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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tanggungjawab RELA Sokong BN Dalam PRN Sarawak Kata Zahid Hamidi

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hari ini berkata, sudah menjadi tanggungjawab anggotaJabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia (RELA) untuk menyokong BN dalam Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Sarawak kali ini.

“Kita ada tanggungjawab. Yang pertama, kita mesti beri sokongan kepada Ketua Menteri (Tan Sri Adenan Satem). Kedua, kita wajib bawa seorang lagi untuk bersama-sama kita (menyokong Adenan).

“Inilah kekuatan darah perkasa RELA dan keluarga untuk bersama-sama kerajaan, dan tentukan kita memilih BN untuk kembali memerintah,” kata Menteri Dalam Negeri itu kepada kira-kira 500 anggota RELA yang hadir.

Beliau berucap dalam majlis pemimpin bersama RELA dan pelancaran projek menaiktaraf bekas jalan-jalan balak Sarawak (Fasa 4): Bahagian Miri, di Dewan Masyarakat Long Lama, Telang Usan hari ini.

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. Sebelum itu, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Operasi) RELA Malaysia, Kamaruddin Mohd Rafiq dalam ucapannya sebelum itu memaklumkan terdapat sejumlah 3438 anggota RELA yang berdaftar sebagai pengundi di DUN Telang Usan.

Kamaruddin juga mengumumkan kerajaan Sarawak sebelum ini menyumbangkan RM8 juta kepada RELA, yang menurutnya peruntukan terbesar yang pernah diberikan sebuah kerajaan negeri kepada badan sukarelawan itu.

Di majlis yang sama, Zahid turut mengumumkan kerajaan telah meluluskan peruntukan RM200 juta bagi projek menaiktaraf jalan-jalan balak di kawasan pedalaman itu.

Beliau juga menggesa penduduk Telang Usan menolak calon pembangkang yang menurutnya tidak akan mampu membawa pembangunan kepada penduduk di sini.

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. “Kalau pilih calon lawan, tak boleh buat apa-apa. (Pembangkang) hanya pandai merungut, kutuk dan berjanji kosong.

“Kalau calon kita menang, apatah lagi menang besar, saya akan kembali ke sini dan beri peruntukan tambahan,” katanya lagi.

Turut hadir adalah penyandang DUN Telang Usan dari PBB, Dennis Ngau yang akan dicabar calon PKR Roland Engan pada hari pengundian 7 Mei ini.

DAP sees an election bribe in Zahid’s RM500,000 offer

Opposition candidate slams Zahid for linking school grant to BN victory at state elections.
PETALING JAYA: Deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been accused of making an election bribe by promising a grant of RM500,000 to a school in Senadin constituency if the Barisan Nasional won the seat.
The DAP candidate, Dr Bob Baru Langub, said: “Ahmad Zahid’s obvious use of national resources to offer an exchange with voters raises suspicion of bribery” and might be a violation of the Election Offences Act.
Zahid had announced an allocation of RM1 million for two schools in Pujut, and another school in Senadin would get RM500,000 if the BN won.
However, Zahid denied the allocations had anything to do with the election. “Maybe the other side will accuse me of all sorts of things but we want assemblypersons who can get allocations and they must come from BN,” he said, Malaysiakini reported.
Baru dismissed Zahid’s denial and criticised Zahid for using schoolchildren’s education as a bargaining chip.
Three candidates are vying for Senadin, which was narrowly won by Lee Kim Shin (BN-SUPP) in 2011 with a 58-vote majority against PKR. Lee’s opponents are Baru and Philemon John Edan from PBDS Baru.

Kerajaan tidak akan naikkan GST

Perdana menteri berkata kadar enam peratus pada masa ini akan dikekalkan.
KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini mengulangi pendirian bahawa kerajaan tidak mempunyai sebarang rancangan untuk menaikkan kadar Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan (GST).
Perdana menteri berkata kadar enam peratus pada masa ini akan dikekalkan.
“Sebagai Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan, saya ulangi jaminan bahawa langsung tidak ada perancangan untuk mengubah kadar GST pada masa ini dan ia akan dikekalkan,” katanya dalam catatan terbaharu di blog beliau hari ini.
Najib yang beberapa hari berada di Sarawak untuk kempen Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak berkata beliau mendengar khabar angin mengenai kenaikan kadar GST dan meminta rakyat tidak terpengaruh dengan pembohongan pihak pembangkang.
“Saya nasihatkan rakyat Sarawak janganlah terperangkap dengan fitnah dan pembohongan oleh pembangkang yang sudah hilang modal politik,” katanya.
Najib berkata kerajaan BN sentiasa ikhlas meningkatkan taraf kehidupan Sarawak dan ia jelas terbukti menerusi komitmen kerajaan dalam projek pembangunan seperti Lebuhraya Pan Borneo yang tidak dikenakan tol.
– Bernama

Hospital probes woman’s complications after surgery

External panel may be appointed to look into Mazlina Ismail's problems after D&C procedure.
KUALA LUMPUR: An external inquiry panel may be appointed to look into the case of Kuala Lumpur Hospital patient Mazlina Ismail, who reported nine months of complications after suffering a miscarriage last year and undergoing a dilation and curettage (D & C) procedure.
Hospital director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain said detailed reports had been made by the hospital’s Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G), Orthopaedic, General Surgery, Anesthesia and Neurology departments and physiotherapist to identify the causes of the complications.
Dr Zaininah said HKL had carried out an internal investigation involving its senior specialists from other departments. The outcome of the investigations would be handed over to the Health Ministry’s Medical Practice Division soon and it also proposed the setting up of an external inquiry panel.
Yesterday, Seputeh Umno division chief Mustapa Kamal had called for an explanation from HKL after a report on TV3 that Mazlina had not been able to walk for nine months and had lost two toes. She had alleged negligence by HKL.
Dr Zaininah said the hospital’s investigations were to determine whether there was misconduct or shortcomings in providing services or on the part of the clinical officers handling the case.
“Following the serious complications experienced by Mazlina, all the specialist treatments available at HKL were provided for the patient to save her life. She was continuously treated for over four months including at the Intensive Care Unit, given repeated surgery, dialysis treatment and physiotherapy,” she said in a statement today.
She said the hospital’s investigation panel had a face-to-face meeting with Mazlina in the presence of her three younger siblings and another family member on April 27.
“All of them were briefed on the measures taken by the O&G Department and HKL management to ascertain the causes of the complications to prevent a recurrence of such an incident,” she said.
Dr Zaininah said after being discharged, Mazlina continued to be given outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation treatment by various departments and coordinated by the O&G Department.

Justice upheld, now time to safeguard the law

Appeal to the Prime Minister to normalise the laws on religious conversion so that it does not cause further distress.
from: A. Vaithilingam, via email
I am overjoyed by the unanimous decision of the Federal Court requiring Ms Indira Ghandi to be reunited with her daughter, and further compelling the police to enforce this judgment.
This is a decision that upholds the Federal Constitution, and will provide a huge relief to all Malaysians regardless of faith and ethnic background. It is hoped that the Courts will continue to uphold the Constitution in several other cases soon to be heard. The Inspector General of Police must respond by enforcing this decision without further delay by ensuring that the child is returned to the mother.
It remains to be seen if this will be carried out before we can regain assurance that the police will act fairly to uphold the law.
I remember very well the nightmare faced by Indira and her family when she first came to know of the illegal actions of her then husband.
The Malaysia Hindu Sangam and the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism did our best to support her in her attempts to retrieve her daughter. We were surprised by the public support and sympathy that Indira received, even from Muslims.
I was then leading both MHS and MCCBCHST. During the same week, I was invited to attend a meeting together with five Federal Ministers (two from Umno, 1 from MCA, 1 from MIC, and 1 from Gerakan). All expressed shock and sympathy for the mother.
At the end of this two-hour discussion, they unanimously agreed that the government will propose a new law to stop conversion of minors. The following week, the Cabinet announced that it had approved this new law. Unfortunately, the tabling of this new law was delayed, and eventually shelved after protests from certain religious leaders.
It remains a great disservice to all Malaysians that this new law to protect the integrity of all families is still delayed. Since then, many Cabinet Ministers have expressed their sympathies and support for Indira Ghandi. Many leaders from the Opposition have also expressed their dismay about the travails of Indira Ghandi. Surprisingly, even some PAS MPs have recorded their sympathy to the injustice suffered by the mother.
Although things have dragged on for years, I am at last relieved that this matter has been resolved. My heartiest congratulations to the legal team headed by YB Kulasegaran. He has been able supported by some very dedicated lawyers, including K. Shanmuga, Fahri Azzat and Aston Paiva.
However, there is this issue of unlawful child conversion which is still pending, and several cases are still up in the air.
I fervently appeal to the Prime Minister to resolve this matter as soon as possible by normalising the laws so that it does not cause further distress to families – especially the children.
I pray to the Almighty God that our very vociferous IGP will show some compassion for mothers who lose their babies in such a cruel way. Abducting an 11-month-old infant from her mother and keeping the child away for years, is not only cruel, but now clearly established by the highest court of Malaysia, to be a criminal act!
A. Vaithilingam is a former president of Malaysia Hindu Sangam and the MCCBCHST.


Zahid Hamidi
(FMT) – Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he will ask the state government to appoint more Chinese ministers and even a deputy chief minister if the voters pick them over the Opposition in the May 7 state election.
He said Chinese voters should support the Chinese BN candidates as it will help them in the long run.
“If many Chinese state assemblymen are elected, I will whisper to the state government to appoint Chinese as ministers or even assistant ministers.
“If more win, then I will whisper loudly. Now is the time for a deputy CM to be appointed from among Chinese,” he told the crowd at the Saberkas Night Market today.
He was echoing similar sentiments expressed by Chief Minister Adenan Satem that he might reappoint a Chinese deputy CM if SUPP and Chinese candidates did well in the election.
However, this would be impossible if SUPP were to lose in the May 7 polls, said Adenan.
The Chinese deputy CM post was left vacant after the defeat of former SUPP chief George Chan in the 2011 state election.
SUPP lost 13 seats out of the 19 it contested in the last state polls. Leadership problems led to the split of the party and the birth of UPP in 2013.
The deputy CM post was traditionally reserved for the SUPP leader and it is believed that its president, Dr Sim Kui Hian, might be appointed to the post if he wins the Batu Kawah seat.


Zakir Naik
(MMO) – Attorney-General Tan Sri Apandi Ali today defended televangelist Dr Zakir Naik’s talks in Malaysia, saying that the freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.
He added that the question of allowing the propagation of other religions is also a non-issue as the protection of Islam as the official religion in Malaysia is also enshrined in the constitution.
“Regarding the public’s recent furore over the presence of Muslim speaker from India named Dr Zakir Naik to the point of former law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim asking the government if it will give the same freedom to Christian and Hindu ‘evangelists’ from India or other countries.
“This question should not even be raised by anyone with a legal background because the freedom of religion is clearly enshrined in the constitution,” he said in a recent interview with local daily Berita Harian.
Apandi explained that Article 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Islam is the “religion of the Federation” but also guarantees that other religions may be practised “in peace and harmony”.
However he noted that including the phrase “in peace and harmony” was intended “to protect the sanctity of Islam as the religion of the federation and to protect Islam from any threat.”
Apandi also pointed to Article 11 (4) of the constitution which further protects the exclusivity of Islam in Malaysia by preventing the propagation of other religions.
“It also states that any major threats to Islam in the context of this country is the spreading of other religions to Muslims, and this is why Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution was created,” he said.
Article 11 (4) states that “state law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.”
He added that the most important aspect of discourses like these was the public’s understanding of the Federal Constitution, which first starts with the correct interpretation by legal professionals.
“The most important thing in all of this is that those with a legal background must properly study, understand and respect the basic provisions in the Federal Constitution.
“If they themselves fail to understand and respect it then the public will be worse at understanding and respecting it which then creates many unnecessary problems,” he said.
Dr Zakir’s one-week tour in Malaysia organised by the Terengganu state government earlier this month has received opposition from several Hindu and Indian groups, who claimed that the preacher regularly insults Hinduism in his lectures.
MIC Youth and Malaysian Indian Progressive Association have both lodged police reports against the Mumbai-based preacher, while Malaysian Hindu Sangam has urged authorities to deport the Muslim evangelist.


In short, Mahathir is a barefaced liar and unless he can prove what he said then, as the Wall Street Journal is so fond of saying, I stand by what I said. The onus is now on Mahathir to prove that he did not lie. I need do nothing other than call Mahathir a liar unless proven otherwise.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Finally, what we have been waiting for (because we knew it was going to happen sooner or later) has happened. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after failing to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in the six months he had expected he could, has shifted his attacks to Najib’s father, Tun Razak Hussein.
“Once, I was in a meeting in Pekan, Pahang and Najib went up on stage and said he was not like his father, he viewed his father as useless,” said Mahathir.
Mahathir, too, is not like his father, and neither am I. Mahathir’s father was a schoolteacher. Mahathir became a doctor and then a politician. My father was a barrister by qualifications and when he wanted to send me to England to also do law I refused. I wanted to become a motorcycle racer instead.
So tell me, how many of us are just like their fathers, other than Najib who also became a Prime Minister just like his father, but which Mukhriz has thus far failed to emulate? Even Mukhriz is not like his father seeing as how he failed to win all the post he contested other than posts that were served to him on a silver platter.
I bet if Mahathir was asked to defend this statement in court he would not be able to. And this is not only because whenever Mahathir testifies in court he always uses the excuse that he forgot. It is because this never happened so it is impossible to prove or defend something that never happened.
If you know Najib personally then you will know he would never say that his father was useless. In fact, no Malay or Muslim would ever say that his or her late father or late mother was useless. It is not in the Malay psyche to speak ill of the deceased, especially if the deceased are your own parents. Malays-Muslims believe that heaven lies beneath the feet of their mother.
I remember back in 1989 when Anwar Ibrahim spoke in an Umno gathering in the Kuala Terengganu town hall and he whacked Tunku Abdul Rahman. The Terengganu people are ultra-religious while the Tunku is known to have gambled, drank liquor, had a Mat Salleh girlfriend when he was in England (even though he already had a wife in Malaysia), etc. In fact, Genting exists because of the Tunku, as do the many turf clubs.
However, the Umno audience was very angry with Anwar and some even walked out of the hall in protest (even though the Tunku was with Semangat 46 and was anti-Umno at that time). After that Anwar was advised to never again attack the Tunku, who was still alive at that time (he died a year later). What more if you attack the Tunku or Tun Razak who are already dead. And even worse if you are one of the Tunku’s or Tun Razak’s children. You will be crucified.
Mahathir’s attack on Najib by alleging that Najib had called his late father ‘useless’ demonstrates how desperate the old man has become. He thought Najib would be history in six months but it is now 18 months and Najib is still very firmly planted in his seat in Putrajaya. And it does not look like Najib is going any time soon.
Mahathir launched Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, all the way to Plan X, but all failed. Instead, his boboi Mukhriz plus his kuda Muhyiddin are probably going to be sacked from Umno at the next Umno supreme council meeting after the Sarawak state election. And Mahathir knows he can’t stop that from happening because Nazri Aziz is going to personally make sure that it happens.
This latest attack on the late Tun Razak is going to backfire badly. Mahathir can give the excuse that it was not he who said Tun Razak was useless and that he is merely repeating what Najib said.
Everyone knows that Najib would never say this and that he, in fact, has the highest respect and utmost regards for his late father, as do all the other Tun Razak children as well. There is nothing that Najib has done or said these last few years to demonstrate otherwise.
In short, Mahathir is a barefaced liar and unless he can prove what he said then, as the Wall Street Journal is so fond of saying, I stand by what I said. The onus is now on Mahathir to prove that he did not lie. I need do nothing other than call Mahathir a liar unless proven otherwise.

Najib fighting for his political life in Sarawak

MP SPEAKS Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is fighting for his political life in the Sarawak state election on May 7.
This is why he is campaigning as if the 11th Sarawak state election is the 14th parliamentary general elections, as he himself had declared on nomination day that the Sarawak polls on May 7 will be a ‘precursor’ to GE14 in two years’ time, which will decide his future as the prime minister of Malaysia.
This is also why he has aided and abetted Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem in the abuse of Sarawak immigration autonomy powers, although Najib should know more than anyone else that it is unconstitutional, illegal, and against both the word and spirit of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement to ban Malaysians who are not Sarawakians from entering Sarawak for the sole purpose of carrying out “legitimate political activities”.
Najib is doing a third thing in the 'fight for his political life' in the Sarawak state election - bringing the entire cabinet of 37 ministers to campaign in Sarawak under the guise of holding the cabinet meeting in Kuching next Wednesday.
In fighting for his ‘political life’ in the Sarawak state election, Najib has done three things which had never been done by anyone of the previous five Malaysian prime ministers, whether Tunku Abdul Rahman, Razak Hussein (his father), Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamad, or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:
• Personally attending the Sarawak state election nomination day, accompanying Adenan in filing his nomination papers;
• Personally involved in a hectic campaign in the Sarawak state election – as if his whole political future is dependent on the May 7 polling outcome; and
• Bringing his entire cabinet to Kuching during the short 13­-day campaign period, so that the 37 cabinet ministers can fan out to campaign for Sarawak Barisan Nasional in the various parts of the state in the last few days of the campaign period.
I have been wondering why Adenan had gone out on a limb to so callously and recklessly abuse his immigration powers as Sarawak chief minister by banning DAP and PKR leaders from coming to Sarawak to carry out “legitimate political activity” when these are their constitutional rights, especially as there is no need for him to commit such blatant abuse of power as his position as the Sarawak chief minister after May 7 is absolutely secure from the political scenario presented on nomination day.
I had thought that the only reason for Adenan’s abuse of powers is the result of the pleas of SUPP or other Sarawak BN parties and leaders who feared the participation of DAP and PKR leaders in the Sarawak election campaign – but this does not seem to be powerful enough as the reason, even if there are such pleas.
There is something amiss as Adenan’s position as Sarawak chief minister is not in danger in any form.
But now, Najib has provided the missing link as the reason why the chief minister is so blatant in his abuse of Sarawak immigration autonomy powers.
Suddenly, the 11th Sarawak state election is no more about who is going to be Sarawak chief minister or form the Sarawak state government (which in any event, had as good as been decided) but the fate of Najib as the Malaysian prime minister – hounded and haunted by the his twin global financial scandals which have refused to disappear but have becoming bigger and bigger as a result of international developments on the 1MDB scandal.

Adenan is abusing the Sarawak state autonomy powers to protect Najib’s political future.
If Najib, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, and the entire cabinet of 37 ministers want to make the 11th Sarawak state general election as a verdict on his premiership, the DAP is prepared to take them on - but let there be a level playing field and he should advise Adenan to stop abusing his powers under Sarawak immigration autonomy by lifting all prohibitions and restrictions on DAP and PKR leaders from campaigning in the Sarawak state election.
Are Najib and Adenan prepared for such a democratic contest for the hearts and minds of the people?
Is Adenan’s Team and Adenan’s Way nothing but Najib’s Team and Najib’s Way?

LIM KIT SIANG is the MP for Gelang Patah and DAP parliamentary leader. -Mkini

PAS says no to unity gov't with Umno in Terengganu, reports daily

Islamist party PAS will not consider forming a unity government with Umno in Terengganu, as in the current situation, the Malay party may not be sincere, reports Malay daily Sinar Harian.
"Cannot!" was the curt answer party president Abdul Hadi Awang reportedly gave when asked if PAS will consider forming a unity government with Umno in the East Coast state.
Abdul Hadi likened Umno's current position in Terengganu to a desperate emergency, following the crisis which is apparently brewing between current Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman and the palace.
"The intention must be sincere (in forming a unity government). It cannot be because they are facing a dire emergency. This is an emergency so it cannot be done," he told the daily when met after delivering morning religious sermon at a mosque in his home constituency Rusila, which is in Marang, Terengganu.
Abdul Hadi however said that he is not totally abreast of all the developments pertaining to the Malay party in the state.
Last week, the party president had reportedly said that PAS has no problem working with any party as long as they accept Islam, the holy Qur'an, and Prophet Muhammad's sunnah (words and deeds).
"It can be anyone, be it Umno or even DAP. If they accept Islam, we will work with them," he said in a statement.
Insiders: Not a political difference
He also pointed out that the suggestion for a unity government between PAS and Umno by controversial preacher Zakir Naik was with the caveat that it must adhere to the Qur'an and the prophet's examples.
Abdul Hadi was responding to observers noting that one of the ways for Umno to try and salvage the situation in Terengganu is to form a unity government with PAS.
Things seem to be heating up Terengganu after a no-confidence motion against Ahmad Razif by former menteri besar Ahmad Said was rejected by the state speaker last month, with the MB having had his state awards recalled by the palace.
Insiders have kept mum over details of the apparent conflict, noting that it is nothing political and is strictly between the MB and the state ruler.
Pundits have been commenting that all may not be as quiet on the Terengganu front as claimed by some. -Mkini

Health Ministry advises docs to report falsification of their medical chits

The Health Ministry today advised doctors to lodge a police report immediately if they feel they may have fallen victim to syndicates falsifying medical chits.
Deputy Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya said the doctors should do that to facilitate investigation, besides safeguarding their reputation.
He spoke to reporters after presenting tithes to 311 poor people at Masjid Al-Malik Khalid, Universiti Sains Malaysia, in George Town.

Dr Hilmi said that according to the police, the syndicates would obtain the original medical chits from any clinic or hospital and falsify them.
In the latest case yesterday, police arrested two people who were in the process of falsifying medical chits at a photocopying outlet in Subang Jaya, Selangor.
It was learnt that the falsified chits carried the actual names of several medical officers serving at hospitals or clinics and looked like the original.
- Bernama

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/339817#ixzz47JTdNWe4

Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in nail-biting semi-final encounter

National badminton champion, Lee Chong Wei clinched a hard-fought win against his traditional foe Lin Dan at the Asian Badminton Championships in Wuhan, China today.
In the semi-final clash, Chong Wei was trailing 7-14 at one stage and inched his way to force a deuce at 20-20 before he wrapped up the first set with 22-20.
Lin Dan, however, came back invigorated to lead Chong Wei 11-7 before easily closing the second set with 21-15.
In the decider, Chong Wei was clearly in control, piling up a 6-0 lead against Lin Dan and raced to 12-0 before Lin Dan collected his first point.

Chong Wei, now ranked world number two, confirmed his victory over the world number three player with a resounding score of 21-4 in the rubber set.
The feat saw Chong Wei beating Lin Dan 11 times, with the two-time Olympic gold medallist winning 25 times.
In the final tomorrow, Chong Wei will meet Chen Long who easily disposed of compatriot Tian Houwei in straight sets 21-14, 21-16.

DAP cries foul after Zahid ties school allocation to BN's victory

DAP candidate for Senadin Baru Langub has accused Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of possible bribery after the latter offered a school in his constituency RM500,000, only if BN wins.
"Ahmad Zahid's obvious use of national resources to offer an exchange with voters raises suspicion of bribery," he said in a statement today.
He also questioned if Ahmad Zahid had violated the Election Offences Act 1954.
Yesterday, Ahmad Zahid who was in Miri announced an allocation of RM1 million for two schools within the constituency of Pujut.
However, he said another school within the Senadin constituency would get RM500,000 if BN wins the constituency.
Both Pujut and Senadin, together with the constituency of Piasau, makes up the parliamentary seat of Miri.
In his speech last night, Ahmad Zahid also denied his pledge had anything to do with the election.
"Maybe the other side will accuse me of all sorts of things but we want assemblypersons who can get allocations and they must come from BN," he said.
Baru rubbished Ahmad Zahid's denial that he was offering election goodies, pointing out if this was the case, the deputy prime minister would not set a pre-requisite for BN to win in order for the school to get the allocation.
He also criticised Ahmad Zahid for using the future of students as a political bargaining chip.
BN's SUPP candidate Lee Kim Shin narrowly won the Senadin seat in the 2011 election, garnering a meagre 58-vote majority against PKR.
Lee will be taking on DAP in the Chinese-majority constituency this time. There is a third candidate - Philemon John Edan from PBDS Baru. -Mkini

Policeman found dead in ditch in Muar

A policeman was found dead in a ditch along Jalan Kampung Tengah, Sungai Abong, in Muar today.
Roydin Jamaludin, who was in plain clothes, had wounds on his body, but the cause of death had yet to be ascertained, said Muar police chief ACP Azman Ayob.
He said police rushed to the location after being informed at about 9am.
The body had been sent to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital in Muar, he added.
Azman appealed to eyewitnesses to contact the police and advised the public not to spread unverified news of the incident on social media.

For Adenan, Iban ‘Ooo-haa’ means ‘I love Sarawak’

S'WAK POLLS For Adenan Satem, “Ooo-haa!”, an Iban call for the community to convene, and which has obviously become one of his favourite exclamations, means “I Love Sarawak!”
He explained what the call meant to him, while launching the Sematan River waterfront project and Sematan River estuary rehabilitation project in Sematan, about 100km from Kuching, today.
The Sarawak chief minister by embracing this ‘social heritage’ of the Iban has certainly endeared himself to the community so much so that whenever he utters it at functions or events, he never fails to get a thunderous “Ooo-haaa!” in return.
Meanwhile, Adenan is also known to exclaim, “You-you!” at functions and events in the rural areas.
According to him, it means, “You know what I know” among friends.

Azmin: Adenan disrespectful for asking counterparts to write in to extend stay

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem asking his counterparts from Selangor and Penang to write in to request for an extension of their stay shows the leader’s lack of respect for their office.
Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali says Adenan’s remarks indicates “arrogance” and “recklessness” on the chief minister’s part in wielding his executive power of autonomy over Sarawak’s immigration.
“I can understand that this is election season and in politics, a leader has to do whatever that is legally permissible to secure final victory for his party.
“However, in taking this arrogant stand towards his fellow Malaysian leaders, Adnan has crossed the line and exposed himself as being reckless in the use of his executive power,” said Azmin in a statement today.
The menteri besar reminded Adenan that he has lost touch with reality if he thinks that acting in such fashion is his attempt at making a stand on autonomy.
State BN 'sold out' S'wak
Autonomy, said Azmin, is about getting back the rights and privileges and a fair share of what is due to the people of Sarawak and ensuring that they are not oppressed in any way, whether it is from the federal government or from its own state government.
“Autonomy is about letting the people of Sarawak decide what is best for them within the context of the federation of Malaysia and would certainly include freedom from exploitation by leaders and political parties be they from the peninsula or from Sabah or Sarawak.
“The truth of the matter is that Sarawak, under the Barisan Nasional government, has long compromised their autonomy and sold out the people of Sarawak,” added Azmin.
He further pointed out how banning or restricting opposition politicians will not ‘wash away the sins and wrongs of the BN leaders’ as 25 MPs from BN Sarawak have supported the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Parliament.
“(The) Sarawak BN government has done so little to scrap the cabotage policy, and unable to secure sufficient federal allocation to improve the rural healthcare and education system.
“These are the issues closer to the heart of any Sarawakian and a government who claims to preserve the autonomy of Sarawak should place high priority to them rather than behaving high and mighty in banning and restricting entrance under the fa├žade of maintaining autonomy.”
Sarawakians, said Azmin further, are entitled to have a free and fair state election and this includes their right to choose who they want to listen to and how and with whom they would want to conduct their campaigns.
“This brazen discrimination against leaders of the federal opposition from the peninsula and the blatant bias in favour of Umno-BN leaders is therefore also a violation of the rights of the electorate of the state of Sarawak who have a legitimate expectation of a level playing field in the coming elections,” said the menteri besar.
'Adenan expects people to be thankful'
The Malay Mail Online had quoted Azmin as saying that he will not submit a formal request to Adenan to extend his stay in Sarawak.
Azmin and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng both arrived in Sarawak yesterday to find that their entry permits stated that they can only remain in the state for a limited number of days, before the Sarawak elections.
Azmin must leave by May 2, while Lim's permit is until May 5.
The state immigration authorities have also banned a long list of opposition politicians from entry in the run-up to the May 7 state elections, as well as a small handful from Umno.
Meanwhile, DAP state leader Chong Chieng Jen has slammed Adenan, saying that it is demeaning to make Lim and Azmin write in ask for a longer stay to be granted.
"He (adenan) took away all their rights and he expects people to be thankful when he gives a little back.
"This is exactly the way Umno treats MCA. We are not SUPP, which is thankful to be allowed to contest 13 seats instead of the usual 19," Chong said in Kuching earlier today.
On an unrelated matter, Chong also dismissed Adenan's offer of a deputy chief minister from the Chinese community if they supported BN.
Chong said this was more to benefit SUPP president Sim Kui Hian if he wins and had no bearing on the Chinese community.
"This is because in the past, when SUPP had a deputy chief minister, the land lease issue was not resolved," said Chong, referring to the Section 47 notification, which resulted in the freezing of landownership.
"The Pan-Borneo highway was not carried out when they had a deputy chief minister and Chinese schools had no allocation.
"It is only in these last ten years when there is a gradual increase in the strength of the opposition that we get to pressure the government to resolve the land lease renewal issue," he said. -Mkini

Najib blasts opposition for preaching Sarawak GST hike

S'WAK POLLS Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has blasted the opposition for telling Sarawak voters that Putrajaya will increase the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if BN wins in the state election, describing it as "malicious propaganda".
"I was in Sarawak in these few days to campaign. I heard rumours that the government will be increasing the GST rate after the Sarawak state election.
"I urge the people of Sarawak not to be trapped by the slander and lies of the opposition which has run out of political capital," he said in a blog posting today.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, reiterated that his government had no plans to increase the GST rate for now.
He said the rate will be maintained at six percent.
"The BN government wishes to improve the quality of life of Sarawakians and this is proven by the government's sincerity and commitment in rolling out developmental projects such as the toll-less Pan-Borneo Highway," he said.
Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen had previously speculated that the GST rate may increase if BN is given a strong mandate. -Mkini

Adenan may win, but lose his moral ground to lead

COMMENT Adenan Satem will win the election this round, but he may lose his moral ground to lead the state.
At least, watching from here, it appears more character flaws in the chief minister than what his public image suggests. The ‘Adenan team’ has become the name of the game in this coming state elections.
Since taking over the state administration, Adenan has been able to convince Sarawakians that he is a good chief minister compared to his predecessor, but he appears to be losing his own credibility fast, based on what we see in his recently actions.
Some Sarawakians told me that, although Adenan appears to be more amiable to his people than Taib Mahmud, he has also been making statements that are hypocritical.
Ironies or simply hypocritical?
One one hand, he does not welcome Umno politics into Sarawak; on the other hand, he is working hand-in-hand with Umno as part of Barisan Nasional. One vote for Adenan is, in fact, a vote for Umno.
He has also said that national issues involving 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) should not be used during this election, but he welcomes the man behind 1MDB the scandal that has since June last year, rocked the nation, and become one of the biggest scandals publicised worldwide.
Like it or not, when 1MDB defaulted in payment of US$50 million in interest, this will be paid from the country’s coffers. The money could have been used to alleviate the people in Sarawak from the vicious cycle of poverty.
While Adenan targeted mainly the urban voters, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has mainly reached the voters in the outskirts, avoiding those who understood the implication of the 1MDB scandal.
The 1Malaysia prime minister has not even dealt with Adenan’s One Country, Two Systems approach in the immigration rules, in which opposition leaders were not even allowed to enter the land of the hornbills, suggesting an unlevel playing field.
Even volunteers from peninsular Malaysia were asked to leave the state by May 5, which affects mainly the opposition.
One candidate from the opposition, for example, complained that this new rule which she heard rumours about, will force her service centre to be closed. Meanwhile, the Barisan Nasional candidates have deep pockets to pay their workers.
Bersih 2.0 chairperon Maria Chin Abdullah confirmed that the rule also affects the Bersih observers who are there to monitor the election.
At the same time, reports are coming out of Sarawak that the Christian community is largely unhappy with the latest development where the federal government has appealed against a judgment by High Court of Kuching over a local who had converted to Christianity. This decision is enough to turn the Christian community away from Adenan. More about it tomorrow.
Losing moral ground
Therefore, although Adenan will win the coming elections, he will lose his moral ground to lead his people in the state.
Firstly, he has not proven himself to be a liberal. Adenan is prepared to do all within his powers to ensure a big victory for his team. It will certainly come with a hefty price to pay for Adenan, especially with the federal election coming on in just two years’ time.
The boy can call wolf once, or even twice; thereafter, people will no longer trust his word.
Secondly, the people whom he had picked for his team are members of the business community. This means that when they win the election, they will form the state government - both businessmen and politicians.

This is a a perfect combination of what Sarawakians will experience - a bigger gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Some of the state representatives who have vested interest in their own businesses will undoubtedly ask for projects that benefit themselves or their cronies.
Thirdly, Adenan’s leadership will come under the microscope more from now on. His honeymoon is over. There will be more brickbats coming his way.

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008. -Mkini

MMA queries IGP's release of suspect's medical records

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) said that It is "not correct" for police chief Khalid Abu Bakar to release information about the mental state of the suspect in the temple vandalism incident in Ipoh.
The medical profession's governing body argued that even if all legal steps were followed in obtaining the information, the subsequent release of this information to the media was procedurally wrong.
He explained that this information should have been kept confidential from media and only used in a court of law, as medical records are restricted under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act (PHFSA).
"We are concerned by the IGP's statement. How was information about the doctor's medical history obtained?
"The PHFSA restricts the release of a patient's medical information," MMA president Dr Ashok Philip pointed out in a statement today.
Now the suspect is being publicly branded as "mad", he lamented.
"Following the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, sensitive information like this should have been treated strictly according to the law," Philip said.
MMA also urged private medical practices to strictly follow the provisions of the PHFSA regarding patient records, and not to be pressured into taking shortcuts, regardless of the circumstances.
Philip also added that MMA stands behind the deputy director-general of health Dr S Jeyaindran's remarks on what the Health Ministry knew about the suspect's state of health, describing it as accurate and factual.
The suspect in this case was a doctor, who, according to the IGP, had been fired from Ipoh Hospital due to mental problems.
However, health deputy director-general Dr S Jeyaindran reportedly said that the suspect was an intern at a government hospital until he resigned and was not known to have suffered from any mental disorder.
Khalid had later said that Jeyaindran had merely referred to government hospitals and did not refer to records from the private healthcare facility where he was treated.
The top cop claimed that the suspect had undergone mental health treatment since 2013 at the KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital.
The suspect had reportedly run amok last Sunday, around 5pm, and broke into the Sree Muneeswaran Amman temple along Jalan Hospital, Ipoh, where he destroyed several idols, while supposedly wielding a parang and hammer.
The individual later crashed his car into a bus stop not far from the temple while trying to escape and was subsequently arrested by the police.
He was charged yesterday under Section 295 of the Penal Code for defiling a house of worship, and Section 6 of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 for carrying offensive weapons in public places. -Mkini

Indira fears ex-husband may flee to Thailand

Kindergarten teacher M Indira Ghandi have lodged a police report over fears that her Muslim convert former husband may flee to neighbouring Thailand before police can pick him up as per yesterday's Federal Court order.
“I have lodged a police report because my ex-husband might leave the country,” she told Malaysiakini.
She also said that as he ex-husband Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah's latest address is in Kota Baru, Kelantan, this may make it easier for him to cross the borders into the neighbouring country.
In her report lodged at the Ipoh district police headquarters today, Indira cited her experience when married to Ridhuan, during which the latter frequently visited Thailand.
“He has many friends there and sometimes even stays there for long periods of time,” said Indira in her report.
She therefore expressed hope for the immigration authorities to stop Ridhuan should he indeed attempt to make his way into Thailand.
Meanwhile, Indira, who last made contact with Ridhuan on April 8, said that her former husband has been using the same mobile telephone number since 2009.
Ridhuan on police wanted list
“I hope the police can therefore trace him using the number,” she said.
Meanwhile, The Star Online reported today that police have placed Ridhuan on its wanted list and are attempting to ascertain his whereabouts.
“Anyone with information or the suspect himself can meet or contact the investigating officers ASP Kamariah Jamaludin at 05-2451628 or 016-5249091 or SM Helen Parera 013-5189925 or any police station in the district,” Ipoh police chief Sum Chang Keong reportedly said in a statement.

The Federal Court, yesterday, instructed inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar to arrest Ridhuan, after having found the committal order against him issued by the Ipoh High Court to be justified as he had failed to bring his child, Prasana Diksa, to the jurisdiction of the court.
Prasana Diksa was 11 months old when Ridhuan took her away. Indira has not seen her daughter in the eight years since then.
Her two other children, now aged 18 and 19, are currently staying with her.
Indira is currently locked in a bitter custody battle with Ridhuan who wants to take all three children away from her, claiming that he fears for their faith, alleging that he converted all of them to Islam following his own conversion.


‘Arrest warrant just a slap on Ridhuan’s wrist’

The Federal Court's order for the arrest of Muslim convert Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah, would probably not see him behind bars for long, if at all, say lawyers.
The Federal Court yesterday found the committal order against Ridhuan to be justified as he had failed to bring his child, Prasana Diksa, to the jurisdiction of the court when instructed to.
The Apex court instructed the Ipoh High Court to monitor the arrest and the police to execute the warrant.
But Malaysian Syariah Lawyers Association (PGSM) president Musa Awang said the arrest warrant may not mean that Ridhuan will immediately see the insides of a prison cell.
“The warrant is just to produce Ridhuan in court and then he has to give his reasons why he didn’t obey the court’s order.
“He can submit his reasons on why he thinks it is not suited for the child if she were to stay with his ex-wife,” Musa told Malaysiakini.
And should Ridhuan be able to provide concrete reasons, he might not even be penalised, added Musa.
Child should choose
Citing the Islamic Family Law (Perak) Enactment, Musa said a daughter can choose which parent she wants to live with after the age of nine.
Prasana, however, has yet to be asked by the court to choose, as she is only eight years old.
“Maybe after the child is nine years old, she can choose to live with either parent.
“But it also depends on whether the parent chosen can ensure her welfare. If she chooses either parent and the court does not think that the parent can take care of her, they probably will not give custody to that parent.
“But I’m of the opinion that the right must be given to the child to make a choice,” said Musa.
Meanwhile, lawyer Anand Suppiah who specialises in family law agreed that the warrant was only to produce Ridhuan in court and would not really see Ridhuan placed behind bars for too long.
He explained that the warrant and the arrest itself is not the punishment, but simply the mechanism to bring Ridhuan before a judge to mete out whatever sanction, if any, for him flouting the court's earlier direction.
Get away with a fine
Though Anand too, did not foresee the father of three spending more than one day at the lock-up, to be produced in court the next day.
“The arrest warrant is just to bring him to the court and nothing more. The actual punishment will be meted out when he is produced.
“He then needs to explain why he didn’t obey the court’s order and he may apologise. He’ll probably be given a lighter sentence and sometimes some can even get away with a fine,” said Anand.
The five-man bench chaired by Court of Appeal president Md Raus Sharif had allowed kindergarten teacher M Indira Gandhi's appeal to reinstate the mandamus order issued by the High Court in Ipoh compelling inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar to execute the warrant of committal against her former husband, Ridhuan.
Prasana Diksa was 11 months old when Ridhuan took her away. Indira has not seen her daughter in eight years.
Two other children who are staying with Indira are now aged 19 and 18 respectively.
Indira is locked in a bitter custody battle against Ridhuan who wanted to take all three children away from the kindergarten teacher as he feared for their faith, claiming that he had converted them all to Islam, following his own conversion.