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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 57th Birthday Malaysia

I acknowledge that Sabah and Sarawak (and Singapore) officially joined Malaya to form Malaysia only on 16 September 1963, but in actuality Tunku and the 3 State leaders had agreed on and planned the merger for 31 August that same year.

It was Indonesia's late President Soekarno (and the SUPP) who questioned and objected to Sabah and Sarawak merging with Malaya which led to a fact-finding commission before the 'yes' vote was ascertained, and the new state of Malaysia came into being on 16 September 1963.

What do we see after 57 years of self rule particularly for Peninsula Malaysia (Malaya)?

Ah Jib Gor gives us this 3-part message:

* Strengthen the solidarity of Malaysians, including unity in grief, in the face of challenges and tests.

* Cultivate confidence that we can achieve any ambitions as a nation if there is unity.

*  Leaving behind a prosperous and peaceful Malaysia

But he may have problems achieving his 3 admittedly very noble aims because we know that UMNO wants ketuanan Melayu, and yes, PAS also wants ketuanan Melayu, as confessed very recently by a PAS leader, Exco Pemuda PAS Dr Fadli Ghani).

Islam is supranationalistic which means PAS' claimed Islamic credentials have been subordinated to its ethno-nationalistic preference, which in turn means it's just a branch of UMNO, which actually is a fact, that PAS was a branch or splinter group of UMNO as PKR was too, wakakaka.

I am not sure what this PAS' message means for the future of Pakatan, but I suspect it will be gloomy.

MCA is actually dead but moving along only due to business, to wit, a political zombie without support from the group it claims to represent, the Chinese Malaysians, and surviving in zombie state only at the sufferance of Ah Jib Gor - I suspect he wants to deal with it in a big way (maybe I'll blog on it soon, wakakaka).

Anyway, MCA wants ketuanan perniagaan.

MIC is no better than MCA. It only wants senatorship, datukship and the buruh ship.

Wait, wasn't that how it started on 31 August 1957, Perikatan consisting of UMNO, MCA and MIC?

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!

Good Lord, was Tunku waving a keris?
If he was, somehow he didn't frighten us as the cousins did.


Happy birthday Malaysia.

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