.Najib baru-baru ini bercuti selama dua minggu di Eropah. – 29 Ogos, 2014.

My views : The following points by Mat Taib (who is now a member of the opposition PAS) describe the 22 year authoritarian and cruel dictatorship of the wicked Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed :
  • semasa pentabiran Dr Mahathir, tidak timbul isu perkauman, malah tidak pernah ada kumpulan pendesak kaum seperti sekarang
  • Waktu Mahathir mana ada wujud Perkasa, Isma 
  • Beliau adil untuk semua kaum
  • beliau mahukan yang terbaik untuk rakyat
  • kerajaan di bawah Najib memusnahkan hubungan antara kaum, ekonomi dan kewangan negara
Dr Mahathir was a real dictator. Najib is not a dictator.

Merdeka Day Ponderings

So today is Merdeka. We're already 57 years old, or more precisely, Malaya is 57 years old, while Sabah is 51 years old. There are only two people in my life as I know of who is at the same age as of Malaya and Sabah. The Malaysian formation is only 51 by come 16 September. I don't need to repeat again about the history as every young Malaysian would have learnt a big chunk of this in secondary school whether you like it or not.

We may be 57. We already have been freed from the colonialism that was the English, Dutch and the Portugese, in cumulative, but is it completely?

Not really. We're not totally freed largely on  the aspect of of our mind. How we act and how we rule is still following what happened almost 60 to 70 years ago. The idea of independent thought, unconventional ideas and acts that are to break the existing mold, boundaries and rules are still considered alien to many Malaysians, especially those in the older generation. Having a different set of thoughts can at the extreme be considered as crime by some. Just because of that, some are thrown into the prison cells while we seem to be neglecting the bigger evil, of those who cheat,  rob and murder still runs wild. And to summarize a point to ponder from today's The Malaysian Insider editorial, even if Malaysia is viewed as a shiny apple in the postcards and images that we see, it is not what it seems to be, especially if you are observing how things are happening inside and at the surface astutely.

We still are thinking a few steps behind of the people from nations have moved a lot of their society obstacles aside. We still can't even win a single Olympic gold medal and even fell behind to our poorer neighbours in certain aspects. And some are worried that the society is starting to move backwards in social apperances and thinking towards prior the 16th century or earlier. Will this be prolonged until we reach 2057, when Malaya is officially 100 years freed from the English?
On that question, it is possible that it could happen as the result of the sins of the older generation and the present generation's ignorance. While we keep ignoring the signs and the cower in the threat of being hauled for saying something that is breaking the convention, the warning is that we could only live to see it regretting whenever an apocalyptic event occurs. The horsemen of Apocalypse do not know anyone by its religion or skin. It will claim whoever is on their path, regardless of a person claiming to be holier than thou. So, are you going to realize it only at the twilight of your life when you have the chance to do it right when you have able limbs to move around? I don't really like such outcome in the end, because gleefully, it can be used as ammunition for myself to rub more wounds on those who would start lamenting when that time comes.

Will you be willing take the risk to yourself if you choose to leave it as it is, even it will cost you in one way or another?   

The idea of Merdeka is not just about waving flags, heading to Merdeka Square to celebrate, seeing those propaganda videos played in cinemas and on TV. It also means independence of the soul meaning you are who you are and only you decide what you want to end up. A person should be given the chance to decide for themselves of what they wish to do and they only need to be reminded that they are responsible for their actions and be ready for their consequences. It's sad to see there are certain Malaysian friends, despite being Malaysians who are not given the chance to really think and decide, whereas are compelled to accept blindly what others authorities say and not allowed to question for themselves. That is not the proper freedom within the framework system that one is entitled for. There's no such thing as this applies to certain groups while the other group cannot have the same thing as others. To be consistent, it's all or nothing.

Let's put another example. Say there is a law introduced where it is considered bad on moral grounds, bad because it goes against the Money 101 principles, are you going to keep quiet and meekly accept it or do you start to come out and prove that they are actually wrong or something? No wonder, the famed man, the Pendita Zaaba, as well as the book Mental Revolution (Revolusi Mental) has posed a problem that was on Malays previously, but Malaysians now that we are poor in the soul and who does not have the spirit of adventure as certain Malaysians do.

Our administrators have yet to have some of the solutions matched to the current time. The solutions we had are still archaic in time and nature. Britain may no longer be our colonial master but the rules in the past have been put into their archives acknowledging that time has catched up with the old terrors like Sedition Act, the Eady Levy, etc.. Come to think in the next two decades or so, are we going to be a subject of chastising of other countries, even from our financially poorer neighbors who say that we still use obsolete things to make ourselves omnipotent but foolish?

Let's finally go back to the Merdeka history. We seem to be seeing only figures from Tunku to Najib all the time whenever we drive around the streets of KL. But what about other figures who have also contributed indirectly to Merdeka, the left-wing figures like Ibrahim Yaacob, Ahmad Boestaman and etc..? What about the anti-British freedom fighters who fought at the cost of their livelihood of the likes of Tok Janggut, Dato Bahaman or even Dol Said? Aren't their figures supposed to show up to show our appreciation for their contribution? Have we forgotten them already?

A year or two ago, people have raised the issue of our flag resembling the American flag and the tune of our national anthem resembling the Memula Moon song. They brought it up on the historical perspective and even showed the alternative flag the Sang Saka flag. Instead of getting to know the other side of our national history, other people jumped up and down like mad dogs, screaming all sorts of nonsense. Couldn't these people digest such possibility and acknowledge that these resemblances are perceived by some that we are copycats instead? And again as to repeat the earlier question, are you going to only notice / realize it when your life's at the end?

That's also some food to ponder and Selamat Hari Merdeka folks.

-A Little Taffer's Room

Happy 57th Birthday Malaysia

I acknowledge that Sabah and Sarawak (and Singapore) officially joined Malaya to form Malaysia only on 16 September 1963, but in actuality Tunku and the 3 State leaders had agreed on and planned the merger for 31 August that same year.

It was Indonesia's late President Soekarno (and the SUPP) who questioned and objected to Sabah and Sarawak merging with Malaya which led to a fact-finding commission before the 'yes' vote was ascertained, and the new state of Malaysia came into being on 16 September 1963.

What do we see after 57 years of self rule particularly for Peninsula Malaysia (Malaya)?

Ah Jib Gor gives us this 3-part message:

* Strengthen the solidarity of Malaysians, including unity in grief, in the face of challenges and tests.

* Cultivate confidence that we can achieve any ambitions as a nation if there is unity.

*  Leaving behind a prosperous and peaceful Malaysia

But he may have problems achieving his 3 admittedly very noble aims because we know that UMNO wants ketuanan Melayu, and yes, PAS also wants ketuanan Melayu, as confessed very recently by a PAS leader, Exco Pemuda PAS Dr Fadli Ghani).

Islam is supranationalistic which means PAS' claimed Islamic credentials have been subordinated to its ethno-nationalistic preference, which in turn means it's just a branch of UMNO, which actually is a fact, that PAS was a branch or splinter group of UMNO as PKR was too, wakakaka.

I am not sure what this PAS' message means for the future of Pakatan, but I suspect it will be gloomy.

MCA is actually dead but moving along only due to business, to wit, a political zombie without support from the group it claims to represent, the Chinese Malaysians, and surviving in zombie state only at the sufferance of Ah Jib Gor - I suspect he wants to deal with it in a big way (maybe I'll blog on it soon, wakakaka).

Anyway, MCA wants ketuanan perniagaan.

MIC is no better than MCA. It only wants senatorship, datukship and the buruh ship.

Wait, wasn't that how it started on 31 August 1957, Perikatan consisting of UMNO, MCA and MIC?

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!

Good Lord, was Tunku waving a keris?
If he was, somehow he didn't frighten us as the cousins did.


Happy birthday Malaysia.


The first step to reform would be to aim for full liberalisation. And this would mean no longer can religion, meaning Islam, be forced down our throats. Citizens of a liberal society must be allowed to decide whether they wish to belong to any religion, or be tied to a certain religion, or even to believe in God.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Many organisations, NGOs, movements, individuals, etc., have been pointing out the shortcomings and weaknesses of Malaysia. This has been argued for decades now and I, too, have said many things in the past. Now I more or less don’t bother to talk about it any longer for obvious reasons — nothing is going to be done about the matter.
I would like to refer to the news item from Free Malaysia Today (see below) as an example to argue my point (although this is not the only news report on the matter). What was reported is actually very true. However, the report is not complete.
Pointing out what is wrong is one thing. You also need to point out the cause of it. And, this, no one seems to want to talk about.
There is so much crime. There are too many unwed mothers. Incidences of AIDS are increasing every year. Unemployment is double digit. Standard of living is very low. There is no quality of life. Corruption and abuse of power is endemic. Personal debts are at an all time high. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is getting larger.
You can go on and on pointing out and listing down what we can consider the ills of Malaysian society. In fact, my list can be even longer than yours. However, you also need to point out why this is so. What causes all these problems we are facing?
And this is where most people fall short other than screaming we must, therefore, change the government, as if this is the cure-all remedy to society’s ills.
Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and many more, changed governments but that did not bring positive changes to the country. In fact, things got worse because the problem is not just with the government, although that may be part of the reason, but with society itself.
Let me go back to the Free Malaysia Today report below and let us focus on that. Malaysians complain that Malaysia still does not have real democracy or a functional democracy. And two reasons were quoted: the sedition law and the gender inequality.
Let us for purposes of this discussion just agree with that statement.
According to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, Islam is the religion of the Federation. Furthermore, Malaysia practices Sharia law where certain things allowed for non-Muslims are forbidden for Muslims.
This in itself is already inequality. Non-Muslims are free to do what they like while Muslims are not. If they do some of the things that the non-Muslims do, these Muslims will get arrested and punished.
On the other hand, non-Muslims are also denied certain liberties that the religious authorities may consider undermining Islam and/or a threat to Islam. You know what I am talking about here, of course (if not then it is your problem, not mine).
Muslim men can do certain things that Muslim women cannot. Muslims and non-Muslims are equally prohibited from doing certain things that may be viewed as seditious, especially when it affects Islam, the Rulers, and so on.
Islam or Islamic culture and tradition are very much the guideline in deciding what is permitted and what is prohibited.
Hence, when complaining that Malaysia lacks a functional democracy, it is no use just screaming that Malaysia lacks a functional democracy but you must add that Malaysia lacks a functional democracy because Islam is very restrictive.
PAS is a member of the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat. And Pakatan Rakyat is propagating reforms, more democracy, more civil liberties, and much more.
It is not use whacking Barisan Nasional or Umno since we say that Barisan Nasional and Umno are not reform-minded like Pakatan Rakyat. We have to target our appeal to Pakatan Rakyat, the proponents of reform.
Are PAS and Pakatan Rakyat prepared to honestly and sincerely fight for reforms? And if they are how far are they prepared to go or is this merely lip service and political talk aimed at winning votes?
The first step to reform would be to aim for full liberalisation. And this would mean no longer can religion, meaning Islam, be forced down our throats. Citizens of a liberal society must be allowed to decide whether they wish to belong to any religion, or be tied to a certain religion, or even to believe in God.
This would be the first step — to remove the shackles and bondage of religion and to be really free citizens of this world. Only then can we talk about other things.
So stop moaning, grumbling and bitching about Malaysia not being a functional or true democracy. Let us not just talk about the problem. Let us talk about the cause of the problem and the solution. How far are PAS, PKR and DAP prepared to go in seeking this solution so that we can stop talking about the problem?
Once we can address that question then the reforms or changes we seek will get closer. If not you can continue talking about the problem until 31st August next year and still nothing is going to happen.
Over to you PAS, PKR and DAP. What is your solution into seeing a functional democracy in Malaysia? Remove Islam as the religion of the Federation?
Malaysia not a functional democracy yet
EMPOWER is saddened Malaysia is still gender biased and prefers to use repressive laws like the Sedition Act.
(Free Malaysia Today) – Non-governmental organisation Empower said in a Merdeka Day statement today that Malaysia is far from being “a truly functional democracy that respects the rights of its citizens.”
The NGO said this in relation to two issues dominating the political scene in Malaysia – that of gender bias and the use of the Sedition Act to silence opposing political views.
On the issue of gender bias, Empower said they were sorely “disappointed” at the mounting reluctance to accept a woman as Menteri Besar of Selangor despite the law itself being “gender-neutral”.
“Presently, the only current Menteri Besar candidate who commands majority support from the Selangor State Assembly is Wan Azizah,” the statement read.
They also said “double standards” were widespread as women were “held accountable to higher standards” and “frequently face demands to prove themselves over and above the norm.”
“On the other hand, male counterparts with similar levels of experience go unquestioned and their qualifications are assumed,” the statement read.
The NGO was also disturbed by the increasing use of the Sedition Act to silence political criticism, saying the authorities were “overstepping their limits” despite a pledge by Prime Minister Najib Razak to repeal the Sedition Act.
“SUARAM’s statistics show that the number of investigations and charges under the Sedition Act actually rose dramatically in 2013: 15 cases compared to 7 in 2012,” the NGO said.
They said this form of bad governance was leaving the people “powerless” to fight injustice while “stifling” their right to express themselves freely, engage with one another constructively or make informed choices.
Empower’s statement was endorsed by the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Perak Women for Women (PWW) and Sisters in Islam (SIS).


Anwar Ibrahim
Azmi Anshar, NST
DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim might be anxiously fretting that the ground beneath his feet is sinking again, only that the déjà vu the opposition leader and unelected PKR supremo is experiencing is no paranoia.
The ground is indeed falling as fast as the Rawang sinkholes when swallets horrendously appeared, sometimes caving inside living rooms or kitchen floors of horrified villagers.
Anwar could empathise with the Rawang sinkholes, given the metaphoric holes he excavated for himself since he went rogue on Sept 3, 1998.
Don’t remind or mention the month of September to Anwar: appalling stuff happened, either those subjected to him or those he subjected people to in his outlandish bid to claw out of the chasm he burrowed to make himself relevant.
Here are sordid samples why September commemorates a nightmare for Anwar:
SEPT 2, 1998: His dishonourable sacking as deputy prime minister in the day and expulsion from Umno later that night. Why he was sacked on both counts can be turn into a 10-part political TV melodrama, ramifications that forced a generational schism for 16 years;
SEPT 20, 1998: His first police arrest after arousing illegal street demonstrations to vent anger against his sacking. Anwar was charged with corruption for interfering with police investigations that included forcing a complainant to recant her story that he gambolled in sexual misconduct;
SEPT 16, 2008: He bragged one hoary claim after another that enough Barisan Nasional members of parliament were defecting to the opposition to topple the BN government in what is now a dud, a “wag-the-dog” histrionics to mask his arrest for a second sodomy charge that year.
The Sept 16 complot is a historic hoot: it failed then, it will fail now, just when Anwar possesses better numbers to play around with, which proves that after six years, it is another dreadful tune in his notorious hit parade.
Now here comes another nightmarish September moment for Anwar: Sept 3.
This one looms on Wednesday, the deadline decreed by the sultan of Selangor to PKR, DAP and Pas to nominate three names each to replace, as menteri besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, still defying gravity after his questionable sacking as PKR member that underhandedly cast him as a pariah by axis hardliners.
Certainly, it wasn’t intended that when the bigheaded PKR geniuses who engineered the Kajang Move to boorishly replace Khalid with Anwar, the crunch would arrive damningly on a September day.
Still, it’s creepy that major Anwar gambits get foiled in the 11th hour: his Kajang by-election candidature scratched after the prosecution won their appeal to overturn his Sodomy II acquittal and before that, the sacking, the Sept 16 damp squib and the GE13 defeat that presented probably his last shot at the premiership despite boasting a tweet on polling day that he had won.
Now, the sinkhole is set to reappear, again tantalisingly at the 11th hour this Wednesday when Pas makes or breaks the axis’ alliance by navigating itself into a Catch-22 situation.
If Pas presents three nominees as decreed by the sultan of Selangor, the Islamist party shreds the so-called axis consensus of fielding only Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the sole nominee.
If Pas embraces the axis’ single nominee, it licks back its own spittle, forced to endorse Dr Wan Azizah’s nomination but worse, disobeying the Selangor ruler’s decree, a no-no for Pas because of its loyalty to His Highness.
However, reading into Pas’ simmering resentment against its PKR and DAP allies, it appears wilfully ready to break ranks for three reasons:
PAS balks at the nepotistic nature of Dr Wan Azizah’s nomination, “remote controlled” by Anwar, as one report goes;
PAS is sick and tired of years of being undermined in major policies, especially those that affect its Islamic precepts; and
PAS fears that the collaborative years were analogous to having ditched its akidah, the Islamic article of faith, which warns of divine retribution in the afterlife.
If Pas resorts to the three-nominee decree, Anwar is as good as finished in Selangor, realising too well that the sultan of Selangor, who has refused to even consider Dr Wan Azizah, will appoint the third (or fourth) nominee that is not named after his wife or his bolshie loyalist, Azmin Ali.
Even if the situation warrants a snap state election (which everyone seems to dread) where the axis retains power, the same obstinate scenario will replay where Anwar won’t relent while the sultan acts within his constitutional supremacy.
The delicious poser is, will Anwar go ballistic against the sultan of Selangor by unleashing his retaliatory arsenal of street demonstrations, social media assaults and other protests of insolence that reprises his vengeance against various Federal Government leaders in the past 16 years?

Penang state exco arrested for overseeing Voluntary Patrol Unit

Phee is the state exco responsible for the Voluntary Patrol Unit. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, August 31, 2014.Phee is the state exco responsible for the Voluntary Patrol Unit. - The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, August 31, 2014.Police arrested Penang state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh this evening over his involvement under the state government with regards to the Voluntary Patrol Unit (PPS).
Phee is the state exco in charge of the unit and his arrest follows the detention of about 250 members of the unit earlier today.
He was arrested when he went to the Northeast police headquarters to give his statement at about 4.30pm accompanied by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer.
He had also warned, in a Twitter message, that the PPS leadership should turn themselves in if they did not wish to have their homes raided by police.
Phee spoke to The Malaysian Insider yesterday, saying that the unit's scope included quick response to emergencies and disasters, and does not include enforcement powers.
He said the PPS was formed to help with community policing following lukewarm response from the federal government to their requests to increase Rukun Tetangga and Rela Corps to heighten security in the state.

Selfie bogel remaja perempuan 13 tahun tersebar

Gara-gara terpengaruh dengan media sosial, seorang remaja perempuan berumur 13 tahun telah menghantar gambar bogel kepada kenalan alam maya yang beliau belum pernah bertentang mata pun.

Sekarang gadis ini berada dalam ketakutan memandangkan gambar beliau telah tersebar dengan meluas.

Peringatan kepada remaja , perempuan, wanita dan lain-lain diluar sana, akibat dari terikut-ikut trend “selfie” bogel anda berkemungkinan akan menanggung malu seumur hidup maka berhati-hatilah.

Malaysia celebrates 57th Merdeka Day in subdued fashion

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia marked its 57th Merdeka Day in subdued fashion as more than 100,000 people from all walks of life gathered at Dataran Merdeka here on Sunday.
Themed "Malaysia, Where Love Grows", the parade started as soon as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah arrived at 8am.
Their Majesties were welcomed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
The King then saluted before the Negaraku was played by the Royal Malay Regiment's main band.
The Yang di-Pertuan Agong inspected a-guard-of-honour mounted by 103 member of the regiment, which was followed by three shouts of "Daulat Tuanku(Long Live the King)" and hoisting of the national flag accompanied by the singing of Negaraku and later, the firing of a 14-gun salute.
Malaysians at the iconic Dataran Merdeka also observed a moment of silence in prayers for the country's patriots and fallen soldiers who had fought for the country's independence.
Also present were Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Cabinet Ministers, and foreign leaders as well as other dignitaries. -Star

Mukhriz Botak Tersilap Catur, Senjata Makan Tuan

Selepas Mukhriz jadi Menteri Besar Kedah gantikan Almarhum Ustaz Azizan, macai-macai UMNGOK berseronok sakan. Ada yang mendabik dada, kononnya merekalah yang buat kerja sampai UMNGOK menang di Kedah. Ada budak-budak mentah yang kerjanya hanya menghadap komputer dan Internet angkat diri, konon-kononnya merekalah yang banyak mendedahkan penyelewengan Kerajaan PAS sampaikan orang ramai benci dan akhirnya mengundi UMNGOK balik.

Harapan kepada si Botak anak lelaki Mahadeath Kutty itu begitu tinggi. Konon-kononnya Mukhriz akan membawa legasi kepintaran dan kegeniusan Mahadeath ke Kedah.

Memang betul pun. Si Botak memang bawa legasi Mahadeath tapi bukan dalam bentuk pembangunan kepada rakyat dan kemajuan kepada Kedah, sebaliknya kepada kaum kroni dan orang2 di sekelilingnya.

Dah setahun setengah jadi Menteri Besar Kedah, si Botak setakat  pergi melawat sana sini dengan berlakon alim. Janji menggunung, hanya sekadar janji tapi tak ada satu pun yang dihasilkan. Dulu kata Almarhum Ustaz Azizan bermegah-megah kerana dapat simpan duit yang banyak dalam akaun kerajaan negeri. Si Botak juga nampaknya buat benda yang sama. Duit nak keluar untuk rakyat, bakhil mengalahkan kereta lembu tetapi untuk orang-orang keliling, cukup mudah.

Peliknya kalau untuk diri sendiri, ada pula bajet. Pandai pula dia cari duit. Nak melawat luar negara berkali-kali pun, dia boleh. Buat renovasi dan lanskap rumah Menteri Besar pun boleh pula membazir puluhan juta ringgit. Naik kapalterbang berulang-alik Alor Star ke KL, tak ada pula masalah.

Dah ramai yang bertanya, si Botak ni Menteri Besar Kedah atau Menteri Besar Kuala Lumpur sebab kekerapannya berada di Kuala Lumpur mengatasi jumlah masa dia di Kedah. Kalau susah sangat nak tinggalkan Kuala Lumpur dan berpindah ke Kedah, buat apa dia sanggup jadi Menteri Besar Kedah? Kalau dah anak bininya pun tak mahu duduk di Kedah, kenapa dia tak lepaskan sahaja jawatan Menteri Besar Kedah untuk diberikan kepada orang lain yang lebih berkeupayaan, duduk di Kedah dan memahami budaya Kedah?

Takkan dengan melawat sana sini dah selesai tugas Menteri Besar Kedah? Takkan cukup dengan kerja budak-budak hingusan buat publisiti dan propa dalam FB, dah buktikan si Botak Menteri Besar Kedah yang sangat baik?

Masalah dari baja petani sampai ke pentadbiran Pejabat Menteri Besar Kedah tu apa cerita? Longkang dan rumput sampai ke penambahan harta benda secara mendadak pegawai-pegawai MB tu pula, bila nak selesaikan?

Perjalanan ke luar negara tu, bila nak disekat atau dikurangkan? Janji-janji yang dibuat, bila nak ditunaikan?

Si Botak terlalu terpesona dengan cerita-cerita bagus daripada para penjilatnya tapi di bawah, penyokong-penyokong UMNGOK sendiri dah mula menyampah. Dia tak sedar tu. -Era pasca

[VIDEO] Anwar Ibrahim : Apa Makna Kemerdekaan?

Syarahan  The Asian Renaissance & Dialog Anak Muda Bersama Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Puchong, 30/8/2014

DON'T GET SWELL-HEADED! PAS would be annihilated in snap polls - ex Selangor MB Mat Taib warns

DON'T GET SWELL-HEADED! PAS would be annihilated in snap polls - ex S'gor MB Mat Taib warns
KUALA LUMPUR - An independent PAS could lose up to 10 state seats in Selangor if snap polls are called to resolve the state leadership crisis, warned former mentri besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.
Muhammad, who is now deputy chairman of the PAS information and media relations bureau, said the party’s previous wins in mixed parliament and state seats nationwide hinged on the support of Chinese voters, the country’s second largest ethnic group.
Speaking at a forum yesterday, he said the Islamist party won largely because of its partnership with DAP and PKR in Pakatan Rakyat pact.
“If PAS reconsiders its position, PAS will lose big in Selangor. If state election are called, I expect PR to win but PAS will lose, at least, 10 seats,” said Muhammad, who joined the PAS last year after a fallout with the Islamist party’s archrival, Umno.
Muhammad pointed out that in Election 2013, PAS won by slim margins in 10 of the 15 state seats.
Cautioning its representatives against self-delusion, Muhammad added that “the Chinese will no longer vote PAS” if the party changed its position with regards to PR.
“We have to be careful and be practical when it comes to the state of voters. PAS has the credibility among the Chinese voters, don’t ruin it.
“If there are views that PAS and Umno could join forces to administer the state government, it is only temporary. Umno is weak and it will resort anything,” he said, adding that Umno will attempt to “squeeze” PAS in the event it takes control of the country’s richest state.
Former Selangor mentri besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib
PAS has stood apart from its allies in the ongoing Selangor mentri besar crisis, at times prolonging the issue.
PKR and DAP have vouched support for Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as a sole candidate to replace the ousted Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, but PAS is adamant on an alternative.
The issue had seemed moot when the Sultan of Selangor instructed all three parties to nominate at least three candidates each for his consideration by September 3.
But PKR and DAP later insisted on Dr Wan Azizah alone, renewing the clash with PAS who wants to put Azmin Ali and another PKR lawmaker up for the ruler to choose. -Malay Mail

Najib the 'MOST SHAMBOLIC' PM: His right hand doesn't know what his left hand is doing - Kit Siang

Najib the 'MOST SHAMBOLIC' PM: His right hand doesn't know what his left hand is doing - Kit Siang
Is the Najib administration not only on auto-pilot but the most shambolic premiership in Malaysian history, with the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?
Malaysians are entitled to ask this question following the anonymous statement from the Prime Minister's Office yesterday, insisting that the slew of sedition charges against Pakatan Rakyat leaders was a court matter and the government has nothing to do with it.
The anonymous Prime Minister's Office statement said:

"Any charges under the Sedition Act are a matter for the courts. Malaysia’s judiciary is independent, as the verdicts of many cases prove.”
The PMO statement however insisted that despite the sedition charging spree, the colonial era Sedition Act will still be replaced by the National Harmony Bill.
It said: "The government welcomes feedback from all sections of society, and hopes to present the draft Bill to Parliament by the end of next year.

"Until new legislation is in place, existing cases must be tried under existing laws."
The PMO said the drafting of the replacement Bill was taking time as it is being carried out in consultation with civil society and the public.
Acknowledging that the recommendations of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) for the Bill has been subjected to fierce criticism from extremist right wing groups, the PMO statement said: "Like other countries, we are working to find the right balance between freedom of speech and national harmony in the age of the online media".
Thinking Malaysians find this anonymous PMO statement even more disturbing than re-assuring about what is happening in the country, in particular the Najib premiership.
Firstly, who issued the PMO statement? Why is it anonymous? Hiding the identity of the person who issued the statement is nothing more than an admission or confession that the authority for making such a statement is questionable and debatable and would not stand up to scrutiny or challenge.
Secondly, the statement not only showed the shambolic state of the Najib premiership, where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, but even worse, those in authority do not know what they are doing!
The PMO statement was utterly wrong when it claimed that the promise to repeal the Sedition Act would not be affected by the slew of recent sedition charges, as "Any charges under the Sedition Act are a matter for the courts” and that Malaysia’s judiciary is independent.
It is shocking that those responsible for the PMO statement do not seem to understand that in the dock of criticism for the slew of sedition charges is the Attorney-General and not the judiciary, and that although thd Attorney-General is vested with the discretionary powers under the Constitution to initiate any charges for any offence, he owes a duty of public accountability in a parliamentary democracy to explain that he is not guilty of selective and malicious prosecution against Pakatan Rakyat leaders in the recent slew of arrests and prosecutions.
Thirdly, the Attorney-General is the chief prosecutor of the Najib premiership and must reflect the policies pledged by the Prime Minister.
Najib has promised to make Malaysia the “best democracy of the world” but the slew of prosecutions against Pakatan Rakyat leaders for sedition offences as well as new-fangled criminal charges not done or unheard of even in the worst era of the 22-year “Dark Age” of the Mahathir premiership is a blatant and flagrant violation of Najib's “best democracy” pledge.
No credible Prime Minister would on the one hand promise to make Malaysia the “best democracy in the world” and yet allow his Attorney-General to launch a prosecution dragnet against opposition leaders and dissent which only happens in the “worst democracies” in the world!
Or is anyone seriously suggesting that the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Gani Patail is empowered to go against the policies and pledges of the Prime Minister without having to resign or be sacked from office?
I understand that there will be another sedition prosecution in the next few days.
Clearly, those responsible for the PMO statement yesterday know they are fighting a losing battle, as those in government who believe in the promise of “the best democracy of the world” are being elbowed out and replaced by forces in government who are set on Malaysia joining the ranks of the “worst democracies” in the world.
Hence the advent of the New Despotism in the Najib Premiership 2.0.
Lim Kit Siang is DAP Adviser