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Friday, April 29, 2016

Adenan vs GST in billboard war

S'WAK POLLS In their attempt to secure victory in the state poll, the BN direct candidates in Sibu have plastered the face of caretaker Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem on their campaign billboards.
The striking election advertisements on these candidates have been erected along the roads, as well as in housing and commercial areas.
"There is a new fever in Sarawak... It's called Adenan Fever!" screamed one billboard, with Adenan - clad in a jacket the shade of BN blue - raising his cap.
Describing all the BN candidates as members of the ‘Adenan team’, the Sarawak BN chairperson had once told voters in Sibu that they can think of him if they did not like their BN candidates.
The billboard even portrayed three BN direct candidates - Wong Soon Koh (Bawang Assan), Janet Lau (Pelawan), and Tiong Thai King (Dudong) - with Adenan, and the 50 principles and actions fulfilled in the past two years.
The billboards of Janet, widow of former deputy transport minister Robert Lau, were also seen everywhere.
"An ordinary woman who dares to do the extraordinary," wrote the huge campaign advertisement for the 69-year-old candidate.
Attempt to write off 'Adenan factor'
Meanwhile, DAP, which latched on to the goods and services tax (GST) and the scandals surrounding Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, claimed on their billboards that a vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib.
DAP has been planning to use the embattled prime minister to write off the Adenan factor.
"Adenan supports GST, people getting suffering," wrote the DAP billboard, which showed a man precariously balancing a boulder with ‘GST’ written on it, as well as a huge ‘corruption’ gunny bag behind his back.
Another DAP billboard carries a strong message that the government will increase GST, if BN wins.
DAP had warned that GST will be increased from six percent to 10 percent if BN wins the state poll. Najib had denied the accusation.
The State Reform Party (Star), which fielded five candidates in Sibu, has also joined the billboard war, with its striking state autonomy demands.

On its billboard, an emaciated cow straddles Peninsular and Borneo, where it eats the grass from the Sarawak side while providing milk for the Peninsular.
The same one showed mothers who – burdened with huge education debts – become beggars at home while the milk that gets sent to Peninsular brought development and prosperity.
For BN’s Bukit Assek candidate Chieng Buong Toon, his billboard appeals to voters to support him to keep the only Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) spark alive in Sibu.
"You give chance, I (will) work," wrote the billboard.


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