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Saturday, April 30, 2016

DAP risks losing seven seats, says Kit Siang

DAP may risks losing more than half of the 12 seats it won in the 2011 Sarawak state polls, admitted party supremo Lim Kit Siang.
Six to seven seats are at risk, he said when campaigning for four DAP candidates in Sibu.
This is because BN conglomerates are wooing the voters with money and they are riding on Adenan’s popularity, he said.
"The situation in some of the constituencies is alarming, they seems to be confident, they are using conglomerates, money, threats, the Adenan factor and Najib factor," he said.
Lim however refused to name the particular seats he was referring to, except to say, "They want to take Meradong and Repok."
Both Meradong and Repok are the state seats for Sarikei, an hour’s drive from Sibu.
Compared with 15 seats DAP contested last state poll, the party has fielded candidates in 31 seats - 16 Dayak seats, 14 Chinese majority seats and one Malay-Melanau seat.
With Sarawak BN going full force in grabbing Chinese-majority seats, DAP seems quite helpless in defending these seats.
It raises questions if the opposition has been lacking strategy, so that their backyard is now on fire.
"No, we have waited for 38 years. We want to venture into a new stage - we want to beat Sarawak BN at the next polls.

"If we cannot get the support from urban and rural areas, we cannot even think of the third stage," said Lim.
He was asked if DAP had erred in their strategies.
Setting a foot in the Dayak seats were not easy, Lim acknowledged, but said DAP had received "encouraging" responses in these areas.
One example, he disclosed, was that he managed to stay overnight at a longhouse in Pakan, a rural seat under Julau, about a 90 minute drive from Sibu town. -Mkini

Vote BN or suffer for next five years, Dayak leaders say

Ten kilometres from the heart of urban Miri, in a rural village, an Iban ceremony took place.
The villagers, or at least the village SUPP branch, wanted Iban deity Keling to bless BN's candidate for Piasau, Sebastian Ting, in the hope that he would retake the seat from DAP this Saturday.
In a speech after the ceremony, Kampung Api-Api SUPP chief Jemat Ibat appealed to the villagers to vote for Ting.
"Don't be fooled by the opposition. They have a way with words, but we know the only one that can help us is BN," Jemat said.
Edward Mampo, chief of neighbouring Kampung Pasir, echoed this sentiment, and told reporters this was their last chance to get a BN rep.
"If BN doesn't get elected, for the next five years the villagers will face hardship."
He claimed, that under incumbent assemblyperson, DAP's Alan Ling, there had been no changes in the fate of villagers.
"We ask him for help but he says he has no power," Edward lamented.
Meanwhile, one of Ting's aides Leonard Fong, also advised the villagers against taking money to vote.
"RM500 for a vote won't last you five years. Instead, if this village wants projects, then vote BN and we will give you projects," Fong told the villagers.
Kampung Api-Api, one of the largest squatter settlements in Miri, has been under DAP's Ling for five years now.
Prior to the last state election, the constituency was governed by former SUPP president George Chan, who quit politics after losing to Ling.
It appears that little has changed since 2011, and the ruralness of Kampung Api-Api is in stark contrast to the well developed oil town just 10 minutes away from it.
The village is one of several in Miri still waiting to get government assistance to relocate to better housing.
And this is what Ting promised to help the Iban community with, should he win.
The Ibans and other non-Muslim Dayaks make up 19 percent of voters in Piasau.
The other 22 percent is of Malays and Melanau, while the majority of voters here are ethnic Chinese, who make up 59 percent. -Mkini

Non-UiTM theses in its e-library a red flag for plagiarism

COMMENT Academic cheating or plagiarism comes in many forms in institutions of higher learning.
There are strict rules and regulations that forbid academic cheating, the infamous one being stealing or lifting the academic work of other(s) and using it as though it is your own.
Deposition of academic papers or theses from their place of origin into universities or colleges in Malaysia can be considered as another serious form of academic cheating.
On this matter, the University Technology Mara (UiTM) is hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons.
The deposition of MBA theses project papers from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, into UiTM’s online repository system represents a gross form of academic cheating.
If an inquiry which has been ordered by the university confirms that such a thing took place, then it would be a shame and a setback to tertiary educational system in Malaysia.
How did this happen?
Apparently, one of the students who graduated in 1994 from the University of Bath and Malaysian Institute of Management MBA Executive programme found to his dismay that his thesis had been located in the UiTM’s online library without his nor his alma mater’s permission.
Similarly, the theses of other 14 students who graduated from the same group were also found in UiTM’s repository with the institution’s logo and copyright.
The availability of these theses in the UiTM’s repository gave the impression that there was an academic collaboration with the students of University of Bath.
According to this former student, the deposition of academic theses in UiTM without the permission of the students or the University of Bath represents a gross form of violation of intellectual property rights.
UiTM’s vice-chancellor Prof Emeritus Hassan Said has called for an inquiry to ascertain whether UiTM had committed any breach of intellectual property rights.
He promised that if the inquiry establishes that there were some wrongdoings, then the administration would not hesitate to take serious action against those who were responsible for this.
While the words of Hassan are reassuring, the revelations beg the question: why did UiTM, supposedly one of the premier academic institutions, allow this thing to happen in the first place?
Are there rules and procedures in Malaysian public universities that will stem the occurrence of these kinds of academic cheating?
Damper on achievement
Academic cheating or plagiarism is something that has to be taken very seriously.
It is a damper on the academic achievement of students and researchers.
Although I am not sure about the extent of plagiarism in Malaysian universities and colleges, but the problem exists and needs to be addressed.
But unfortunately, those who are administering universities and colleges somehow or rather, sweep problems of plagiarism under the carpet for fear that it might tarnish the academic standing of their institutions.

In public universities, lecturers have been promoted even though they have been accused of academic cheating.
What happened at UiTM might be a tip of the iceberg.
The Ministry of Education needs to undertake a major study to find out the extent of academic cheating in institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.
Is the ministry bold enough to make this move?

P RAMASAMY is Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang and the DAP state assemblyperson for Perai.

Arul Kanda, don't get yourself mired in 1MDB mud

YOURSAY | “The 1MDB chief probably did not expect to be working for a gutless boss”.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy may not be the popular guy and yes, the question beckons as to why he didn't get out when he realised things were not as they seemed.
But really, is he the main perpetrator here? No, he is not. He just happens to be the only one taking centre-stage on the issue while the rest of the management team and the board of directors and the finance minister hide behind him.
Nowhere in a true democracy can a premier, who is also the finance minister, remain silent on such a huge scandal involving a government fund.
What sort of leader leaves those under him to take the heat, especially when he approved all those questionable deals?
Malaysians may be too numb from what has been decades of a dictatorship disguised as a democracy.
But hopefully the things that have been coming out have thawed the numbness, and will make us more aware and insistent on having a true democracy here.
VoiceofConscience: I think either Arul's conscience is catching up with him, or he just does not know how to spin further, since evidence of fraud is stacking up as high as our Petronas Towers.
His integrity and future are all ruined yet the main culprits like Jho Low have disappeared, while Najib hides behind the screen. I am starting to feel sorry for the chap.
Justice: It seems the main suspect is desperately hoping that Malaysians will be fed up with this mother of all scandals and will forget and even accept the coming massive RM20 billion government bailout using our Goods and Services Tax (GST) money, and move on.
So if there was a possibility of massive fraud, why is Arul or 1MDB not filing a police report?
Boeyks: Correct me if I am wrong - I remember reading about the time when 1MDB was headhunting for someone to rationalise its operations, a minister spoke out: “We got the guy who is familiar with the Middle East and he's one of us".
Wonder what that statement meant?
Anonymous 2397131453698083: He was recommended by the UAE contacts to control their 1MDB exposure and place the genie back in the bottle.
But the local Malaysian skulduggery is proving too much and the money involved too large.
Just a Malaysian: I am waiting for blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin to spin this one; that Arul Kanda has joined Dr M and the Chinese tycoons to run 1MDB down.
If Arul turns against 1MDB, Raja Petra will need his full creativity to build a spin around it.
How Siow: He probably did not expect to be working for a gutless boss who is too shameless to take any responsibility, even when his signatures were on the 1MDB documents.
He is surrounded by allegedly corrupt goons who swore to serve the nation but instead have become the nation's worst enemies.
When a criminal is not arrested, while those who report a crime are arrested, then the nation is being run by criminals.
Headhunter: Sarawak Report has not only been vindicated but it is now a most respectable and credible source of information. They tried to run its editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown down but she's now smelling like a rose.
Even that fellow, the great Raja Petra, had to kowtow and apologise to her. I'm waiting for Arul Kanda to act like a man and do the same. Well done, Clare.
Senior: If there was payment of a huge sum to a wrong company, has anything been done to recover it? If not, why not?
Drngsc: Arul, make peace with your maker. Cleanse your soul. Do something good for Malaysia for a change. Sing, and right the wrong. Name the times, dates, places and those involved.
Unafraid: By covering up the wrongdoing of 1MDB, Arul in effect has tarnished his own reputation. I do not know what kind of credibility he once had, but by now, every vestige of his own credibility has vanished into thin air.
He is now widely perceived in the global business community as a man who cannot be trusted because he has tried so many times to twist and turn to try to deceive and hoodwink, albeit to no avail. In fact, Arul has dug a huge hole to bury himself.
I want to ask Arul, is 1MDB worth sacrificing your integrity? Do you want to go down in the annals of Malaysian history for being part of a massive fraud in the company of alleged crooks? What will your children think of their father?I believe it's time to salvage what's left of your reputation while you can still do so.

Anonymous #40538199: If there is any soul left in Arul, he should immediately submit all details of 1MDB's foreign banking transactions to the auditor-general and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for auditing. -Mkini

Who are the real home-wreckers?

Blaming women who work as the sole cause for marriages going bust or families falling apart is not only arrogant but hypocritical and ignorant.
HomeThe president of Isma, Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman, recently criticised working women, describing them as home-wreckers. He accused them of ignoring their husbands and children because they preferred to work at offices instead. His stinging words have prompted me to share a personal story of three generations of women I know.
This is the story of my grandmother, my mother and myself.
My grandmother, Khatija Bee, married my grandpa when she was 19, and he, 25. Unlike grandma, grandpa was well educated – but never treated her as less than his equal. He respected her, giving grandma much space and freedom to do as she pleased.
When grandpa struggled to support a household of six children, grandma started her little business from her own kitchen. As grandma’s business grew and customers started queueing in zigzag lines waiting for their orders, she took over as the main breadwinner in the family. Grandpa took a backseat and took care of not only her, but all six of their children and later, the grandchildren.
My grandpa was a religious man, and he looked up to my grandma because of her strength and courage. He never insisted on her playing the submissive wife while he took on the dominant role of “man” of the family. Grandpa loved and admired grandma for the iron woman that she was – and that made their partnership last until the very end.
My mother, Nisha, grew up helping grandma with her little business. At the age of 12, mom had to quit school and at 16, she met my dad. Ten years older, dad took my teenage mom as his wife but they did not start a family until two years later. In those two years, my dad made it his responsibility to teach mom everything she needed to know. From English lessons to table manners and fashion sense to make-up tips, my dad taught her everything.
And dad did not stop at that. From their first born to their third (and last), dad put a lot of effort into supporting mom in every way. Whenever mom was unwell, dad cooked, cleaned and nursed her back to health. Come to think of it, dad was mom’s Clark Kent – doing everything from cooking to gardening to carpentry and plumbing.
My mom came into my dad’s world as a naive, innocent teenage girl and blossomed into the fabulous, independent and courageous woman she is today – all because of my dad, her husband.
Just like my grandma and mom, I too married early. Like the two men in my life – my dad and grandpa, I thought I could depend on my husband. However, with marriage, comes great responsibilities and even greater sacrifice.
After marriage, my husband enriched his life by pursuing his Masters, followed with a Doctorate while I enriched mine with the art of toilet-scrubbing and the laundry. He devoted himself to his career and I devoted myself to him, the children and the family as a unit.
For some reason, as dedicated and devoted as I was, I never was given the freedom both my grandma and mom enjoyed from their husbands – I was not allowed to pursue my education, work or even learn to drive. Even going out with friends meant begging for his approval.
Unlike the two women before me, I was living in a modern world, yet I played the role of a submissive wife. I was no feminist, for I obeyed and followed my husband’s words and commands, yet was treated as less than his equal.
Abdullah Zaik linked the wreckage of the family unit to working women. But as a non-working woman who devoted herself to her family, my home was wrecked too. Whose fault was it then?
Truth is, many homes are shattered today not because women choose to work or are feminist in their way of thinking, but because men today leave much to be desired.
Men today are unlike men of yesterday. Men today limit their responsibilities in a household while pursuing their passions and dreams. Women on the other hand are enslaved, expected to raise children, manage households, care for husbands and still help settle bills. And if the woman does not do as she is told, feminism is to be blamed.
Feminists and working women are not the home-wreckers, Isma. Home-wreckers are those who abandon their responsibilities to their spouses and children.
Feminism has not robbed men of anything as claimed by Abdullah Zaik. It is mostly men who rob women of their rights and freedom. Working women do not cause marriages to fall apart – arrogance, hypocrisy, double standards and ignorance are to blame. And we do not have to look far for proof of such men – Abdullah Zaik fits the bill perfectly.

Kit Siang: Najib’s fight for survival led to entry bans

Sarawak DAP aims to take power in 2021 elections, but seven seats now on 'danger list' may thwart plans
PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak is fighting for his political life in the Sarawak state elections, according to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang who claimed that was the reason Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem had abused his immigration powers to deny entry to several opposition politicians for the election campaign.
Lim said his belief of Najib’s desperation was founded on three indications: Najib accompanying Adenan when the chief minister filed his nomination papers; Najib’s personal involvement in the election campaign; and the presence of all Cabinet members in Sarawak during the campaign period.
He attributed Adenan’s “blatant abuse” of immigration powers to the need to protect Najib’s position as prime minister and his political future, and said Najib had been hounded and haunted by the 1MDB financial scandals which he said had refused to go away.
Lim challenged Adenan to lift all restrictions on DAP and PKR leaders to allow for a democratic contest.
Seven seats in danger list
In another media statement, Lim said seven seats being contested by the DAP were in the “danger list”, and he urged DAP supporters to mobilise voters.
He said the DAP’s success in the state elections would pave the way for Sarawak DAP to take power at the next state elections in 2021.
This could be done if the DAP not only defended its urban seats but also won support outside the urban areas, where the DAP is fielding candidates in several Dayak-majority seats.
He said the party would suffer a major setback if it made a breakthrough in the rural areas but loses some of the 13 urban seats.
He claimed that the DAP candidate in Batu Kitang, Abdul Aziz Isa, was in the lead but there was a danger of the Barisan Nasional grabbing victory because of split opposition votes.
A five-cornered fight is taking place in Batu Kitang, which has a sizeable Chinese electorate, between the DAP’s Abdul Aziz, PKR’s Voon Shiak Ni, BN’s Lo Khere Chiang, and two independent candidates.

Pergi Pasar Malam Pakai Macamni? Dahsyat!!

Seorang wanita mempunyai pelbagai daya tarikan, contohnya dari segi suara, tingkah laku, dan banyak lagi.. Tapi sekarang ni, perempuan suka menarik perhatian dengan cara pemakaian dorang. 

Apalagi, trend berpakaian seperti bertelanjang lah.. Trend tu tak pernah ‘lupus’! Sampai sekarang ni masih menjadi ‘kegilaan’ wanita, tak kira yang muda atau tua. 

Macam minah kat atas tu, ni datang ke pasar malam sebab nak beli barang atau nak jual ‘barang’?? Korang pun tahu kan, keadaan di pasar malam macam mana..

Sudah pasti lah orang ramai bersesak kat situ, minah berambut ikal mayang tu pulak selamba tayang lurah dendam dia macam tu. 

Nak tayang kat siapa lah tu?? Abam-abam kat pasar malam tu ke?? Tak ada baju yang lebih luas di bahagian dada tu ke nak pakai?? Dah alang-alang tayang sikit tu, buka jer terus! 

Saja dok buat ‘free show’ kat situ, nak menggoda lelaki di situ lah tu?? Kami rasa yang mengambil gambar minah tu pun, penjual di situ jugak.. Betul tak?? Dah ada ‘barang’ baik depan mata, mesti tak lepas peluang punya.. Minah tu jer tak perasan ada orang ambil gambar dia.. Dia dok leka dengan juadah yang di jual di situ. 

Alaaa.. kami rasa dia bukan kisah pun kalau ada orang ambil gambar dia.. Kalau dia kisah, tak ada nya dia nak pakai pakaian menjolok mata macam tu.. Nak melenting pun tak guna, dia sendiri yang menayang! Betul tak?? Menyakitkan mata jer!

Ada ‘aset’ mantop macam tu, tak payah lah terhegeh-hegeh nak tayang kat orang sangat.. Orang lain pun tak hadap lah nak melihat semua tu.. Simpan jer untuk ‘encik suami’ nanti, barulah dapat pahala! Kalau macam ni, hanya dapat dosa jer! 

Adenan Satem Sombong Dan Bongkak

Azmin: Adenan tak hormat jawatan MB, ketua menteri

Datuk Seri Azmin Ali berkata Ketua Menteri Sarawak Tan Sri Adenan Satem tidak menghormati kedudukannya sebagai menteri besar Selangor dan Lim Guan Eng selaku ketua menteri Pulau Pinang.

Ia berikutan kenyataan Adenan bahawa beliau bersedia mempertimbang untuk melanjutkan tempoh kehadiran Azmin dan Lim di Sarawak hanya jika menerima permohonan rasmi.

"Kenyataan ini amat dikesali dan menunjukkan sikap tidak hormat terang-terangan Tan Sri Adenan Satem terhadap kedudukan menteri besar dan ketua menteri.

"Saya maklum yang sekarang ini merupakan musim pilihan raya. Maka dalam politik, seorang ketua perlu melakukan apa-apa jua tindakan yang dibenarkan undang-undang bagi memastikan kemenangan partinya.

"Namun, pendirian bongkak lagi angkuh Tan Sri Adnan Satem ini melangkaui batas dan menzahirkan wajah sebenarnya sebagai pemimpin yang menggunakan kuasa eksekutifnya secara melulu," kata Azmin dalam kenyataan media hari ini.

Terdahulu, Adenan dalam kenyataannya hari ini sedia menimbangkan permintaan untuk melanjutkan tempoh tinggal mereka di negeri ini sehingga berlangsungnya Pilihan Raya Negeri Ke-11 (PRN-11).

Pejabat ketua menteri Sarawak dalam satu kenyataan memaklumkan kesediaan Adenan mempertimbangkan perkara itu sekiranya ada permohonan rasmi dibuat kedua-dua pemimpin pembangkang itu.

Namun Azmin berkata tindakan menghalang atau memendekkan tempoh kemasukan beliau dan pemimpin dari KEADILAN dan DAP tidak akan menyucikan 'noda dan salahlaku' pemimpin-pemimpin BN.

"BN Sarawak wajar menjauhi sikap hidung tinggi dalam menghalang dan mengekang kemasukan ke negeri itu atas alasan mengekalkan autonomi.

"Rakyat Sarawak layak melalui proses pilihan raya bersih dan adil. Justeru, perkara ini meliputi hak mereka memilih sesiapa yang mereka percaya, cara serta personaliti yang akan berkempen di sana - tanpa sebarang halangan mahupun rintangan," tegasnya.

- mkini

Jabu: DAP enemy of rural folk

S'WAK POLLS The people of Sarawak especially in the rural areas must reject the DAP in the state election on May 7 because the party is staunchly against rural development planned by the Barisan Nasional government, said Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu.
Describing DAP as an enemy of people living in rural areas, Jabu, who is also PBB deputy president, said various development plans for rural folk by the government including development of Native Customary Rights (NCT) land since 1996 never got the support of the DAP.
"When we develop rural areas, the people who hate rural areas are from the DAP.
"In the state legislative assembly (DUN), I have repeatedly said the DAP suppressed and oppressed the opportunity of NCR land owners from participating in BN poverty eradication programmes," he said at a ceremony to open the national registration department's micro-office for Bario today.
The office was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
Elaborating further, Jabu said at the assembly sittings, efforts by Chief Minister Adenan Satem to provide additional allocations for rural development also was objected to by the DAP.
"The DAP is an enemy of rural folk, they do not want to help us to help them. Reject the DAP," he said.
As for PKR, Jabu said the party dragged the Election Commission to court because it was against the redelineation exercise to add 11 new seats, most of which were in the rural areas.
"They do not like to have too many elected representatives from rural areas when in fact many of their members are rural folks, who we helped to become successful," he said.
He said this was the complete opposite of the BN's approach whereby each time the national budget was tabled, allocations for Sabah and Sarawak were increased so that there was balanced development betweeen urban and rural areas.

"The chief minister also always says 'go rural, go rural, go rural'," he said.
Jabu, who is not contesting in this election, also urged Ahmad Zahid and Sarawak Resource Planning and Environment Minister II, Public Utilities Minister and Industrial Development Minister Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, who won uncontested in Bukit Sari, to continue to give attention to the rural people in the state.
Awang Tengah also lambasted the DAP and PKR over the same.
He said not only that, in this election the DAP had the cheek to field many candidates in rural areas while the PKR joined the fray in new seats like Mulu, which is located in the Bario area.
The Mulu seat sees a four-cornered fight with BN's candidate Gerawat Gala who is opposed by candidates from DAP, PKR and an Independent.
- Bernama

Zahid: Opposition doesn’t do anything, they just want allowance

S'WAK POLLS Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today condemned the opposition for criticising the government yet had not done anything for the people.
"They are only creating a nuisance and playing with the people's sentiments to make them hate the government; they don't do anything..they just want to get the allowance," he said.
He said this at a Volunteer Reserve Corps (Rela) programme in Kampung Buduk Nur, Ba'kelalan, about 130km from Lawas.
Zahid, who is also Home Minister, said the opposition preferred to turn a blind eye to the government's efforts and were only good at talking.

"When I was the Defence Minister, I brought in the army to build Jalan Jiwa Murni from Lawas-Ba'kelalan but when the road was damaged, Baru Bian (Sarawak PKR chairperson) complained.
"As the assemblyperson, he should have been the one to repair the road. He only knows how to talk but does not do his job. Five years as the assemblyperson is enough for Baru Bian. People, return and support BN," he said.
At the programme, Ahmad Zahid also pinned the Rela rank of assistant superintendent on nine village chiefs in Ba'kelalan.
Also present was Ba'kelalan BN candidate Willie Liau.
- Bernama

In appeal to enter Sarawak, Rafizi says will bash Najib and spare Adenan

PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli, in an appeal to be allowed entry into Sarawak, has promised that he will not criticise Chief Minister Adenan Satem in any way.
Instead, Rafizi said he will only focus his criticisms on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the federal government.
This is contained in a letter addressed to Adenan after the chief minister said he may consider allowing opposition leaders into the state if they asked “politely”.
“I request your good will to allow me to enter Sarawak at least for the purpose of campaigning in this state election even if you are not prepared to cancel the order barring me from Sarawak since April 2014.
"I assure you that I will not criticise you, your family, or administration led by you.

"My campaign will focus on the weaknesses of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at the federal level," he said in the letter.
Rafizi said the letter was his undertaking to "behave", as requested by Adenan.
The Pandan MP is among more than 20 opposition politicians barred from Sarawak ahead of the May 7 state election.
The most senior leaders in the federal opposition, including Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, were allowed in but were ordered to leave the state before polling day. -Mkini

Fuel price unchanged, RON95 stays at RM1.70 per litre

There will be no change in fuel price for May despite global crude oil price going up in the last month.
According to petrol dealers, RON95 will remain at RM1.70 per litre while RON97 will still be at RM2.05 per litre.
The retail price for diesel is also unchanged, at RM1.55.
Brent crude, which hovered at around US$39 per barrel, had gone up to around US$48 per barrel today.
The ringgit has not gone through significant changes in the last month, strengthening slightly to RM3.90 against the US dollar compared to RM3.93 a month ago.
The government determines the price of fuel through a managed float.
It takes into accounts several factors, including the global price of crude oil and the country's currency strength in the previous month.
This is not the first time fuel prices were unchanged despite increase in global crude oil prices.
In May last year, fuel prices were retained despite global crude oil price hitting a record high at US$66 per barrel.
This coincided with the Rompin and Permatang Pauh by-elections.
The Sarawak election is set for May 5. 

Tanggungjawab RELA Sokong BN Dalam PRN Sarawak Kata Zahid Hamidi

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hari ini berkata, sudah menjadi tanggungjawab anggotaJabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia (RELA) untuk menyokong BN dalam Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Sarawak kali ini.

“Kita ada tanggungjawab. Yang pertama, kita mesti beri sokongan kepada Ketua Menteri (Tan Sri Adenan Satem). Kedua, kita wajib bawa seorang lagi untuk bersama-sama kita (menyokong Adenan).

“Inilah kekuatan darah perkasa RELA dan keluarga untuk bersama-sama kerajaan, dan tentukan kita memilih BN untuk kembali memerintah,” kata Menteri Dalam Negeri itu kepada kira-kira 500 anggota RELA yang hadir.

Beliau berucap dalam majlis pemimpin bersama RELA dan pelancaran projek menaiktaraf bekas jalan-jalan balak Sarawak (Fasa 4): Bahagian Miri, di Dewan Masyarakat Long Lama, Telang Usan hari ini.

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. Sebelum itu, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Operasi) RELA Malaysia, Kamaruddin Mohd Rafiq dalam ucapannya sebelum itu memaklumkan terdapat sejumlah 3438 anggota RELA yang berdaftar sebagai pengundi di DUN Telang Usan.

Kamaruddin juga mengumumkan kerajaan Sarawak sebelum ini menyumbangkan RM8 juta kepada RELA, yang menurutnya peruntukan terbesar yang pernah diberikan sebuah kerajaan negeri kepada badan sukarelawan itu.

Di majlis yang sama, Zahid turut mengumumkan kerajaan telah meluluskan peruntukan RM200 juta bagi projek menaiktaraf jalan-jalan balak di kawasan pedalaman itu.

Beliau juga menggesa penduduk Telang Usan menolak calon pembangkang yang menurutnya tidak akan mampu membawa pembangunan kepada penduduk di sini.

Tanggungjawab RELA sokong BN dalam PRN Sarawak kata Zahid Hamidi. “Kalau pilih calon lawan, tak boleh buat apa-apa. (Pembangkang) hanya pandai merungut, kutuk dan berjanji kosong.

“Kalau calon kita menang, apatah lagi menang besar, saya akan kembali ke sini dan beri peruntukan tambahan,” katanya lagi.

Turut hadir adalah penyandang DUN Telang Usan dari PBB, Dennis Ngau yang akan dicabar calon PKR Roland Engan pada hari pengundian 7 Mei ini.

DAP sees an election bribe in Zahid’s RM500,000 offer

Opposition candidate slams Zahid for linking school grant to BN victory at state elections.
PETALING JAYA: Deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been accused of making an election bribe by promising a grant of RM500,000 to a school in Senadin constituency if the Barisan Nasional won the seat.
The DAP candidate, Dr Bob Baru Langub, said: “Ahmad Zahid’s obvious use of national resources to offer an exchange with voters raises suspicion of bribery” and might be a violation of the Election Offences Act.
Zahid had announced an allocation of RM1 million for two schools in Pujut, and another school in Senadin would get RM500,000 if the BN won.
However, Zahid denied the allocations had anything to do with the election. “Maybe the other side will accuse me of all sorts of things but we want assemblypersons who can get allocations and they must come from BN,” he said, Malaysiakini reported.
Baru dismissed Zahid’s denial and criticised Zahid for using schoolchildren’s education as a bargaining chip.
Three candidates are vying for Senadin, which was narrowly won by Lee Kim Shin (BN-SUPP) in 2011 with a 58-vote majority against PKR. Lee’s opponents are Baru and Philemon John Edan from PBDS Baru.

Kerajaan tidak akan naikkan GST

Perdana menteri berkata kadar enam peratus pada masa ini akan dikekalkan.
KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini mengulangi pendirian bahawa kerajaan tidak mempunyai sebarang rancangan untuk menaikkan kadar Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan (GST).
Perdana menteri berkata kadar enam peratus pada masa ini akan dikekalkan.
“Sebagai Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan, saya ulangi jaminan bahawa langsung tidak ada perancangan untuk mengubah kadar GST pada masa ini dan ia akan dikekalkan,” katanya dalam catatan terbaharu di blog beliau hari ini.
Najib yang beberapa hari berada di Sarawak untuk kempen Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak berkata beliau mendengar khabar angin mengenai kenaikan kadar GST dan meminta rakyat tidak terpengaruh dengan pembohongan pihak pembangkang.
“Saya nasihatkan rakyat Sarawak janganlah terperangkap dengan fitnah dan pembohongan oleh pembangkang yang sudah hilang modal politik,” katanya.
Najib berkata kerajaan BN sentiasa ikhlas meningkatkan taraf kehidupan Sarawak dan ia jelas terbukti menerusi komitmen kerajaan dalam projek pembangunan seperti Lebuhraya Pan Borneo yang tidak dikenakan tol.
– Bernama

Hospital probes woman’s complications after surgery

External panel may be appointed to look into Mazlina Ismail's problems after D&C procedure.
KUALA LUMPUR: An external inquiry panel may be appointed to look into the case of Kuala Lumpur Hospital patient Mazlina Ismail, who reported nine months of complications after suffering a miscarriage last year and undergoing a dilation and curettage (D & C) procedure.
Hospital director Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain said detailed reports had been made by the hospital’s Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G), Orthopaedic, General Surgery, Anesthesia and Neurology departments and physiotherapist to identify the causes of the complications.
Dr Zaininah said HKL had carried out an internal investigation involving its senior specialists from other departments. The outcome of the investigations would be handed over to the Health Ministry’s Medical Practice Division soon and it also proposed the setting up of an external inquiry panel.
Yesterday, Seputeh Umno division chief Mustapa Kamal had called for an explanation from HKL after a report on TV3 that Mazlina had not been able to walk for nine months and had lost two toes. She had alleged negligence by HKL.
Dr Zaininah said the hospital’s investigations were to determine whether there was misconduct or shortcomings in providing services or on the part of the clinical officers handling the case.
“Following the serious complications experienced by Mazlina, all the specialist treatments available at HKL were provided for the patient to save her life. She was continuously treated for over four months including at the Intensive Care Unit, given repeated surgery, dialysis treatment and physiotherapy,” she said in a statement today.
She said the hospital’s investigation panel had a face-to-face meeting with Mazlina in the presence of her three younger siblings and another family member on April 27.
“All of them were briefed on the measures taken by the O&G Department and HKL management to ascertain the causes of the complications to prevent a recurrence of such an incident,” she said.
Dr Zaininah said after being discharged, Mazlina continued to be given outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation treatment by various departments and coordinated by the O&G Department.

Justice upheld, now time to safeguard the law

Appeal to the Prime Minister to normalise the laws on religious conversion so that it does not cause further distress.
from: A. Vaithilingam, via email
I am overjoyed by the unanimous decision of the Federal Court requiring Ms Indira Ghandi to be reunited with her daughter, and further compelling the police to enforce this judgment.
This is a decision that upholds the Federal Constitution, and will provide a huge relief to all Malaysians regardless of faith and ethnic background. It is hoped that the Courts will continue to uphold the Constitution in several other cases soon to be heard. The Inspector General of Police must respond by enforcing this decision without further delay by ensuring that the child is returned to the mother.
It remains to be seen if this will be carried out before we can regain assurance that the police will act fairly to uphold the law.
I remember very well the nightmare faced by Indira and her family when she first came to know of the illegal actions of her then husband.
The Malaysia Hindu Sangam and the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism did our best to support her in her attempts to retrieve her daughter. We were surprised by the public support and sympathy that Indira received, even from Muslims.
I was then leading both MHS and MCCBCHST. During the same week, I was invited to attend a meeting together with five Federal Ministers (two from Umno, 1 from MCA, 1 from MIC, and 1 from Gerakan). All expressed shock and sympathy for the mother.
At the end of this two-hour discussion, they unanimously agreed that the government will propose a new law to stop conversion of minors. The following week, the Cabinet announced that it had approved this new law. Unfortunately, the tabling of this new law was delayed, and eventually shelved after protests from certain religious leaders.
It remains a great disservice to all Malaysians that this new law to protect the integrity of all families is still delayed. Since then, many Cabinet Ministers have expressed their sympathies and support for Indira Ghandi. Many leaders from the Opposition have also expressed their dismay about the travails of Indira Ghandi. Surprisingly, even some PAS MPs have recorded their sympathy to the injustice suffered by the mother.
Although things have dragged on for years, I am at last relieved that this matter has been resolved. My heartiest congratulations to the legal team headed by YB Kulasegaran. He has been able supported by some very dedicated lawyers, including K. Shanmuga, Fahri Azzat and Aston Paiva.
However, there is this issue of unlawful child conversion which is still pending, and several cases are still up in the air.
I fervently appeal to the Prime Minister to resolve this matter as soon as possible by normalising the laws so that it does not cause further distress to families – especially the children.
I pray to the Almighty God that our very vociferous IGP will show some compassion for mothers who lose their babies in such a cruel way. Abducting an 11-month-old infant from her mother and keeping the child away for years, is not only cruel, but now clearly established by the highest court of Malaysia, to be a criminal act!
A. Vaithilingam is a former president of Malaysia Hindu Sangam and the MCCBCHST.


Zahid Hamidi
(FMT) – Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he will ask the state government to appoint more Chinese ministers and even a deputy chief minister if the voters pick them over the Opposition in the May 7 state election.
He said Chinese voters should support the Chinese BN candidates as it will help them in the long run.
“If many Chinese state assemblymen are elected, I will whisper to the state government to appoint Chinese as ministers or even assistant ministers.
“If more win, then I will whisper loudly. Now is the time for a deputy CM to be appointed from among Chinese,” he told the crowd at the Saberkas Night Market today.
He was echoing similar sentiments expressed by Chief Minister Adenan Satem that he might reappoint a Chinese deputy CM if SUPP and Chinese candidates did well in the election.
However, this would be impossible if SUPP were to lose in the May 7 polls, said Adenan.
The Chinese deputy CM post was left vacant after the defeat of former SUPP chief George Chan in the 2011 state election.
SUPP lost 13 seats out of the 19 it contested in the last state polls. Leadership problems led to the split of the party and the birth of UPP in 2013.
The deputy CM post was traditionally reserved for the SUPP leader and it is believed that its president, Dr Sim Kui Hian, might be appointed to the post if he wins the Batu Kawah seat.


Zakir Naik
(MMO) – Attorney-General Tan Sri Apandi Ali today defended televangelist Dr Zakir Naik’s talks in Malaysia, saying that the freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.
He added that the question of allowing the propagation of other religions is also a non-issue as the protection of Islam as the official religion in Malaysia is also enshrined in the constitution.
“Regarding the public’s recent furore over the presence of Muslim speaker from India named Dr Zakir Naik to the point of former law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim asking the government if it will give the same freedom to Christian and Hindu ‘evangelists’ from India or other countries.
“This question should not even be raised by anyone with a legal background because the freedom of religion is clearly enshrined in the constitution,” he said in a recent interview with local daily Berita Harian.
Apandi explained that Article 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Islam is the “religion of the Federation” but also guarantees that other religions may be practised “in peace and harmony”.
However he noted that including the phrase “in peace and harmony” was intended “to protect the sanctity of Islam as the religion of the federation and to protect Islam from any threat.”
Apandi also pointed to Article 11 (4) of the constitution which further protects the exclusivity of Islam in Malaysia by preventing the propagation of other religions.
“It also states that any major threats to Islam in the context of this country is the spreading of other religions to Muslims, and this is why Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution was created,” he said.
Article 11 (4) states that “state law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.”
He added that the most important aspect of discourses like these was the public’s understanding of the Federal Constitution, which first starts with the correct interpretation by legal professionals.
“The most important thing in all of this is that those with a legal background must properly study, understand and respect the basic provisions in the Federal Constitution.
“If they themselves fail to understand and respect it then the public will be worse at understanding and respecting it which then creates many unnecessary problems,” he said.
Dr Zakir’s one-week tour in Malaysia organised by the Terengganu state government earlier this month has received opposition from several Hindu and Indian groups, who claimed that the preacher regularly insults Hinduism in his lectures.
MIC Youth and Malaysian Indian Progressive Association have both lodged police reports against the Mumbai-based preacher, while Malaysian Hindu Sangam has urged authorities to deport the Muslim evangelist.


In short, Mahathir is a barefaced liar and unless he can prove what he said then, as the Wall Street Journal is so fond of saying, I stand by what I said. The onus is now on Mahathir to prove that he did not lie. I need do nothing other than call Mahathir a liar unless proven otherwise.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Finally, what we have been waiting for (because we knew it was going to happen sooner or later) has happened. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after failing to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in the six months he had expected he could, has shifted his attacks to Najib’s father, Tun Razak Hussein.
“Once, I was in a meeting in Pekan, Pahang and Najib went up on stage and said he was not like his father, he viewed his father as useless,” said Mahathir.
Mahathir, too, is not like his father, and neither am I. Mahathir’s father was a schoolteacher. Mahathir became a doctor and then a politician. My father was a barrister by qualifications and when he wanted to send me to England to also do law I refused. I wanted to become a motorcycle racer instead.
So tell me, how many of us are just like their fathers, other than Najib who also became a Prime Minister just like his father, but which Mukhriz has thus far failed to emulate? Even Mukhriz is not like his father seeing as how he failed to win all the post he contested other than posts that were served to him on a silver platter.
I bet if Mahathir was asked to defend this statement in court he would not be able to. And this is not only because whenever Mahathir testifies in court he always uses the excuse that he forgot. It is because this never happened so it is impossible to prove or defend something that never happened.
If you know Najib personally then you will know he would never say that his father was useless. In fact, no Malay or Muslim would ever say that his or her late father or late mother was useless. It is not in the Malay psyche to speak ill of the deceased, especially if the deceased are your own parents. Malays-Muslims believe that heaven lies beneath the feet of their mother.
I remember back in 1989 when Anwar Ibrahim spoke in an Umno gathering in the Kuala Terengganu town hall and he whacked Tunku Abdul Rahman. The Terengganu people are ultra-religious while the Tunku is known to have gambled, drank liquor, had a Mat Salleh girlfriend when he was in England (even though he already had a wife in Malaysia), etc. In fact, Genting exists because of the Tunku, as do the many turf clubs.
However, the Umno audience was very angry with Anwar and some even walked out of the hall in protest (even though the Tunku was with Semangat 46 and was anti-Umno at that time). After that Anwar was advised to never again attack the Tunku, who was still alive at that time (he died a year later). What more if you attack the Tunku or Tun Razak who are already dead. And even worse if you are one of the Tunku’s or Tun Razak’s children. You will be crucified.
Mahathir’s attack on Najib by alleging that Najib had called his late father ‘useless’ demonstrates how desperate the old man has become. He thought Najib would be history in six months but it is now 18 months and Najib is still very firmly planted in his seat in Putrajaya. And it does not look like Najib is going any time soon.
Mahathir launched Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, all the way to Plan X, but all failed. Instead, his boboi Mukhriz plus his kuda Muhyiddin are probably going to be sacked from Umno at the next Umno supreme council meeting after the Sarawak state election. And Mahathir knows he can’t stop that from happening because Nazri Aziz is going to personally make sure that it happens.
This latest attack on the late Tun Razak is going to backfire badly. Mahathir can give the excuse that it was not he who said Tun Razak was useless and that he is merely repeating what Najib said.
Everyone knows that Najib would never say this and that he, in fact, has the highest respect and utmost regards for his late father, as do all the other Tun Razak children as well. There is nothing that Najib has done or said these last few years to demonstrate otherwise.
In short, Mahathir is a barefaced liar and unless he can prove what he said then, as the Wall Street Journal is so fond of saying, I stand by what I said. The onus is now on Mahathir to prove that he did not lie. I need do nothing other than call Mahathir a liar unless proven otherwise.