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Saturday, April 30, 2016

WSJ gave the ‘chosen one’ the kiss of death

YOURSAY | ‘If Muhammad was a favourite, the PMO should have rebutted WSJ's assertion earlier.’
GE14Now!: I tend to believe The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) not because I like the WSJ, but because I no longer trust the BN government, and Umno in particular.
We have been fed continuous waves of lies by Umno to the point that these waves have now become a tsunami of untruths.
The credibility of this administration is so low and so deep into negative territory that I doubt if it can ever extricate itself from the wreckage of lies that lies at the bottom of that 'ocean'.
Anonymous_1425871172: If you ask any Malaysian (Umno and BN cronies not included) on the street, they would rather trust a beggar on the street than whatever statement made by Putrajaya.
That's the ‘credibility’ that Putrajaya has. Sue WSJ and prove that you are right, otherwise, ‘jangan syiok sendiri’.
FellowMalaysian: Before PM’s aide Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad accuses WSJ of fomenting lies, why had the PM's Office (PMO) not responded earlier when WSJ brought up their claims that Najib Razak's government was all set to appoint Irwan Serigar Abdullah as Zeti Akhtar Aziz's replacement?
If Muhammad Ibrahim was a favourite in Najib's list of new Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor, the PMO would have immediately rebutted WSJ's assertion.
The lack of response from Najib's office when WSJ sought clarification as to whether the appointment of Muhammad Ibrahim was due to Zeti's pressure proves that WSJ's claims were right all along.
The Magician: A friend once told me this story. He had a very busybody uncle who loves to tell pregnant ladies the sex of their babies - boy or girl.
For example, he would tell a particular pregnant woman that she will have a boy, and on the birth day if it’s a boy he would proudly say, “See I told you so.”
But had it been a girl, he would ask his son to go to his cupboard and bring down a white envelope and had it opened, and in it is a white piece of paper that said ‘girl’, and as usual he would be right.
This WSJ episode reminds me of my friend’s uncle.
Anonymous_4031c: We can only expect more 'lies' from WSJ as alleged by those in pro-Najib camp. So what about suing them for the 'lies' since more exposes will be coming out from them.
Najib's advisers should tell their boss that enforcing the judgment if he wins is not important but clearing his name is. Let's teach these foreigners a lesson.
Kuasa Rakyat: I, a staunch supporter of Malaysia, will always support WSJ for its credibility, honestly and principles as BN has none of these.
Ttc: When the citizenry is more educated, well-informed and attuned to their legal and constitutional rights, the power of media will be accorded its rightful roles in safeguarding the rights and interests of the nation and people.
Appum: Tengku Sharifuddin, your defence to a lost cause is clearly shown. You may be doing your job but please do it intelligently.
The Umno-BN government is suffering from a massive ‘trust deficit’ as massive as the 1MDB scandal and its credibility and integrity as a government is really at its lowest ebb.
The people know it’s all a ‘gostan’ manoeuvre because you realised the people are angry at all your dirty games, making the country suffer in your failed venture in 1MDB.
Would you dare come out to say it is the best venture of the year achieved by the Finance Ministry?
The people are worried how they are going to bear all the loses and the impact such as severe bailout will create (especially with the government guarantees).
Yet the Umno government and its allied institutions are still denying the problem.
Hang Jebat: Have more faith in WSJ, which is absolutely right. The appointment of Zeti's assistant as her replacement was a forced issue.
The honourable thing Zeti needs to do now is to tell the truth. Maybe she will be forced to leave Malaysia. So be it. Honour before death.
Rupert16: Thank God and thanks to WSJ that we did not get another ‘cari makan’ guy to be our next Bank Negara governor. It would have been disastrous to say the least.
Now, at least we know why it took so long for Najib to appoint the right person for the post.
Meh: WSJ, thanks for your report as it forced Najib to appoint a different name from yours just to prove you wrong, and for his minions to go on a rampage against you.
YHJ: Many thanks, WSJ. If not for your report, the ‘wrong’ candidate might have succeeded Zeti.
You have given the chosen one the kiss of death.
Odin Tajué: Messrs Dow Jones–WSJ, there is no need to respond to statements issued by Malaysiania's Minister in the Ministry of Truth. Your doing so amounts to engaging a mischievous macaque that is a victim of a failed lobotomy.
We in the Outer Party know only too well that, to them, lies are truths and vice versa. We have full faith in the accuracy of your reports, none of which has been proved erroneous by any in the Inner Party.
Indeed, all the critical issues that you have reported have turned out to be factual and made them pee in their pants.
We ask that you carry on with your robust reporting to dilapidate, annihilate and exterminate those plagues-carrying, brainless unicellular organisms. --Mkini

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